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What is Originality.ai?

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originality.ai is an AI content detector and plagiarism checker tool that helps copywriters ensure the authenticity of their work. It quickly identifies AI-written content and potential plagiarism, giving writers the confidence to know their work is unique and original.

With its advanced technology, originality.ai allows companies to save time, money, and energy when creating content for marketing purposes. The AI technology is able to detect 93% of potential plagiarism and content theft.

With Originality.ai, users can be sure that their work won’t be flagged for copyright infringement or plagiarism.

Originality.AI Features

Below are the best features of Originality.ai that will help you take your content creation to the next level.

1. Plagiarism checking

originality ai plagiarism checker

In the above image, you can clearly see that you are getting the plagiarism checker option also. So with an AI detector, your can also identify whether your content is plagiarized or not.

If you’re a blogger, the last thing you want is to be accused of plagiarism. That’s why you need originaliy.ai – the ultimate plagiarism checker that will help you detect any copied content in your blog posts.

With this powerful AI-driven tool, you can quickly scan through your blog post and make sure that it is completely free of any plagiarised content. You can trust originaliy.ai to provide accurate and reliable results so that you can confidently publish unique, original content on your blog!

2. AI-written content detection

This powerful tool can accurately identify and detect AI-written content with a staggering 99% accuracy rate. It is an essential tool for writers and companies to ensure their content remains original and unique.

With its easy-to-use interface, originality.ai simplifies the process of detecting AI-written content and provides invaluable insight into the writing process.

Even this can detect Chat GPT written content.

Below I have tested the originality.ai detector tool. you can check out how accurate this tool is. Check the below image for reference. I have created some content with rytr ai writing tool.

content created with rytr

And I saw the amazing results, that origniality.ai detect it 100% right. below is the result of this amazing tool.

content created with rytr

As you can see, the tool detected the AI-written content and also shared the plagiarism report of the content.

3. Website Scanning


AI writing assistants are changing the way businesses create content. these tools can quickly detect plagiarism and AI-written content. This helps businesses save time and energy while ensuring that their content is original and of high quality.

originality.ai is making it easier than ever for webmasters and content creators to protect their original work from plagiarism. With its website scanning feature, users can quickly and easily scan an entire website in one go to detect AI-written content and plagiarism.

This ensures that only original content is published on the web and that authors are properly credited for their work.

5. Team collaboration


Originality.ai is revolutionizing the way teams collaborate on writing projects. Its powerful feature for adding team members and assigning tasks makes it easier for teams to work together in real time.

This ensures that all members of the team are on the same page and can easily review, edit, and approve content quickly. With Originality.ai, writers and editors can collaborate more efficiently, saving time and energy while creating original content.

Originality AI Chrome Extension

originality ai chrome extension page

Are you looking for a way to check if your content was AI generated? Then, the Oringality.AI Chrome Extension is perfect for you.

This extension offers free trial credits so that you can quickly and easily detect if any text was generated by an AI writing assistant or not.


With this extension, you can save time and energy on manually checking each piece of written content.

Originality.AI has revolutionized the way we detect plagiarism with its industry-leading AI detection technology.

Now, with our Chrome Extension, this powerful technology is available to everyone. Our extension makes it easy to upload any document and get an accurate analysis of its originality in mere seconds.

This means anyone can quickly and accurately detect plagiarism, saving time and energy in the process.

Who is Originality.AI Best For?

Originality.ai is a great tool for anyone who wants to make sure their content is original and free of AI and plagiarism.

AI writing assistants, bloggers, website buyers, and content agencies can now check the originality of large amounts of content quickly and easily.

1. Website Buyer

Originality.ai has changed the way bloggers create content. With this AI writing assistant, bloggers can quickly scan their content to make sure it is original and free from any plagiarism.

It also helps them save time and energy by automatically detecting any AI-generated or copied content, allowing them to focus on creating unique, engaging content for their readers.

2. Bloggers

Originality.ai is a revolutionary tool that can help website buyers make more informed decisions.

This AI-powered platform quickly detects any signs of plagiarism or AI-written content on any site that the buyer is interested in, helping them ensure they are buying a genuinely original website and not getting scammed.

With Originality.ai, website buyers can be sure they are making the right decision when it comes to buying sites online.

3. Content Agencies

Originality.ai also helps in the content production process for content agencies. With its AI-driven technology, agencies can now easily ensure that the content they produce is original and free from any copied or AI-generated material.

Moreover, with the ‘invite team members’ feature, agencies can quickly and easily collaborate with multiple authors to create high-quality and engaging content.

This will help them save time and energy while also producing more effective results for their clients.

Originality Pricing

The originality.ai premium plans are super affordable and easy to grab. You will get 2000 credits for just 20$. That means 1 credit costs only $0.01 and you know what this 1 credit can scan 100 words.

So what are you waiting for? Click this special link and get Origianlity.ai premium and make sure you are getting unique and original content for your blog posts.

Here are more details about pricing:

  • 2000 credits will cost you $20
  • 5,000 credits will cost you $50
  • 10,000 credits will cost you $100
  • 25,000 credits will cost you $250
  • 50,000 credits will cost you $500
  • 100K credits will cost you $1000

Originality AI Pros & Cons

There is no doubt that Originality.ai is an immensely powerful tool for verifying the originality of your own content or that of any website in which you are interested in investing.

Although there is a multitude of advantages to using it, there may also be certain drawbacks that should be taken into consideration before making any decisions.


  • Best for detecting AI Content & Plagiarism
  • Chrome extension makes your task easy
  • Very simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Very affordable pricing
  • It can scan entire websites for AI content
  • Invite team members to help save time
  • Affordable pricing
  • 24×7 customer support


  • Free Credits are not enough
  • Sometimes you can cheat this tool with minor editing in the content
  • It can be slow when checking large websites

FAQs About Originality.AI Review

Q1. What is Originality.AI?

Orignality.AI is an AI content detector and plagiarism checker tool which ensures you are getting the best unique and original content for blog posts.

Q2. Is Originality AI accurate?

Based on our research, testing, and usage. It detects almost 99% AI written content and plagiarized content.

Q3. Is there any free trial available for Originaliy.ai?

Yes, orignality.ai offers a free trial where you will get some free credits. click here to know about it and how you can activate it.

Q4. Is there any lifetime deal available from Originality.ai?

No, as of June 14, 2024, there is no lifetime deal available for origianlity.ai.

Final Words on Originality.AI Review

Originality.ai is a great tool for anyone who wants to make sure that their content is original and free of AI and plagiarism.

It is an AI-powered content detector that can detect any form of plagiarism or AI-generated content in seconds. It provides users with a comprehensive scan of their texts to ensure that the content they are publishing is truly original and free from any kind of infringement.

With Originality.ai, users can make sure that their work is not only original but also meets the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

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