Affiliate Booster Review: Is it the Best Theme For Affiliates?

Affiliate marketing is all about promoting the right product to a targeted audience at right time. In addition to this, a good WordPress theme can boost your sales.

If you are also looking for the best theme for affiliate marketers then, my friend, you are in the right place.

Today, In this post, I will share affiliate booster detailed review that is the best theme for affiliate marketer I have ever found.

Be with me till the end to know everything about this in detail.

What Is Affiliate Booster?

Affiliate booster is a WordPress theme that is specially made and designed for affiliate marketers. I was looking for a perfect theme for my affiliate blogs and finally, I got affiliate booster theme.

It’s quite a new theme in the market. It was launched in June 2020. This theme was developed and launched by a renowned affiliate marketing guru from India, Mr. Kulwant Nagi. He has made a fortune through affiliate marketing.

He says that Affiliate Booster is the outcome of his own needs & pains as an affiliate marketer. As an affiliate marketer in his career, he faced many issues and didn’t find a perfect theme for affiliate marketers.

After all his hurdles and pains he launched this theme that have every single feature that an affiliate marketer need to run a profitable blog.

Why Choose Affiliate Booster Theme & Plugin?

I also got this question in my mind, why choose affiliate booster theme and plugin? Because it is very new in the market, and there are already very popular theme in the market.

But I purchased it and tried it, and now I can tell you many reasons to choose affiliate booster over any other theme. Below you can check my purchase mail.

affiliate booster purchase invoice

As a affiliate marketer, we always want high conversion from our blog and for that, we need to focus on conversion optimisation, which is the most crucial element in Affiliate marketing.

We need to showcase our review articles, list articles, comparison articles more professional to get good conversion.

Our reviews should highlight the good and bad aspects of each item, along with other useful features such as product comparisons, star ratings, video, and a lot more that are critical for conversions.

Also, we need full control over the customization of each part of our theme. Speed optimization, schema optimized, fast loading, and many.

And all these things you will get with affiliate booster theme and plugin. Stay with me till the end of this detailed affiliate booster review to know all these amazing features.

I am using it on this blog from very long time, and I guess i am the perfect guy to tell you more about affiliate booster theme.

So, without wasting time, let’s dig deep into the affiliate booster review. 🙂 🙂

Affiliate Booster Theme Features

now let’s talk about the amazing features that you will get in affiliate booster theme.

1. Ultra-Fast Loading

Site load time is an important ranking factor. We have to optimize our site for web core vitals. This is developed in such a way that it will not affect your site load time.

Even it is a light weight theme which will boost your site load time in the SERPs.

Earlier, I was using generatepress Premium theme on this blog. GP Premium is also a good theme but after moving the affiliate booster theme the speed is improved.

You can check out the below images after installing the affiliate booster theme. Site speed checked on page speed insight and Pingdom.

desktop speed on page speed insight

2. Schema Optimized

schema optimized wordpress theme

When you talk about your website SEO, Schema is the advanced part of SEO, and it is very important if you want good ranking in search results.

Schema Markup is a code that you should add to your website for a better understanding of your content for search engines. That’s why a schema optimized WordPress theme is very important in this era.

The affiliate Booster theme is eligible for positive results, according to Google’s Rich Results test tool.

3. Mobile Responsive

mobile friendly test

We all know know people are using mobiles and smarphone more as compared to laptops and pcs. And google also prefers mobile first indexing.

Which means mobile friendly website in very important. And a mobile friendly theme can make all your website suitable for each mobile devices.

Affiliate booster theme is 100% mobile friendly which provides the best experience to all mobile usrs.

Right now, it’s a new theme and still they are providing regular updates to improve users experience more and more.

4. Page Builder Compatible

The affiliate theme Booster is 100% compatible with all page builders be it thrive or elementor. It means that you can use any page builder to create and design blog posts and pages of your websites.

Thrive Architect is one of the best and known page designers in the market. Thrive works well if you try to build some landing page or post design. Even on this blog I am using thrive architect to build my homepage and landing pages.

The affiliate booster theme is compatible with Elementor and almost every famous page creator, including Thrive Architect and Beaver Builder.

5. Easy Customizations

People who are not aware of coding and technical skills want a simple drap and drop theme that can do all the work with few clicks.

Affiliate booster is designed in a way that you can understand each section of theme very easy within few hours. Even I customized my whole site in 3 hours in the first attempt.

As a not techy guy, I can do it. Then anyone can do it. It’s super easy to customize. You just to spend some time exploring its features and you can do magical things with affiliate booster theme.

6. Adsense Friendly

Not only for affiliate blogs, this is also perfect for adsense blogs becuase they provides in builds ads placement section.

That save lots of your time in placing ads. in affiliate booster you just need to copy the adsense code and place it in the ads section and you are done.

Affiliate Booster theme has the following widgets to place adsense ads or any banner ad:-

  • Above Title Ads
  • Below Title Ads
  • Header Banner
  • After Content Area
  • Before Footer – for advertising
  • Footer Column 1
  • Footer Column 2
  • Footer Column 3
  • Footer Column 4
  • Main Sidebar

Affiliate Booster Plugin Features

Now let me show you my favorite part of the affiliate booster theme. The affiliate booster plugin is the best part of this theme. With this, you will get amazing 20+ blocks to make your blog post more attractive and conversational.

Below I will share all the blocks. Let’s see all the blocks one by one.

Affiliate Booster Pros and Cons Block

with affiliate booster plugin you can add pro and cons of any product or service in an attractive style. below you can check the example.


  • Best WordPress theme for blogger
  • Adsense friendly theme


  • no cons

Affiliate Booster Comparison Table

now let’s see the AB comparison table example which is best if you are writing a comparison article. Best to showcase different product and services in one table with all its features and pricing.

Macbook Air

Macbook Air

  • Best laptop for bloggers
  • Best Performance
Check Price
Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro

  • Best machine
  • super fast
  • no laging
  • best processor
Check Price

Affiliate Booster Call to Action Block

Call to action is very very important. A right call to action can bring more conversion for you. And affiliate booster plugin will give you that attractive call to action block to boost conversion.

Just checkout below example.

Best Affiliate Theme

Say bye-bye to heavy page builders, and create stunning designs with the default WordPress editor. Affiliate booster is the best theme for affiliate blogs.

Affiliate Booster Single Product Block

if you want to feature any single product or service within in your blog then this block is for your. With this block you can showcase single products with all its features, images, pricing and purchase link.

Check out below example where i shown you link whisper plugin details.

LinkWhisper Plugin For Internal Linking

link whisper

AI Based Linking

  • Automatic internal linking
  • Internal link old post with new
  • Boost ranking in SERPs

Affiliate Booster Notification Block

with this block you can show any special notification or any highlighted notification to your readers to grab their eyeballs on any specific section of your blog.

This is affiliate booster notification block

This section you can use to notify anything your readers. Are you still thinking to purchase this theme. This is the best theme. So grab it asap.

Affiliate Booster Notice Block

below is another notice block to highlight any specific content of your blog post. I always used this notification block in my blog posts.

Below you can check an example of it.

So guys, what are you waiting for? If you are still in doubt about this theme, see more amazing blocks below. Maybe then you will grab this amazing theme.

Affiliate Booster Button

affiliate booster plugin also provide you button block to add buttons with different styles. normally in Gutenberg you will only get a simple button with no effects. But with affiliate booster you can customize your button as per your needs and requirements.

Just look at below example:-

Affiliate Booster Top Pick block

This block is also amazing if you are writing a list article. With this you can list your top 3 products and services in a very attractive way. And your readers with attract towards it because of its design and features.

Below you can check example where i listed Thrive Architect.

Top Pick

Thrive Architect

Best Page Builder

Thrive is the best page builder to customize and design your blog posts and blog homepage with just drag and drop.

AB Star Rating Block

Ab star ratings allows you to add star within your blog post to showcase rating of any product or services. Above you can check an example.

AB Table of content

Generally, in a normal WordPress editor, you need a plugin to add a table of content to your blog post. But affiliate booster theme provides you with a build table of content.

In this post also, the table of content that I am using that is a block of affiliate booster theme. You can check above table of content.

AB Good Bad

This good and bad cloumn is also to high features and benefits of any product or service in a unique way with the call to action button.

It will boost the conversion of your whole blog posts. Let’s see the example below.

Best Theme for Affiliate Marketers

affiliate booster

The Good

  • SEO Friendly
  • Best For Affiliate
  • Fast Loading theme
  • schema optimised

The Bad

  • Nothing bad found till now
  • need little improvement in mobile customisation

AB Icon List

AB icon list will allow creating eye-catchy lists with different icons. You can create a list as per your requirements with any icons. Below you can see some examples.

  • List Item 1
  • List Item 2
  • List Item 3
  • List Item 4
  • List Item 1
  • List Item 2
  • List Item 3
  • List Item 4
  • List Item 1
  • List Item 2
  • List Item 3
  • List Item 4

AB Dynamic Block

In this dynamic block you can add multiple affiliate booster blocks in 1 dynamic block.

Just check out the below example where I selected 1 dynamic block, and inside that I added a list block, notification block, call to action block.

  • List item 1
  • list item 2
  • list item 3

This is notification box

This is the call to action

Nullam et nibh ac nulla commodo ultricies ac in dui. Mauris mollis leo vel nulla scelerisque lobortis. Nam ultrices dui eget suscipit euismod. Duis id metus condimentum, interdum mauris a, venenatis sapien. Mauris felis libero, ultricies vitae dolor sit amet,

AB Advance Coupons

This is the best block if you are working on any coupon article. You can add this block in the starting of the article.

And this will tell readers about the coupon code. They will grab the deal with the help of this coupon box.

let see example below where I listed hostinger coupon code.

hostinger offer

Hostinger CouponCode + Bonuses

Grab Hostinger hosting and you will get 500$ bonuses for free from my side.
now $0.59/m
Save $75/year

AB Product Column

As shown below affiliate booster product column will allow to showcase multiple products at the same time with its features and pricing.

Check out below example.

AB Coupon box

here is another coupon box block. If you want a simple coupon box that include image, description and buying button then you can use this coupon box.

Otherwise for more you can use advance coupon box block. Below is the example of normal coupon box.

social snap pro

Social Snap Coupon Code

Get flat 30% off on all social snap plans Especially for you. Grab the deal asap
now $27.30
Save flat 30%

AB Progress Bar

as the name suggest, progress bar can be used to show progress of any product and services in your article.

Best Hosting According to Budget

For Beginners

AB Conclusion

conclusion box you can use to conclude your article in the end. It includes ratings, images, heading, etc. to showcase an attractive conclusion box for the readers.

Affiliate Booster Conclusion

  • Price
  • Features
  • Website Speed


Affiliate booster is the best theme if you are running any affiliate blog or AdSense blog. It will boost your conversion and sales.

AB Product Table 1

Product block of affiliate booster theme allows you to showcase products in a table with its ratings and pricing and many more.

Currently, affiliate booster providing 3 product tables that you can use according to your blog post. These product tables are super attractive and high convertible.


Link Whisper

  • Best Internal Linking Plugin
  • AI Based Internal Linking

Social Snap Pro

  • Best Social Sharing Plugin
  • Automatic sharing

AB Product Table 2

now let’s see the second product table with more advance features.

ServiceMain FeaturesScore


  • Free Trail
  • Email marketing
  • Full automation
Activate Deal
Get Response

Get Response

  • Best for experts
  • full advance automation
  • Free trial
Activate Deal

AB Product Table 3

now let’s see product table 3 example.

ServiceMain FeaturesScore
Best HostingA2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

  • Affordable Hosting
  • Free domain name
  • Free SSL
Activate DealRead Full Review
Best Page BuilderThrive Architect Page Buidler

Thrive Architect Page Buidler

  • Create landing pages
  • Design blog posts
  • Pre build templates
Activate Deal

AB Top Pick Specs

With this block you can show case your top pick from the list with the badges on the top.

Top Pick
semrush free trial

Best Keyword Research Tool

  • Keyword Research
  • One Page SEO
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Marketing
  • Local Seo
  • Rank Tracking

Every popular blogger is using semrush for all their blogging and SEO work. This is the ultimate all-in-one tool for every blogger and Digital Marketer.

Our Verdict

SEMrush is a mind blowing SEO tool that performs keyword research for your website, monitors the keyword strategy used by your competitors, runs an SEO audit of your blog, looks for backlinking opportunities, and lots more

AB Single Product Pros & Cons

single product pros and cons is the perfect block to showcase both good and bad side of any product with the buying button and description.

Attractive and super convertible for review and comparison articles. Check out below example where i shared get response pros and cons with buying link.

Top Pick

Pros Title

  • Marketing Automation
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Webinar Integration

Cons Title

  • Expensive for Newbies
  • Complex interface
  • Take time to understand
  • Lack of proper tutorials

Get response is the best email marketing software for the experts in the industry. If you are new then I don’t recommend it.

Affiliate Booster Pricing

The pricing of affiliate booster theme is quite difference. So make sure to read this section very carefully.

Affiliate booster provides 3 different plans, and in all the 3 plans, you can purchase theme or you can purchase theme + affiliate booster plugin.

Let me tell you without the affiliate booster plugin the theme is nothing. So my strong recommendation is to go for plugin + theme. I also bought this. below you can check the pricing details.

affiliate booster pricing

Which Plan You Should Choose?

now, after checking the 3 different plans. You will be thinking which plan you should choose.

It totally depends on you. If you have only 1 site and you are not planning for more affiliate blogs then a single site license is best for you.

Otherwise the best plan is 50 sites license. That is the best for everyone if you have multiple blogs.

Affiliate Booster Home Page Layout Settings

To customize your homepage for affiliate booster theme you need Kirki plugin, otherwise you won’t see these options.

After installing this, AffiliateBooster Theme supports multiple homepage layouts which you can see inside Customizer >> AffiliateBooster Theme Panel > Layouts >> Home Page Layout. Here is how the settings will appear.

There are 7 different layouts and one is selected by default. To change the layout, simply click one of the layouts from the options and your website will change immediately.

Watch this video for settings.

Pros And Cons Of Affiliate Booster

Everything have its own pros and cons. So now let’s talk about affilaite booster theme pros and cons.

Here, the funny thing is, I am using affiliate boost pros and cons block to showcase its pros and cons. 😀 😀


  • 100% Schema Optimised
  • Google SEO Score = 99
  • Ultra-Fast Loading
  • Easy Customisation
  • 100% Gutenberg Compatible
  • 6 Header Designs
  • 9 Homepage Designs
  • 5 Single Page Designs
  • 100% Mobile Responsive
  • Typography Controls
  • Color Controls
  • Page Builder Compatible
  • Powerful Gutenberg Blocks
  • FREE Affiliate Booster Plugin
  • Adsense Friendly


  • Required improvement in mobile look
  • New in the market

FAQ’s of Affiliate Booster Theme

Q1. What is Affiliate Booster?

Affiliate Booster is a prefect WordPress theme specially designed for affiliate sites.

Q2. What is Affiliate Booster Plugin?

Affiliate booster is a WordPress plugin which will give you more customization option with different kind of blocks in it.

Q3. What happens when Affiliate Booster Theme License expires?

You can continue using it after license expires. The only thing is, you will not get regular update if you don’t renew your license.

Q4. Can we use the Affiliate Booster plugin with any theme?

Yes, you can use affiliate booster plugin with any theme. Previously i was using affiliate booster plugin with generatepress premium theme. So no issue with it.

Q5. Is this theme Schema compatible?

Yes, affiliate booster theme is 100% schema optimized.

Over To You

So, It is worth it to buy Affiliate booster theme?

The answer is” 100% Yes”.

This is the theme which i was looking from very long time. With this i can use lots of block option which will replace thrive and other page builder work.

And also this theme is super amazing for adsense sites also. you will get pre build ads placement option in it.

Overall a perfect theme at a reasonable price for all bloggers and marketers. Grab your copy asap to take your blog next level.

If you like this affiliate booster review, then do share it with your friends and on your social media profiles.

You every share appreciate our efforts and motivates us to produce more quality content for you. 🙂 🙂


Hi, I'm Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj, founder of BloggingQnA. A blog that provides authentic information regarding blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, and how to Earn Money Online with blogging.

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