thrive architect review 2024; Is it the best page builder?

Looking out for thrive architect review? If yes, then in this post, You will get a detailed review of thrive architect page builder.

Everyone likely wants their homepage, blog posts, or landing pages to look super attractive.

But how can we do it?

Actually, it’s a very easy task. You can do it with the help of Thrive Architect Plugin (New Version of Thrive Content Builder).

And the wow fact is: you can make your pages look awesome with zero coding knowledge. The thing you only have to do is Drag-and-Drop.

Professional Bloggers Like Ankit Singla, Umer Qureshi, Kulwant Nagi, and many more also uses this Thrive Architect Plugin.

But the main question still remains unanswered, As it is a premium plugin, Why Should you invest in Thrive Architect?


My straightforward answer is that every blogger must have the Thrive Architect plugin. It attracts visitors in a very positive approach.

If you look at my blog, the whole blog is designed with thrive architect page builder only.

For the rest of your answer including thrive architect plans and more about Thrive architect, don’t mind to go down the road below.

What is Thrive Architect

thrive architect review

Thrive architect (previously known as Thrive Content Builder) is literally the designing assistant for your Blog, Website, Homepage, or landing page.

Creating visual, engaging, and beautiful content has never been easier. But Thrive Architect made things easy.

With 0% coding knowledge, you can start designing your posts or pages on your own.

Remember, The more you want to be smart The more you will have to act smart.

In the case of blogging, Only the Thrive Architect plugin can make you smarter and hotter!

Since I don’t know a single code of HTML or CSS, I can’t get into the HTML code editor and add tags or different codes to edit my page. I have to keep switching between the Preview and Writing mode to see if I have made my page correctly or not.

But Thrive Architect lets you design and edit your homepage with just a drag-and-drop tool.

Difference between Normal WordPress Editor And Thrive Architect

now, let’s talk about the difference between normal WordPress editor and thrive architect page builder.

As a premium tool, Thrive architect obviously have some uniqueness and upgraded features what normal WordPress editors can’t provide

Normal is always normal. It can’t give you what a professional blogger always need

Let’s see what’s Thrive Architect best for and the difference between the normal and Thrive Editor

About Normal WordPress Editor

We all use the normal WordPress Editor. Normal WordPress editor features only some needy things like Bolt, Color, Heading, Style, etc

An awesome Website can’t go the way of success by only those things. If you wanna become something like unique and great you always need to use unique features

Wanna know why?

Take a look at the below facts:

To make a blog post or page look awesome, you must have a plugin which could provide you the service to add the following things:

  • Buttons
  • Columns
  • Content Box
  • Countdown Timer
  • Stylish List
  • Click to Tweet
  • Social share button
  • Fill Counter
  • Star Rating
  • Table of Content
  • Process Bar
  • Icons
  • Lead Generation
  • Popup box Builder
  • Table and so on…

If we use plugins for every above feature, it would be free of cost but it will take a lot of space and it will also slow down your website.

And we all know that speed is an important factor for website ranking in SERPs.

To avoid these difficulties, you can only use a single plugin called Thrive Architect which isn’t either very costly or space consuming.

You can learn to use this plugin within an hour!

Don’t you really want your blog or website to have a content box like the above? Or a countdown Timer for special offers? What about a stylish click to tweet button?

If you don’t, How could you stand out in the crowd? Why should your blog attract readers?

Could you do these things with the help of a normal WordPress Editor? Never!

That’s why I love using Thrive architect

And the wow fact is: You can learn to use this plugin within some hours!

About Thrive Architect Plugin (Visual Editor)

This Drag-and-Drop Plugin lets you design your webpage very easily, quickly, and seamlessly

It’s can take every possible step to make your pages look professional and super cool

Try to understand things! Your money will not go in vain

Have a look at the following features that you will get with Thrive Architect:

As you can see in the above image that Thrive Architect provides a lot of features. They have some more functionalities too.

I should mention that I have also used Thrive Architect on my homepage and I’m really happy to use it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have made this article on Thrive Architect Review.

And the biggest fact is: Thrive Architect has increased my sales by 756%!!

Other Bloggers like Ankit Singla, Umer Qureshi, Sumit Sao, Kulwant Nagi have also positively reviewed Thrive Architect.

So, I am highly recommending everyone to purchase this plugin.

It helps to increase popularity, uniqueness, Sales, and a lot more thing.

Before going into the Features section, I would like to make you understand a little more about Thrive Architect effects on your website

  • You will get rid of using too many plugins which saves a lot of space.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • You save time.
  • Your Blog becomes professional by 27% in comparison to other normal blogs.
  • It’s affordable and can be purchased with a one-time fee.
  • People will show 13% more interest in reading your posts.
  • You become very active with less work.

Features of Thrive Architect Plugin

Take a cup of tea, and sit down with ease because now I am going to show you the features of Thrive Architect.

After that, you will be able to know why you should spend for Thrive Architect and what Thrive Architect is best for.

1. Provides Stylish Button Set

Buttons are not only an element where you can put links

It can impact a lot on your page’s beautification. If you put a “sale” labeled red color button in the middle of your blog it will obviously attract visitors

Have a look at the buttons below that you can create

Stylish Button Set

2. Stylish Content Boxes

The content box is an element where you can highlight the important parts of your article very attractively.

I have seen prominent bloggers often using this feature.

For example, If you want to highlight some important texts of your blog post, you can put those texts in a box.

Here’s how Content Boxes look.

content box

3. Background Section Element

The background section would be the best way to to add some eye-catchy design to your page or blog post.

You can easily add a video or colourful background to your page or blog post by using the awesome feature from Thrive Architect called Background Section.

4. Click To Tweet Element

If you are thinking to increase your social share, believe me, The Click To Tweet Element will really boom your marketing.

It’s a feature that will allow users to share your content on Twitter with an attractive button.

Instead of using other space-consuming plugins for social sharing buttons use Thrive.

.See how it looks.

5. Countdown Timer Element

If you are thinking to increase your affiliate sales seriously then the Countdown Timer Element could hugely help you. It’s basically a timer that will allow you to add a timer button.

Suppose you have a special offer which will expire in some days, you can simply put that countdown timer element so that readers get aware of your offer.

Here’s how the eye-catchy Countdown Timer Button looks like:

6. Divider element

Thrive Architect provides five beautiful divider sets.

with the help of this, you can divide your contents like I have used this before every heading to separate one part from another. It gives you a professional blogging look.

Dividing is basically the beautification of your blog.

7. Fill Counter Element

The fill counter button is for showing any kind of numerical data. I have added a fill counter below to show you how it looks in real-time.

fill counter elements

8. Process Bar Element

It is a little similar to Fill Counter Element. It’s for showing results in an attractive way within your blog post or page.

I wanna share the real look of the process bar in the below.

9. Stylish List Element

Thrive Architect provides stylish list sets which you can use to give your blog post a cool look.

Also, you can change the color, fonts, and icons to attract visitors in a decent approach.

  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element

10. Star Rating Element

If you are reviewing any product or service then this element will attract ‘s eye. Below the product or service, you can use this feature.

Star Rating helps your readers to understand your opinion about the product.

I have added some star ratings below.

11. Tab Content Element

The tab Element is for switching among different tabs. If your reader clicks a tab they will see the content for that tab.

I often have to use this feature on my blog posts.

I know you may doubt what Tab content Element is?

To help you understand, I have added an example below

12. Toggle Element

Toggle Element is a little similar to the Tab Content Element, But it’s only for showing FAQs or question answers.

Nowadays, every famous blogger is seen to use Toggle Element.

Take a look at the Toggle Element below.

Thrive architect is the No.1 page builder to design your wordpress blog homepage, blog posts and pages.

Click here to get thrive architect with one-time payment of 67 dollars with all the updates.

13. Lead Generation Element

To generate leads, you always gotta be active on making awesome forms.

Thrive Architect has that ability to make just awesome lead generation forms like Sign up Form, Email collecting form or others.

I have added a signup form below using Thrive Architect.

lead generation

as you can see the above lead generation, I have designed it with thrive leads only.  which you will get absolutely free with thrive architect.

Thrive Architect works with almost all email services.

I am using convertkit with it.

14. Table Element

We know what the table is. Typically to make a table we have to write at least 5-10 lines of code but the Table Element featured by Thrive Architect lets you show your repost seamlessly.

A table full of information also affects SEO. Sometimes, it can get to the search result FAQs.

15. Call to Action Element

The call to action button is always a helpful thing for Affiliate Marketers.

It increases CPC, generates leads, and allows you to sell creatively.

Thrive Architect has a variety of calls to action boxes. You can choose one among them according to your choice.

This is how Call to action boxes looks like:-

Grab Thrive Now !

Grab the best thrive now with one time payment with all updates.

as you ca see..above i have shared only 2 of call to actions buttons but with thrive architect,  you will get 50+ call to action buttons.

You can use them multiple time, also you can customize them totally according to your need and requirement.

16. Guarantee Boxes

You are fully protected by our100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Guarantee Boxes

If, for any reason, you don’t like this amazing plugin, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they’ll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

like above there are 10+ guarantee box that you will get with thrive architect. yo can use them as per your need.

17. Testimonial Element

Testimonial can sometimes be a blog’s most interesting thing. I know that many plugins and themes nowadays provide short codes or included forms for testimonials.

but believe me, man! the design that Thrive Architect provides is very unique and well-structured. The way of approaching readers is very liked by me.

If you check my blog homepage, the testimonials that are there, are fully designed by thrive architect only.

An example of the testimonial element…..


18.  Table of Content

The Table of Content Element is gonna directly benefit your readers. This feature is actually a great Outcome which is used almost in every blog these days.

Visitors are also able to quickly navigate to the part they want by clicking the query in the “Table of Content”

In the starting of this article. You saw a table of content, that  is designed with thrive architect only.

Thrive provides you more than 10+ table of content formats. If you check my other blog posts.

I guess you will get different table of content in all my blog posts.

This is the beauty of thrive architect page builder. You can bring more and more uniqueness in every article with just drag and drop.

19. Free Tool to Generate Popup box

When you landed on this page, you also got a popup box for ebook, that popup is designed with thrive leads.

Popups can directly make you gain emails, information or sells.

Yeah, popup like Signup, Subscribe, or product can highly generate leads.

Just go to your Admin Area >> Thrive LightBox >> Create New Light Box.

Their unique designed popup boxes are really premium-level. You can create a subscribe form, newsletter, offers, and a lot more things using the “Popup Box” element.

20. 200+ Free Landing Page Templates

Thrive Architect provides 200+ free landing pages

You can edit every single detail of those pages and customize as you want.

Just Take a look at the below and judge if Thrive Architect was the one you were looking for.

How to edit Blog posts & pages with Thrive Architect

It’s not as hard as you may think! Believe me! It’s the best plugin with what you can work with ease.

Within some clicks, you will be able to edit and customize your posts or pages.

The main work is just Drag-and-Drop!

Follow the below steps to edit blog posts or pages:

  • First of all, you will have to create a new blog post or page in WordPress.
  • Put a Heading and save that as a draft.
  • Now below the heading, you will see an “Edit with Thrive Architect” button.
  • Click that button and start customizing your page or post.

Thrive Architect Pricing: One Time Payment Offer

  • Thrive Membership

    • Get access to ALL our plugins and themes
    • Install on up to 25 websites
    • Includes 269 landing page templates
    • Unlimited free updates
    • Unlimited support
  • Single License

    • Install Thrive Architect on 1 website
    • Includes all features
    • Includes 269 landing page templates
    • Unlimited free updates
    • 1 full year of support
  • 5 License Pack

    • Install Thrive Architect on up to 5 websites
    • Includes all features
    • Includes 269 landing page templates
    • Unlimited free updates
    • 1 full year of support

Thrive Architect pricing is the same since its founding date.

I wanna say, you will only have to pay $67 for a single-site license (one-time fee).

But for 3 or 5 site license you gotta cost a little more.

If you manage to purchase the “Thrive Architect Theme” membership you can get all the Thrive architect products within your membership.

Thrive membership will allow you to have all the Thrive Architect featuring products.

Click  Here to Grab Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect Pros and Cons


  • Over 100-page templates
  • Pre-designed Section Templates
  • Global colors for easy customization
  • Included popup engine
  • Advanced Marketing Features
  • Constant Update and Improvements
  • Works with Any feature
  • Comparatively costs low when it comes to features


  • Lack of Theme Builder features
  • The interface is a bit complex
  • No 3rd party plugins
  • The support team could be better


To me, Thrive Architect is the best front end editing plugin I have ever seen.

I’m have been using this plugin for over 2 years and I’m really satisfied. My affiliate sales and conversions also increased a lot.

Full of features, awesome pricing, seamless working is one of the most liked things.

I wish every blogger could use Thrive Architect.

When it comes to customizing or editing blog posts I always recommend Thrive Architect to both newbies and experienced bloggers.

And the best part is you don’t need to switch between writing mode and preview mode anymore because it’s a true front end editor.

To have a professional look and reader optimized features I highly prefer the Thrive Architect plugin for the welfare of your business.

I think we are done now. If you have any questions or if you think I should cover some more topics on Thrive Architect, just comment down what you have in your mind.

I will be there within hours.

Cheers, Happy Thrive Architect using!

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