BlueHost India Coupon Code {66% Off + Free Domain Name}

As per my research, Bluehost is the best Hosting Company out there on the Internet. Some of my websites are also powered by Bluehost.

Bluehost is the best hosting for beginners to start a blog from scratch.

Well, Would you like to get a cool discount on BlueHost?

If yes, then you are exactly in the right place!

We will discuss in detail about Bluehost India Coupon code today in this page.

You will get to know all the things, features, and updates regarding BlueHost, and in the end, Is BlueHost gonna be the perfect Hosting Company for you?

Let’s Check out!

I have personally used Bluehost for a lot of time and I know the secrets and wow factors about BlueHost.

I’ll be honest enough to share all the information with you seamlessly.

About Bluehost Hosting

bluehost web hosting

Bluehost is working since 2003 and till now it’s working great.

It’s a company of Endurance International Group. It’s one of the top 20 Hosting Platforms which is currently powering 2 million+ websites all over the world.

bluehost powering 2 million plus websites

But the people of India love Bluehost because of its high performance and India optimized servers.

This organization has a space of 50,000 square feet in the united states where it has it’s all of the servers placed.

Bluehost is upgrading and optimizing their servers constantly to give users the best performance.

And when it comes to Asia, certainly India, It’s more than a great platform for Asians. Not only me, but plenty of bloggers and website owners also claim BlueHost as the Best Hosting Company.

bluehost coupon

First, let’s see if BlueHost is a good platform for India or not.

According to HostingClues, a renowned Hosting reviewing blog, Bluehost is the best company for Indian And Asian users.

Bluehost even has a server dedicated to India. According to a survey from, Bluehost is the top Hosting company for India.

Whatever you think or prefer, Bluehost is still the best hosting provider and it always will be.

Plans & Pricing of BlueHost with BlueHost India Coupon code

Before getting into the deep of BlueHost plans and pricing, I would like you to let you know the good news!

You will get a full 66% discount if you buy any plan of Bluehost using our link.

We are among the few who care about their readers and that’s why we wanna give you a great discount!

I’m very happy that I’m able to benefit my readers in a good way.

Bluehost and we have recently got into a deal of giving 66% off the price for readers. This offer is limited!

We don’t want anything from our readers! Not even an email or signup! We just want the welfare of others.

There are basically three packs provided by BlueHost, namely:- Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and pro and their previous and current price (including discount) is given below:

bluehost plans
  • Basic Plan — Normally $7.99 — Currently $2.75
  • Plus —  Normally $4.99 — Currently  $4.95
  • Choice Plus — Normally $16.99 — Currently  $5.45
  • Pro — Normally $26.99 — Currently  $13.95

The pricing is based on monthly plans.

This offer may expire soon! You should purchase hosting as soon as possible for your dream website.

Pros and Cons of BlueHost Hosting

Evey Hosting Provider has some problems. Not only in the case of Hosting. Nothing or no one is perfect in this world.

In the case of BlueHost, It’s comparatively a lot better than other big companies. Take a look at the pros and cons yourself.

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Pros Of BlueHost

  • Cheap in Pricing: – The thing I liked about BlueHost the most is its pricing plan. There is a 66% discount but the renewal rates are a little high. Their pricing is cheap but with keeping their Features optimized.
  • Great Uptime: – Honestly speaking, Bluehost’s Uptime is very good. My uptime test with Bluehost has always been good.
  • Generous Storage – Their shared hosting plans offer loads of storage.
  • Unmetered BandWidth: – Bluehost won’t limit the traffic that you can get. That means you are able to get a high number of traffics.
  • Good support: – The support team is 24/4 active in the time of your help. Comparatively the support is greater than Companies like Godaddy and Namecheap.
  • Dedicated server for Indians: – Bluehost has a dedicated server for only Indian users. That means yes, Bluehost is an international hosting provider but they are optimized for Indians.
  • Free Website Migration: – Bluehost gives you free website migration. This means you can migrate your existing website to Bluehost servers without a single second downtime.

Cons Of BlueHost

  • Poor backup options: – Their default backup solution is limited but you can limitedly use it. In the future, you may have to try their paid solution
  • Speed isn’t great: This may be a bit disappointing but their overall Speed performance is very optimized. Only in times of high traffic loads, you will get a slower speed. But it will be improved soon I think.

If you don’t like Bluehost hosting there here you can check Best Bluehost Alternatives.

How to activate Bluehost coupon India

STEP 1: You will first have to click this link to get the Bluehost 66% Discount offer.

The discount will automatically be work if you click the above link to purchase hosting.

Keep in mind that the discount won’t work unless you click an offer link.

STEP 2: Then choose among the Hosting Plans. There are 4 types of plans available you should choose the plan which your budget allows. I recommend selecting the Choice Plus plan initially if you have money and for better performance.

But if you don’t have that budget, starting with the Basic plan will Benefit you too.

STEP 3: As there’s 66% off the price, I think it’s a great chance to let your money work.

STEP 4: Just choose the plan you liked, put your necessary details including Card Information for purchase.

I advise you to purchase a plan for higher time periods like 24 or 36 months cause the renewal rate is a little high. In this way, you could save some money.

But if you don’t have the wealth, nothing to do.

Fill all your detail and make the payment.

CONGRATULATIONS ! You grabbed the best hosting with 66% Discount.

Benefits of getting Bluehost Hosting

I already have mentioned all the pros and cons of using Bluehost as your hosting provider but still, you may have some doubts regarding its features.

Let me explain all the benefits of Bluehost including unique features and why should you use it.

1. Fastest and Reliable Hosting Server

Bluehost is the fastest International Hosting provider.

Why they are fast?

Because they have a dedicated server only for India. They have an expert team working for Indian servers. Not only India, but Their servers and supercomputers are also super optimized for Asian people.

Their uptime test has increased by 56% for India after they have settled up an India dedicated server. Take a look at the chart below:-

speed test

Actually, Nowadays very few International hosting providers are like Bluehost. But I choose Bluehost to trust.

And why are they Reliable?

They are the most reliable company because of its influence. Endurance International Group is one of the most successful groups of companies in USA. They own more than 16 companies.

Their name and fame are everywhere. Endurance International Group is a government licensed business so there is no chance (even not 1%) of scam.

2. Top Class Server Uptime Rate

Their server is always 98.7% up to time. I’m a real example of testing the up-time rate of Bluehost. Because I’m using Siteground and Bluehost together for years.

And when it comes to Bluehost, The uptime rate has always been good. I got the best up-time performance on the Choice Plus plan.

3. Super Affordable Price

When it comes to price, you obviously have to claim that Bluehost is really cheap. I have already shown you the way to get a 66% discount!

If you have a brain, I think you will not miss this offer.

In fact, I have also purchased some hosting plans for 36 months for powering some other new websites. I didn’t let the chance to miss and you should also not!


A hosting provider that is recommended by a giant CMS like WordPress!

Isn’t it amazing?

WordPress and Bluehost are into a cool deal since the previous years and they are working great for each other.

For their friendly dealing, Bluehost is fully optimized with WordPress, and WordPress is recommending their users to choose Bluehost too.

So I think if you are a WordPress user or wanna use WordPress then BlueHost is indeed a great choice.

5. Top Class Security And Free SSL Certificate

Bluehost Security is always up to date. As they are a renowned company they care about its Security. The Backup Solution of Bluehost will be your first step to recover your site if anything happens unexpectedly to your site.

If the cPanel access to your site gets stolen you can easily reset that too from the admin panel of your site. They also have a site lock feature to protect your site directly from attacks.

And no problem if your site theme or plugins have any security errors. Hackers or cyber-attacks won’t be able to pass the site security provided by Bluehost that much easily.

You may get notified via email before anything goes very wrong with your dream website.

At last, Bluehost features a free SSL certificate which allows you to add extra security to your site. The quality of SSL is really appreciated.

6. Free Website Backup

It is true that Bluehost provides a Backup option for free.

Plenty of renowned companies makes their backup service paid where Bluehost makes less profit and lets you get some features for free.

The interesting fact is That with the Backup option you are able to Backup your site with just a click!

7. 1-Click WordPress Install

If you are interested in using WordPress you will just gotta make a click, and that’s all!

WordPress will be automatically installed on your site without hassle and as soon as WordPress is installed you can start putting contents and customizing your site.

Most of the newbies get convinced with a hosting company that offers large discounts or huge offers and in this way, newbies easily fail the way to success.


Because a Hosting Company can depend a lot on your site speed and performance. If you choose the wrong hosting company by only seeing the outer surface and greedy offers you will probably lose!

Bluehost is a renowned and very popular company. Its reviews are available everywhere on the Internet. Every Blogger or Online Entrepreneurship knows the name of Bluehost.

So, remember not running after big discounts and great offers or the outer surface.

You should always trust a company based on user experience, Different Blog’s review, and work. Bluehost is that type of company as well as a reliable provider.


My only motive for this post is to benefit my readers.

This whole article is based on my personal experience with Bluehost. Yeah, I make some profit which Bluehost provides me for affiliate sells when you purchase hosting using my link but you won’t be charged an extra fee at all.

My aim wasn’t to only promote Bluehost or making money through Bluehost affiliate sells. I just wanna make some profit and benefit my users together.

I hope you understood.

If you have any query regarding Bluehost or if you have any experience with Bluehost please comment down below and benefit other people.

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