23+ Trusted Ways to Earn Money Online Without Investment 2024

Looking for trusted online money making sites without investment?

Earning money isn’t limited to offline anymore. This conception has been extinct a lot of time before But a majority of people hardly know this.

Nowadays, You can Earn Money Online without investments (Trust me, You don’t have to spend even a single penny!)

The thing you only need is a Desktop/Laptop and internet connection. Many people even earn their living only through their mobile!

Once you know the exact ways of earning online without investment, you will be able to use both your Computer and Mobile to generate online business.

Working online is something You can even make money while you sleep! (Not Kidding, I have proof)

You don’t have to go out or look for a job anymore (Promise!) No matter if you are a Student, a Housewife, or someone who is used to living at home. No matter who you are.

I repeat, You just need a computer with the Internet and a strong willingness to make your living online business. I am also running my whole business by sitting at home and providing online jobs to others.

Remember, Hard work is the first condition for every achievement.

Yeah, you can earn from your home in legitimate ways but you need patience and I think you have enough patience.

So let’s dig into it.

How to begin? What to Do To Earn Money Online?

earn money online without investment

What is the first thing that you need when trying for a job?

skills, You need skills.

For example, If you want to start a grocery shop you need skills in selling, For being a Counter Representative you need skills in mathematics, To be a marketer you need marketing skills.

Just like that If you want to make money online from your home you need skills in a certain sector.

There are plenty of 100% legit sectors to learn online and start earning money online.

But there are fraud and scam sectors too – You have to be always aware of what you are doing.

But don’t be worried, As you have landed on this page, It’s my responsibility to show you the right path to the journey of making money online successfully.

There are 24 ways that I will be showing here in this post. Among those ways, You have to choose which sector you wanna work with.

Also, You could know how much I earn from my sector.

Let’s begin!

1. Start A Blog To Make Money Online

Start A Blog To Make Money Online

Why waste time on social media when you can make money online by writing down your experience?

Starting a blog has become a trend these days. Blogging is a way of earning money by sharing your experience with various topics.

Read here:- How To Start A Blog in 6 Simple Steps Under 30 Minutes

This is one of the ways by which you can make money online while you sleep!

Wanna know How?

At first, you have to be skilled in a certain niche.

There are plenty of niches out there, namely:- Fashion, Technology, Sports, Lifestyle, Travel, News, Books, Education, and so on.

Which niche do you find the most interesting? You obviously might be good at something.

Purchase a Domain and Hosting, Make your WordPress Website with some clicks and start publishing content on your blog.


For example, I love blogging. My Blog bloggingqna.com is where I share my experience on various topics about Blogging, earning money online without investment for students.

Many website owners are making huge money online without investment in blogging.

I aim to help my readers with making money online, Blogging, SEOThemes, AI tools Plugins, etc, and along with that, I am making money through Showing ads, Youtube channels, and Affiliate Marketing on my blog.

Below you can see some earning proofs.

proof of earning
affiliate earning

So, blogging is a way by which you can make money and help others together! You only have to find out the niche in which you have enough experience.

By the way, With the help of A2Hosting, you can make your blog within less than an hour!

When I first started Blogging I worked hard For a year and I got my first $113 income from Blogging.

Typically it can take 3-5 months to get a good ranking in search engines. But it depends on your niche, Activity, and SEO.

What will I have to learn?

  • SEO (on-page and off-page)
  • Marketing
  • WordPress (CMS)
  • Content Writing
  • Blogging strategies
  • Social Media Management

How to Become a Blogger:

  • Find A Niche of High Interest.
  • Learn SEO (Both On-Page and Off-page) to optimize your blog for Search engines.
  • Purchase a Domain and Hosting (It isn’t hard at all, Just a 20-minute process).
  • Install WordPress with a theme.
  • Start Publishing Contents.

If you are interested in Blogging you can read my post How to Start A Blog From Scratch where I have put in-depth information and a step-by-step guide from creating a blog to successfully making the first income from your blog.

2. Content Writing To Earn Money Online

Content Writing To Earn Money Online

Content Writing has become a very needy thing nowadays. It’s low competitive and the demand for Content is increasing day by day. This online job has very huge potential.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is writing information about various topics. My niche is Helping Others with Blogging. I write here dedicated to Blogging. But I also blog on various topics closely related to Blogging.

Starting From large companies to a small online shop — everyone needs content for their online business. There are 1.7 billion websites on the internet and about 547000 websites are being created globally every day.

That means you still have enough chances to get Content Writing professionally in your hands.

To start a career with content Writing You need skills in English or Hindi (English Writing Brings comparatively more money).

You have to be able to write an Audience engaging, Reader-friendly, and SEO-optimized content to become a professional Content Writer.

Typically you will get around $10-$35 per 1k words. But it depends on Country, Language, skills, and a lot more things.

The more you can achieve the art of writing the more your value will increase

What will I have to learn?

  • SEO for optimizing Content.
  • Reader-Friendly Article Writing.
  • User-engaging, Attractive, and great writing.

How to Become a Content Writer:

  • Read different blog posts, News, and Articles to gain knowledge.
  • Try to write attractive and reader-engaging content.
  • You have to write unique content in your own words and avoid copy-pasting at any cost.

3. Earn Money by Becoming a Freelancer

Earn Money By Becoming A Freelancer

Freelancing has been the most popular method of making money in the past years.

Freelancing means Working for Clients from home. Wondering How?

It’s easy, There are different types of online jobs you will be given to do.

but to earn money from freelance websites, you will have to be skilled in a certain topic like Web design, Graphics Design, Programming, Management, Development, data entry jobs, online tutoring, etc.

You can also do freelance writing for bloggers.

Then you can look for jobs on platforms like freelancer.com, Upwork, Fiver, and so on.

Upwork is the best place for newbies to find free online jobs.

upwork freelancing

There are thousands of subjects in the freelancing sector to get started with. I would recommend you to take a look at the jobs and select the one which suits you if you are interested in freelancing.

What Will I Have To Learn:

  • Achieve skill on a certain topic (There are plenty of subjects out there for freelancing)
  • Develop Communication Skill
  • Be smart and dedicated to your work
  • Try to be creative

How to become a freelancer:

  • Create an account on Freelancing websites like Freelancer or Upwork.
  • Customize your profile with convincing words.
  • Add some Demo projects to your profile.
  • Look for jobs.

4. Become a Consultant to Start Earning Money OnlineWithout Investment

Become A Consultant To Make Money Online

A consultancy business is another way How you make money while you sleep.

Sudhan Kumar, The owner of Economictimes also used to own a consultancy business.

He used to earn $3000+ from this business. There are different consultant services like:-

  • Technology Consultant
  • Investment Consultant
  • Sales Consultant
  • Software Consultant
  • Entrepreneurship Consultant

If you are creative, strategic and an explorer type of person then Consultancy Business suits your attitude.

But to start a successful Consultancy business You have to become a consultant first.

An intermediate-level consultant can make $10000/year but it will take effort and patience.

What will I have to Learn:

  • Identify your area of expertise or learn the sector in which you are interested.
  • Get Certified by a renowned institution.
  • Create a website, Start Publishing Content, and attract Individuals and Businesses.

How to Become a Consultant?

  • You can either create your own business or join a job (The decision is yours).
  • Include certification, achievements, and goals for your profile.
  • Gain different skills and explore new things constantly.
  • Send Emails to Consultancy companies, wait for circulars, and keep patience.

5. Earn Money With Online surveys Without Investment

earn money with online surveys

Now comes the most interesting part: Online Survey sites are the best way which you can use to earn money without having any skills!

Yeah, You heard right! You don’t have to achieve any skill, no need for investments.

Just open an account and perform small tasks like Apps Download, Video Watching, Like, Subscribe, and so on.

Isn’t this amazing?

But the sad fact is You can’t have a big wealth through online survey sites.

Online paid surveys can’t make you gain a high amount of money.

Actually, It’s for those who don’t wanna develop skills and you can’t do very well in the future through online surveys.

If you are a student, Teenager, or someone who only wants to make some pocket money you can do an Online Survey.

You can make up to $35 per survey according to skillcrush.com and $1-$2 per hour. Depends on sites also. Many survey sites provide a good amount for the surveys.

If you wanna get high-level jobs you gotta be a little experienced.

But it depends on how much time you spend. If you are patient you can expect to get a good result.

What Will I Have To Learn:

  • You have to be able to operate your SmartPhone correctly.
  • Downloading apps, watching videos, and these types of jobs. I think probably everyone can do these jobs.
  • No additional skills are required as these online jobs are easy.

How To Do Online Survey:

  • Open accounts on Survey websites you prefer like Monkey, TypeForms, etc.
  • Set up your profile, Take a look at the withdrawal method, and allowed countries.
  • Work Hard and get started earning money.

6. Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing

Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing! — This is something kind of freelancing where you get a commission for selling other companies or Individual products.

This one is one of my favourites, and I am earning a very good amount from it.

Check out below some of my earning proof from affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing earning proof
affiliate marketing proof

There are many more like the above images.

It’s very liked by the young generation nowadays. You can generate a really high amount of profits if you can choose the right products.

It’s a very popular method and also makes money while you sleep kind of business.

But to get into affiliate marketing you need a group of the audience where you can sell the products or services.

It can be a Facebook PageGroup, fan page, Blog, Website, Facebook Profile with high followers, or any social media platform.

If you have about 2k-3k Members or Followers on any social media pages you can start working as an Affiliate Marketer.

But having an audience isn’t always necessary!

You can also sell products through your friend circle, Facebook Groups, or a new blog where you have to patiently work for traffic.

Every eCommerce Platform like Daraz, Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay offers Affiliate Services for Affiliate Marketers and it’s very easy to get an affiliate account!

I love Amazon Affiliate the most!

You can make a good amount of money through Affiliate Marketing, Even your living when you become a professional Marketer.

If you work hard (3-4 hours/day) for 4-5 months you can expect to make $500-$700 per month and that will obviously increase in the future.

What Will I Have To Learn:

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills.
  • Great Marketing Skills.
  • Technical (You may have to do Courses for technical skills).
  • Data Analysis.
  • Leadership.
  • Product Market Research.

How To Become A Affiliate Marketer:

  • Find and join an Affiliate Programme like Amazon or eBay.
  • Choose the right offers to promote.
  • Share the Affiliate Links on your Blog, Website, Group, or page.
  • Earn commission every time someone purchases something from your link.

7. Make Money by Writing E-Books

Make Money By Writing E Books

Making money through selling E-Books is one of the best ways to make money while you sleep.

But you gotta be a passionate writer before you try to make money through eBooks.

When we think about those Physical Publishers — Things like Printers, Large Rooms, Employers, Sheets, Papers, and a lot of things Float in front of the eyes.

But It’s the age of the internet. People don’t like to go out and buy things anymore and you can use people’s this situations to make money.

If you can write engaging, reader-friendly, and error-free Content you can make guaranteed money. About 89 million Americans are said to be active eBook Readers.

The thing you only have to do is put your eBook on Websites like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Walmart, or other e-commerce stores.

Or you can set up your own website and sell your eBook directly online. Just include an online Shopping Cart or PayPal link to receive payments.

Payhip, Amazon Kindle Direct Publish, Blurb, LuLu, TradeBit, and there are more Websites to sell your eBooks.

There are 200,000 eBook Sellers on Amazon and about 5,000 sellers among them make $10,000 per year consistently.

The eBook market is still not very competitive. It will be great to start working with eBooks.

What Will I Have To Learn:

  • Engaging, Informative, and error-free great writing skills.
  • Fast Writing.
  • Creativity and Productivity.
  • Patience.
  • Know your subject as an expert.

How to become an eBook Seller:

  • Write a Strong Book.
  • Create an Amazon KDP account.
  • Format your eBook for publishing.
  • Upload your eBook to KDP.
  • Publish your eBook.
  • Congratulations! You are now an entrepreneur as an eBook publisher.

8. Make Money from Facebook and Instagram

Make Money From Facebook & Instagram

Wow! That sounds very very great!

Well, How does it work?

You might be excited but the reality is hard Work is the first condition for making money.

Plenty of people waste their time on Social media platforms every day.

According to the New York Times, Every Facebook user spends almost 3 hours every day on average on Facebook.

Yeah, A lot of them might also be involved in something good but the majority is misusing their time.

Anyway, back to the question: How to make money through Facebook or Instagram?

You can make money easily on Facebook by selling page likes, Publishing content, and getting monetization for showing ads and Selling products.

Also, you can do online jobs as social media manager for other online business houses.

I think you know about Monetization which is just like YouTube, and selling products is the same as affiliate marketing.

I should tell a bit about selling page likes as this is dedicated to Facebook only.

but remember you will not be paid always the same when it comes to selling page likes.

Take a look at the below screenshot that I have collected from my newsfeed.

facebook likes

I have seen people even selling 1000 likes for 200 Rs. It depends on the quality of your likes list and the type of clients you get.

Instagram marketing is also the same as Facebook where you can sell Instagram pages.

You can simply buy Facebook likes from freelancer marketplaces like UpWork or Freelaner.com with your Card and sell on Facebook through decent marketing (Facebook Boost works well for paid marketing).

What Will I Have To Learn:

  • Both Paid and Free Facebook Marketing.
  • You will need a Master or Visa card to purchase likes.
  • Facebook page and group operating.

How To Become A Facebook Page Like Seller:

  • Customize your Facebook account professionally with your photos and details so that people don’t consider you a scam.
  • Purchase likes or collect them from other sources you may have found.
  • Open a professional group or page and start publishing appealing content to sell.
  • you can do paid Facebook marketing which is not very costly.
  • Get paid for selling your page likes.

9. Make Online Money from YouTube Channel

Make Online Money From YouTube

YouTube is the biggest platform for videos after Facebook. We all know about YouTube. Youtube is where most of us learn new things, Explore their sector of interest, and entertain ourselves.

Well, actually what we see on Youtube is all the result of an expert individual or company.

You can also be that expert and earn from YouTube.

Everyone is good at something. You and I are also interested in something. there are plenty of niches out there in this world, namely:- Fashion, Lifestyle, Sports, Entertainment, Design, Programming, etc

The number of niches is likely uncountable!

Every person is good at something I love blogging the most and I have developed my career on blogging.

Just like try to find your sector of interest and jump on YouTube with what you have to give people.

Creating a YouTube channel is free!

just create an account, start publishing video content, and once you become eligible for Google Adsense you will be given  Adsense approval.

And you can start earning by showing advertisements from Google Adsense on your videos and channels.

But don’t think earning through showing ads is the only way, You don’t have to get a huge audience to start earning at all!

YouTube can be the best way of income source if you use YouTube for affiliate marketing!

you can start affiliate marketing even if you have a small audience on YouTube!

I earn $200+ only from YouTube through showing advertisements. You gotta work very hard for the first time for YouTube but it can give you everything you need.

Youtube can let you make your living and a lot more if you use YouTube strategically. I have shown you the way but the efforts are your responsibility.

What Will I Have To Learn:

  • Achieve skills on your topic and constantly learn more.
  • Youtube Marketing.
  • Video editing.
  • Making great content.
  • Strategic and Creative working.
  • Be always smart in talking and networking.

How To Become A YouTuber:

  • Create A YouTube channel and Set it up very well.
  • Give your channel a professional look.
  • Publish content constantly ( Remember that Quality is more needed than quantity on YouTube).
  • When you reach the Adsense applying goals apply for Adsense Approval.
  • Start earning by showing ads once you get approval.

10. Learn Stock Market Trading & Investment

Learn Stock Market Trading

The stock market is a trading business.

In easy words, the Stock market is where you have to invest and buy shares and you can generate profit when you sell the shares at a high price.

but it isn’t that easy like I said!

A lot of subjects like Repost, Broker, Trader, Market, and more things depend on the stock market. Actually, the Stock market can make you a millionaire within days but it can also cause you to beg.

But if you learn to trade well you can expect a good outcome and every business has some downside.

Analyzing, Reposting, Activity, Broker, Market, Financial State, Investments, and a lot more things is needed to consider before buying a share.

The upside of the Stock market Trading is you can start this business with as low as $100 only.

Also, you can receive signals from good traders – In this way, you can earn without any learning! but I don’t recommend this way as learning is always good.

but initially, you can jump on trading with a smaller amount of money and start earning through signals when you become a little advanced or interested then you can learn to trade professionally.

Once you learn the stock market trading professionally you can build your career with this and earn for a lifetime.

I should mention that Stock Market trading is where you have to invest your money and you will also have to learn the Stock market professionally from a renowned institution or good trader. So, please consider trading before jumping on it.

As I have already said, you can make your living, even becoming a millionaire. I don’t feel the need to discuss further how much can you make through trading.

11. Buy and Sell Domain Names

buy and sell domain name

Anyone with a brain and a mind full of interest can start this business.

Domain buying and selling – also known as domain flipping is still a very profitable business.

Yeah, you have to make an investment but that investment won’t ever go in vain! (If you have patience).

Profit margins are like 15-20 times the return when you sell your domains. You don’t have to attract a huge audience at all!

A little creativity and productivity can make all your dreams come true.

So, What do you have to do?

Just get the ownership of a domain and create offers to other businesses and that’s all you gotta do!

You only have to find a good domain name that is SEO-optimized, has Awesome spelling, and is attractive. Once you find these types of domains don’t think anything and try to purchase that domain.

Then Improve that domain constantly and create an offer. If your luck is good your domain can be sold at a very high price.

When it comes to patience, you can get 15-20 times in return in as short as a month or even it can take as long as a year. It all depends on your hard work, the domain you have chosen your creativity, and your goals.

If you are willing you can start buying domains at any amount which your budget allows. There are domains available for as short as $5 to millions.

You can do both buy and sell on platforms like  Domain.com, GoDaddy, NameCheap, BlueHost, etc.

One of my friends, Suvad Malaykar makes over $100,000 only by flipping domain names. I have even news of buying domains for $8 15 years ago and now being sold for millions!

What Will I Have To Learn:

  • Investment.
  • Domain Analyzing.
  • Niche and Market Research.
  • Domain Improvement.
  • Hard Working.

How To Become a Domain Buy Seller:

  • Open an account on buy? selling platforms like Domain.com.
  • Purchase the domain that you prefer according to your research.
  • Try to Improve Your Domain as much as you can.
  • Create an offer on different platforms and businesses.
  • Get paid when your domain is done selling!

12. Sell your photos

Sell Your Photos

Earning through selling photos is one of the most passionate Businesses I have ever seen.

No, Good photos are not only capturable only great Cameras.

Once you know the art of capturing photos you will easily be able to take marvelous captures only through the SmartPhone of your hand.

You can take photos while you travel outside, or even in your home. If you like drawing, cooking, sports, Entertain or any other things you can capture the best moments of those activities and sell them online.

Take a look at the below screenshots. See the cost of these normal photos and the number of successful sales.

stock photos pricing

If you act a little smart you can sell photos like the above at a similarly high price.

The value of quality full photography is always been very high. If you know the correct way of capturing you can build your career on selling photography.

If you are interested in photography but don’t know the art of photography I would recommend you to start learning photography from now!

Once you become a professional photographer you can even earn $200-$300 per photo. An Intermediate can expect to make $50-$100 a day by working hard.

What Will I Have To Learn:

  • Professional, Unique, and Creative Photography.
  • Operating a camera.
  • All the things we need to capture awesome photographs.
  • Using different apps and methods for photography.

How To Become A Photographer And Seller:

  • Share your photographs with your friends and take feedback to judge.
  • Create accounts on photography buy-sell platforms like Etso, Foap, etc
  • Create offers.
  • Start earning.
  • If buyers prefer your photography you can even get emails for long-term project offers.

13. Guest Posting For Your Clients

Guest Posting For Your Clients

Guest posting is another version of content writing that you can use to earn money online.

But in this case, you don’t have to write the content yourself. You can easily write content from other professional writers.

Guest Post is a way of marketing and linking. Bloggers use guest posts either to get backlinks or to get visitors from other websites.

That’s why Bloggers and website owners often need Guest Posting services.

You can create a virtual agency where customers will come to make Guest Posts. You just need a professional website with samples and a little bit of social media Fame.

Remember to make them quality content and provide good service to achieve good reviews.

In this way, you can easily grow your company.

All you have to do is Write Quality Full Content by others and give your client the content. You can make some profit in this way.

The more clients you get the more profit you can make. So, you have to stay always decent in this business.

Typically The price of 1k words for guest posting starts from $10-$20 and can go as high as $200-$300. But it varies a lot depending on language, Content, Experience, Country, and expertise.

I have even seen people getting Rs. 100 only for 1k words! And Rs.4000 for 0.5k words.

But to make more money you always have to act very professionally.

What Will I Have To Learn:

  • Content Marketing
  • SEO optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Productive Work

How To Become A Guest Post Service Provider:

  • Create a Website and Social Media Profiles to Start Marketing.
  • Offer Service to Website owners.
  • Work at low costs for the first time.
  • Enjoy earning and slowly grow your company.

14. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are also some of the best ways to make money while you sleep.

But as it is an investment you have to hold your investments to earn profit.

It’s a trending method being used all over the world. People in Europe and other foreign countries are using their investments very effectively in cryptos like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

This investment is like a Bank Deposit where you hold your money for a certain time and get a good amount of commission.

In the case of cryptos, You can hold money for as short as one hour or even as long as a month or years!

All you have to do is deposit money on trading apps like Kucoin, Binance, Vindax, Probit, etc and start trading on different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, etc, but you will only see the short form of those cryptos (e.g. BTC, LTC, ETH).

You just have to buy cryptos when the price is down and sell when it’s up. You can make a good amount of profit by this method.

The time period of the crypto to be high depends on the currency you have chosen. You can get 2-3 times in return or even more if you invest in cryptos well.

But remember to learn to trade crypto first or take signals from a good and renowned trader.

If you trade on crypto with 0 knowledge the chances are high to lose your money. And it’s not any kind of gambling. It’s also considered a business.

Now let me tell you how much can You expect to earn from Bitcoin and Crypto.

The price of a Bitcoin was only $0.01 when it was first launched in the market. Slowly it raised up and now it’s more than $10,000 (Only a Bitcoin).

Popular persons and companies like Bill Gates, and Elon Musk purchased bitcoin when it was low in price.

Just imagine selling a thing for thousands of dollars which are only bought for $0.01!

Bitcoin’s price often fluctuates from very low to high prices. Not only Bitcoin but many other currencies keep fluctuating on price.

According to Investopedia, There are more than 2,000 cryptos in 2020.

15. Become a Captcha Solver

Become A Captcha Solver

Earning as a captcha solver is the easiest free online job I have ever seen!

You can make money only by solving different captchas.

Though you can’t expect a good amount of money by solving captchas still you have a lot of chances to make your pocket money.

Why waste time watching YouTube videos or on Facebook when you are able to make some extra money with captcha-solving jobs.

If you are not interested in achieving any technical skills you should literally go the way to solve the captcha.

When I was a student I used to earn through captcha typing jobs.

It’s easy, hassle-free, and better than other small jobs.

So, how to start your journey on Captcha Solving?

Before anything else, The technical meaning of  CAPTCHA is “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”.

In other words, Captcha provides challenges for computers which is difficult for them but easy for humans. To protect websites and applications from Cyber Hacking Robots Captcha is a security feature.

There are different types of Captcha. Take a look at the below.

types of captcha

You can use those captchas to make your money.

You can create an account on websites like MegaTypers, ProTypers, 2Captcha, FastTypers, etc. and start earning.

For the normal, basic captchas, you can make anywhere between $0.25 and $0.60 for every 1,000 captchas you solve. These are the simple captchas where you see the distorted text on an image and type out what letters/numbers you see.

and you can make more by advanced Captcha typing

16. Work as A Virtual Assistant

work as a virtual assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is a very smart and attractive job for youths.

Any person with a brain can do this job.

You don’t need high-level experience or skills at all to work as an assistant.

Nowadays people who are very busy all the time usually hire a virtual assistant to help with their online projects or businesses.

They will provide you small tasks on a regular or monthly basis and by doing their work properly you can make money.

You don’t have to be skilled in high sectors. Just a little bit of working smartness and general knowledge on some basic things can let you earn.

And you can get those jobs on freelancing marketplaces like UpWork, Freelancer.com, Fiverr, etc.

Yeah, you don’t need skills but having skills in different computer applications will let the clients choose and prioritize you.

17. Become an online seller

become an online seller

It is basically a traditional online business. Sell What you have or sell other’s products.

It’s a really professional business. You can start this business by either choosing dropshipping or your products.

In most cases, drop shipping can be literally the best way to make money by selling online if you don’t have money!

So, What DropShipping basically is?

You will customize your website or page with such products which have the dropshipping feature.

When visitors will land on your site and purchase products you will only have to provide the details of the visitors to the Dropshipper and they will deliver the product to the visitor’s address.

In this way, Buyers will know that the product is delivered by you and your website or company is offering the product.

and what’s the profit here?

You can give the product’s price as you wish! If the price is $10 you can put $15 or more on your website (put prices according to your local market).

With a little marketing and professional business setup, you can make lots of money every day.

The earning depends on the number of customers and products.

Choosing unique products with your creativity can take your business to the next level.

Many eCommerce websites offer Dropshipping Services, namely:-

  • Spocket.
  • AliExpress.
  • SaleHoo.
  • Doba.
  • Wholesale2B.

Just create an account and begin choosing products. Their work is very professional and the customers of your website won’t understand this trick at any cost.

And when it comes to earnings, It depends on your product’s pricing and customers. The more you can sell the more you can make money.

But remember to always be legit and decent to improve this business.

18. Provide training & consultancy

Provide Training & Consultancy

I’m also making money by this method.

Yeah, the Training and consultancy service can let you make huge profits.

but to initiate this kinda of business, you will have to acquire skills in something like graphics Design, Programming, Business, Computer Basic Using, and Travelling.

There are thousands of sectors out there. you must be good at something among them, just provide tutorial or training on what you are skilled in.

For example, I’m good at blogging. So, I love to teach people about blogging, and along with that, I’m able to earn some pennies.

You can create either courses or offer live training to people and start marketing your courses.

If you are good at traveling you can simply create videos on different things about traveling.

Devan Andron, a professional Traveler makes $500 a day only by selling those traveling kinds of courses.

Start with small, earn little, and become an advanced service provider later.

Or you can provide consultancy for individuals who need suggestions and advice regarding something that you are skilled in.

I have seen an Intern Consultancy provider earning $3000+ per month.

If you are good at providing consultancy and helping others or businesses you should Start working as a Consultant now!

19. Sell Online old stuff on OLX or Quikr

sell on olx and quickr

Selling old products can literally be a great profitable business as well as a unique business.

It’s like selling your own product without having a company!

You don’t have to work for your boss or sit down the whole day in front of your computer desk.

You can also sell other’s old products and make money.

In this way, you can even soon build your company where people will come to sell their old products to you and you will sell those products in OLX or QUIKR.

By the way, OLX and QUIKR are renowned and very popular old stuff selling websites in India.

OLX has been working since 2006 and has been working with honor and QUIKR has been online since 2008.

Both of them work great. But I found OLX a bit more beneficial. They pick up the product from you and deliver it to the customer which costs Rs.50 only for small products but in the case of big products it usually costs more.

QUIKR also works the same way.

starting from the pen holder of your house – valuable cars you can sell everything you have.

But I have seen that the demand for mobile phones is really high on OLX.

If you can at least buy/sell mobile phones between OLX and Your local customers I can guarantee that you can make a huge profit.

You don’t need investment or either any physical place just get out of your home today and look for old stuff then simply create an offer on OLX and QUIKR and see how profitable this is.

If you start with reselling clothes start reselling other products too as your business grows.

Vijay Kumar, who is a seller on QUIKR earns more than 30,000 a month only by reselling mobile phones.

20. Earn Money With Online Gaming

earn money online with gaming

Could you imagine that you can even earn through playing games?

Yeah, you can earn real money only by playing games.

A lot of people nowadays are making their living through these games.

From now on I think you have decided to earn money by playing games but wait you don’t need a high-quality PC or smartphone at all to start earning by games.

A normal SmartPhone with the internet is the only needed thing here. you can start earning today by playing games, there are two ways to earn from games, namely:-

  1. Earn by playing Tournament (Harder)
  2. Download and play small games and get paid for reaching goals (Easy)

The No. 1 method is a way to make more money. If you are used to playing games like Pubg, Free Fire, Fortnite, etc then you can use this method.

But you have to be very expert in these games because a tournament isn’t easy to win. there will be a lot of experts.

You gotta be the No.1 among them and only then you will be paid. It’s indeed a very hard way for newbies.

The no. 2 method is workable for everyone. You just need to download apps on your SmartPhone which offers money for downloading and playing games

Such apps are given in the below:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Boodle
  3. MistPlay
  4. InboxDollars
  5. LuckTastic
  6. Hq

you can get these apps on Google Play Stores. Download the apps and start earning by playing games.

When it comes to money, If you are willing to spend some money, there are a couple of paid offers which let you get $5-$50 each.

In this case, A user of SwagBuck says he usually spends 3 hours every day constantly clicking several activities doing surveys, and playing games. He earns up to $200 per month on average.

21. Earning Apps For Earn Money Without Investment

Earn Money With Earning Apps

There are a lot of earning apps available online that you can use to make money easily.

Simple tasks like Installing apps, watching videos, and Inviting friends are all that you will be paid for.

But not every app is legit! there are scam apps too! and the number of scamming apps is more!

But not to worry! I have a whole list of 100% legit apps that will let you earn without the hassle and tension of withdrawing your money.

Here’s the list:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. MintCoins
  3. Rewardable
  4. AppTrailers
  5. ShopKick
  6. CheckPoints
  7. Lyft
  8. DoorDash
  9. Qmee
  10. InstaGC

These apps are completely legit and you can start earning today.

When are you at home or wasting your moments you can make that time to earn money easily.

The withdrawal system is also very comfortable. you can use wallets like Skrill, PayPal, Coinbase, or even local money transfer apps like Paytm, Phonepe, etc (But the withdrawal method can vary from app to app).

What will I have to learn:

  • Survey doing.
  • A very little skill in doing small tasks like watching videos, Downloading apps, or playing games.

How to start earning from Apps:

  • Download and Install one of those mentioned apps from the Play Store (The app that you like or think is good).
  • Create an account take a look at the withdrawal methods and set up your profile.
  • Start earning by doing small tasks.

22. Earn from PTC sites

Earn From PTC Sites

PTC sites are much the same as those earning apps but in the case of PTC sites, you can earn from both your SmartPhone and PC.

PTC sites perform more good than apps and the task of most PTC sites is a lot easier than apps.

You can earn from PTC only through Watching ads and Clicking links! Yeah, That’s all you have to do.

No hassle surveys, Downloading, or waiting for a while at all!

But you can’t expect to be a millionaire through PTC income. I mean you are not able to make a lot of money with the help of PTC.

If you are damn serious about earning money online then you should get a little bit of clarity about the earning process of PTC sites.

The ads which are displayed on PTC sites are basically bought by advertisers, who purchase ad credit from PTC sites to increase visitors to their websites.

In this way, Advertisers pay the PTC site Owner to show their advertisements and the owner pays us for viewing ads and going to the advertiser’s websites.

There are a lot of PTC sites out there on the Internet. As there are scam websites online too, I recommend you to choose from among my researched PTC WebSites below.

  • NeoBux
  • Clixsense
  • InboxDollsars
  • InboxPounds
  • PrizeRebel
  • Offer Nation
  • Scarlet-Clicks
  • Paidverts
  • Heedyou
  • Makeculous
  • Ojoo

As per my research, I think you can expect to earn anywhere around $150-$200 if you are dedicated, work constantly, and have a good time.

And the earnings can vary from site to site.

I would recommend you to do a little bit of research with those mentioned sites and see which site suits you the most, then you can jump on PTC working.

FAQs About Making Money Online Without Investment

below are some FAQs related to online jobs and money earning without investment.

Q1. How can I earn money online without any investment?

Below is the list of online jobs and businesses you can do without investment.
Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing
Make Money by Writing E-Books
Make Money from Facebook and Instagram
Make Online Money from YouTube Channel
Learn Stock Market Trading & Investment
Buy and Sell Domain Names
Great Online jobs of Selling photos
Guest Posting For Your Clients
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
Become a Captcha Solver
Work as A Virtual Assistant
Become an online seller
Provide training & customer service jobs
Online courses
Play games and earn Online
Website content writing

Q2. How can I earn 1000 without investment?

Video Editing.
Graphic Designing.
Virtual Assistant.
Instagram Pages.
Sell Merchandise.
Captcha work.
Refer & Earn.

Q3. Can you make money online without spending money?

There are n number of online jobs and businesses. With little effort, you can earn extra cash without investment.

Q4. Is simply earning online real or fake?

Online earning is not fake at all. You just need to explore the right thing to get online jobs and online earnings.

Final Words on Earn Money Online Without Investment

Congratulations! You have explored all the possible ways of earning money online. Now you are able to do online money earning without investment.

Since there are a lot of ways including Blogging, Youtubing, and PTC sites not all of the sectors will suit your attitude.

Yeah, Blogging or YouTube may be a great way to make a living but don’t become greedy jump on these sectors!

I would recommend you highly to think enough before you start anything. Plenty of people get annoyed and disappointed in the middle of the journey that’s why I’m telling you to consider before starting anything.

One more thing!

Actually, everything is tough in life. To earn a single penny you have to work very hard.

There’s a quote “No pain no gain”.

So, nothing is achievable without hard Work.

I have tried my best to make you understand the reality of earning money online now you have to explore the rest yourself.

If you think I have missed covering something on this topic please let me know.

If you have any other queries, don’t forget to comment down below.

Thanks a lot !!

See you another day.

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