KWHero Review May 2024: Surfer SEO Killer?

Are you a seasoned blogger looking to improve your ranking in search results?

Or a newbie who strives to top the SERP effortlessly without decent keyword research command and content writing efficiency?

If your answer is yes, you are in the right location.

Today in this KWHero review article, along with my experience of using the amazing SEO tool, I will share what KWHero is, its benefits, plans, and lifetime deals.

Let’s get down and explore.

What Is KWHero?

kwhero AI

KWHero is a remarkable all-in-one platform.

By harnessing the proficiency of advanced AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing), KWHero furnishes a range of SEO and content marketing tools to boost your search engine ranking with minimum effort.

Along with a keyword research tool, it offers a SERP analyzer, content planner, content outline builder, and AI content generator.

Its advanced AI technology suggests users optimize content better than top-ranking websites, which leads to a surge of organic traffic in quicker succession.

KWHero Benefits

KWHero provides two primary features.

They are

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Content Creation

1. Keyword Research

Driving quality organic traffic to the website extensively depends on proper keyword research techniques.

Electing the wrong keywords can shatter your SEO strategy which may lead to reducing website traffic and authority.

With the KWHero AI tool, you can effortlessly uncover high-potential keywords within a few clicks.

How To Find Keywords With The KWHero Keyword Research Tool

You have to enter the phrase or keyword in the keyword section and select the preferred country.

KWHero keyword research tool

In the next step, along with secondary and LSI keywords, KWHero will showcase useful keyword metrics such as search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, and profitability score.

KWHero AI keyword research metrics

To obtain a precise summary of top search results, SERP analysis is an important part of SEO.

SERP (Search Engine Result Page) provides a complete overview of ranking probability by analyzing the top-ranking pages of a particular keyword.

SERP analysis provided a crystal clear idea of the difficulty and required effort to top the search result by outranking competitors.

KWHero serp analysis and search trends

Manual checking of SERP results of each keyword is a lengthy process.

This is where the KWHero SERP analyzer comes into play.

Along with Domain Power and URL Power, KWHero delivers top 100 search results.

Another important metric most SEOs overlook is examining the trends of keywords.

By utilizing the KWHero trend analyzer you can obtain an idea of the actual search volume of keywords.

2. Content Creation

Creating high-quality content is the most time-consuming part.

With the bundle of content marketing tools, KWHero allows its users to generate alluring content.

(1) Content Planning

As we know the first step of creating captivating content heavily depends upon proper content planning.

KWHero content planner provides a slick way to structure content based on your keywords.

How To Plan Content Using KWHero

Click over the Content Creation menu at the top of the KWHero dashboard.

Now enter your keyword and select country and content language.

kwhero content planner

Now click on the ‘Add‘ button.

On the next screen, KWHero will display the keyword volume and difficulty of your keyword.

Here you have to press over Analysis icon to start the content planning process.

KWHero content analysis

After analyzing the top 10 SERP results, KWHero displays the list of primary and secondary keywords.

Here you can start writing or attach your existing content to optimize it with the provided keywords.

On the left-hand side, you can view the content score along with content structure, readability, NLP terms (ALL), and NLP terms (Headings).

In the content structure section, you will find possible calculations of required content words, headings, paragraphs, and images to stand among the top-ranking websites.

KWHero content planner metrics

In the readability analysis section, you can view the grade level and flesh score.

If you scroll down more can find suggested primary and LSI or secondary keywords for content optimization.

KWHero AI content planner

Along with each suggested keyword, KWHero showcases the number of times it should be included in the particular article to enrich the on-page SEO.

(b) Content Outline Builder

Content outline is considered the pillar of quality content.

KWHero AI outline builder generates a proper content outline by analyzing the top 10 SERP results.

How To Generate Content Outline Using KWHero Outline Builder

You will find the Outline Builder tool inside the content planning section.

To generate an outline of content, click over the ‘Create AI Outline‘ button.

KWHero AI content outline builder

Within a few minutes, it will generate headings and subheadings (h2, h3, h4) to structure your content.

KWHero outline builder provides word counts of each heading, subheading, and content, and provides a transparent idea about the content length to outrank your competitors.

Kwhero Content Outline Builder 2

You can also manually insert or remove headings and subheadings according to your preference to increase readability.

(c) AI Content Writer

After spending several years in blogging I felt generating quality content is the most time-consuming task, sometimes it’s boring too.

But here inside KWHero, you can generate long content with few clicks using AI content writer.

KWHero generates content leveraging advanced GPT-4 technology.

How To Generate Content Using KWHero AI Content Writer

KWHero AI content writer

It generates content based on the word count we have calculated during content outline generation.

You can also adjust the preferred Writing Options, Expert Options, and Additional Writing Guidelines to instruct the AI algorithm to generate more captivating content.

Now click over the Write Content button to start generating content.

(d) AI Content Detection

Search engines don’t like to rank AI content.

To evade AI content detectors, KWHero provides a ‘Pass AI Detection‘ feature while generating AI content.

(e) Collaboration And Sharing

KWHero permits you to share your tasks with your team.

You can efficiently share and generate content plans and outlines via links.

Also, you can authorize anybody to edit or complete your tasks inside your KWHero account.

Plans And Pricing of KwHero

KWHero has four plans.

  1. Free
  2. Basic
  3. Marketer
  4. Agency
  5. Enterprise
kwhero yearly plan

You can take advantage of the Free Plan for one month with limited features.

kwhero monthly plan

Later you can subscribe to any paid plan on a monthly or yearly basis.


  • Lifetime access to all features of KWHero.
  • All future Marketer Plan Updates.
  • All future AI model updates.
  • GDPR Compliant.
  • AI Outline = 1 credit
  • AI Article (up to 7,5000 words) = 4 credits.
  • Personalized LinkedIn Outreach
  • Support for 80+ languages
  • Facility to upgrade or downgrade between 6 license tiers within 60 days of purchase.
  • In the future, if any plan name is changed, the deal will be mapped to the new plan name with all accompanying updates.
  • Competition analysis
  • AI-optimized outline building
  • GPT-4 with proprietary models
  • SEO/NLP optimization
  • Pass AI detection
  • Sharing and collaboration
  • Outline builder
  • Simulate human writing
  • WordPress publishing
  • All current and future languages
  • Bring your own OpenAI key

Price Of KWHero Lifetime Plan

KWHero offers you 6 different plans in in lifetime deal. The features are the same in all the plans. the only difference is some limitations with:-

  • credits per month
  • AI credits per month with OpenAI key
  • content analyses per month
  • content plans
  • keywords/content plan
  • keyword lookups per day
  • keywords per lookup
  • SERP lookups/refreshes per day

Now it’s totally up to you. Select your desired plan as per your requirements and budget allows.

Appsumo KWHero Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Plan DetailsPrice Of PlanDeal Link
License Tier 1$79Get Tier 1 Plan
License Tier 2$149Get Tier 1 Plan
License Tier 3$229Get Tier 1 Plan
License Tier 4$339Get Tier 1 Plan
License Tier 5$549Get Tier 1 Plan
License Tier 6$799Get Tier 1 Plan

All plans mentioned above are available in once-in-a-lifetime purchases with lifetime validity. So what are you waiting for?

Claim your KWHero Lifetime Deal now and start using it for your growth.

FAQs for KwHero Review 2024

Q1. Is KWHero Worth It?

Whereas other platforms provide each feature separately, KWHero is a combination of keyword research, content planning, and content generation tools. It is also much cheaper compared to those platforms.

Q2. How To Use KWHero AI For Free?

You can use KWHero for free with the free plan (Lite Plan) available for 1 month with limited features. But for the best feature please check out the KwHero lifetime deal.

Q3. KWHero Support How Many Languages?

Currently, KWHero supports more than 80 languages. Create content in different languages in one go.

Q4. What is the difference between KWHero and NeuronWriter?

We tested KWHero against NeuronWriter and found a few interesting things. For starters, KWHero scores higher in the ease-of-use sector. We also found that KWHero offers more for less per credit purchased alongside a good few technical advantages.

Wrapping Up For KwHero Review

So that’s it for now.

Whether you are a solopreneur, agency owner, or blogger, KWHero offers a bunch of content marketing and SEO tools that let you dominate the search results with minimum effort.

Another prominent advantage of KWHero is that it will cut the cost of hiring content writers and SEO professionals.

In my opinion, the KWHero lifetime plan is the perfect fit for any marketing budget. Use the below button to activate your lifetime deal.

If you are hesitant to subscribe to the paid version, I would suggest starting with a trial plan.

Later you can upgrade to a paid plan if you feel KWHero is the best fit.

Also, I would highly appreciate your valuable input about the KWHero review article in the comment section. 🙂 🙂

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