How do Bloggers Make Money From Blogging? 5 Proven Ways

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A question that many people have asked, how do professional bloggers make money from blogging? Keeping this in mind, we have written this post, in which we will tell you, ways of how do Successful bloggers make money from blogging?

If you are a blogger then you should also read this post, so that you can earn a good income from your blog too.

Whenever it comes to making money from internet, “Blogging” comes at the top. This is the best and the real way to earn money online. If you want to make money from blogging, then you have to make a blog for it.

After that, you have to write articles on it. When good traffic is coming to your blog then you will be able to earn money from a blog through a number of mediums.

One of the best medium for earning money from blogging is Google Adsense. If you are a blogger then, for sure, you are aware of Google Adsense.

Best Adsense WordPress Plugins to Boost Your Revenue

Many bloggers share income reports of their blogs. This gives people motivation and interest in blogging increases.

You will also be seen in many blogs that there is an income report shared. Those people earn millions from their blogs and they have many income sources.

As we have also told you above, there are many ways to income from a blog or website. The main source of income of every successful blogger is different.

Some blogger earn more from Advertising, some bloggers main source is Affilitate marketing. I mean to say that every blogger’s main income source is different.

If you are a blogger and someone says to you that you can earn the highest earning by advertising, affiliate or any other way, then it is not right.

Because these three are the best way to earn money from the blog, but you have to choose according to your skills, which is perfect for you? You have to find out about it.

So it is better that you try one by one these methods and find out which method is giving you more earning. The one method from which you are getting highest payout, make that your main source of income.

I often see people discussing in social media how professional bloggers make money from blogging? And this question is asked by a lot of people.

If you visit a Profession blog like ShoutmeLoud or Tryootech, you will see that there is very little use of advertising, but still, they are making millions of money from their blog.

Keeping these things in mind, in this post, we will talk about the methods, adopted by successful bloggers, to earn millions of money from blogging?

This would be helpful for all bloggers. So read it carefully and if you have any doubt and queries, feel free to ask me in comment section.

Top 5 methods Used By Successful Bloggers To Earn Money From Blog

Here are the top 5 Proven ways of how do bloggers make money from a blog or website.

how do bloggers make money from blogging-5 Proven Ways
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how do bloggers make money from blogging-5 Proven Ways

1. Advertisement:

This will not be surprising for any blogger. Because it is known to almost all bloggers.In this we have to paste advertising into different parts of our blog. When someone visits our blog, it starts showing ads.

Many Newbies and advanced bloggers use advertising as their main source or income and the most trusted Advertising agency, which gives the best payout is Adsense.

Adsense is a well know term for every blogger. You can read here about
What is Google Adsense and How does it Work?

Getting Adsense Approval on blog is a dream of every new blogger. If you are one of them who is looking forward for adsense approval.

Then, must read these 14 Google Adsense Approval Tips before applying.

Below are some of the ways to show advertising in the blog.

Ad Networks – Adsense is the largest advertising network. Most ad networks pay according to PPC (pay per click) i.e. when someone comes to our site, ads will be shown to them and if we got click on advertisements, then, we get money. If you join an ad network, then you do not have to contact a company directly.

An ad shown in your blog depends on the visitor’s activity and its browsing history. If you want you can earn enough money from this too.

Private Ads – This is also a way to show ads in the blog. For this, you have to sell the space of your blog. This means that you have to give some of your blog properties to big companies.

To display such advertisements, you have to contact a large company and those companies will buy a part of your blog where they will show their ads. You can earn a lot of money in this.

Most professional bloggers use this method to earn money from their blogs. Because they get a lot of money from them and there is no danger of ads showing in any place in the blog.

 2. Affiliate Programs:

Affiliate marketing is a short way to earn a lot of money from the blog because it requires less traffic and targeted audience. You can do affiliate marketing with less audience also.

I have an example of many bloggers, whose main source is affiliate marketing. In Affiliate marketing we have to take affiliation from another major company and we get the commission to sell its product.

In this way not just bloggers but Youtubers also make money. When you want to earn money through affiliate marketing, it has to be kept in mind that affiliate with your blog niche relevant companies.

For Example:- If your blog is on blogging, seo then you can affiliate with hosting and domain selling companies. If your blog is on health then you can affiliate the health products.

I mean to say that choose you affiliate programs according to your blog niche.

How does the Affiliate Program work?

  • First of all you have to take affiliation from the relevant company according to your blog niche..
  • Those companies will tell you their term and conditions.
  • Now you will add the banner ads or link of their product to your site.
  • When someone clicks on that link and buy that products and service, then you will get a commission.

The Affiliate program is a great way through which many bloggers are earning millions. At last, I also want to tell that recommend those products which are best and which you personally liked.

If you affiliate wrong products to your user for money, they will not trust you anymore after purchasing that bad products.

3. Sponsored Posts:

Do you know that 84% consumers buy a product only when they read it about in a blog or website. This is why the sponsored post has become a very good way of generating revenue for bloggers.

Many companies contact a good blogger and post a post about their product or service and company gives money to that blogger for posting about their product or services. That is how Sponsored post works..

Mostly, a blog or website with a technical topic is more likely to get a sponsored post. If your blog is on another niche then you have to make a connection to a large company. You can do this by email or using social media.

4. E-Products:

The above three monetization was based on the product of other people. I have seen the most earning source of successful bloggers so far, that they promote their product or service with the help of their blog or website.

As an example I have seen that –

Food bloggers sell cook books & e-books on their blogs.
Tech Bloggers mostly sell e-courses & workbooks.
Design bloggers who sell digital prints & templates.

In the same way, you can generate more and more income by selling courses, classes, workshops, webinars & worksheets, etc at the blog or website. For this, you should targeted audience and they must have complete faith in you.

It will take a lot of time to create e-products but once you have made it, then you can make unlimited money by marketing it. Someone will buy your product and if they like it then others will also recommend it.

Successful Bloggers have traffic and they create a lot of email lists in their blog via email subscription.

When he becomes successful in it, it becomes the main income source of his blog. Similarly, if you want to try it, then prepare the audience and create an email list.

5. Services:

After E-products sell, many successful bloggers earn money by providing service to people. If you read the income report of bigger bloggers, you must have seen that their approximate earning is from services only.

I see many professional bloggers in that they are mostly providing services lke WordPress Setup, Website / Blog Design, Site Migration, SEO, etc. If you have a good knowledge about them then you can make an eBook and sell it. With this you can earn very good income.


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Successful or Professional Blogger use these ways to earn the most. If your blog also has good traffic, then you can earn good money from these ways too.

Not all bloggers earn money from these methods, but mostly bloggers earn money from these methods. Some people share their income reports in just numbers and they do not tell their income source.

Finally, if you have not created your blog yet, then make it. If you have any questions related to this post, then comment. If post is good, then share it on social media.

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  1. Hello dear, I follow your videos and blog regular basis and gathered so much knowledge. I have launched a job related website ( The website hosted in blogger and can’t install any plugins like word press. That why website speed is decreasing.
    Is there any solution to get more traffic and speed up my website. If there are any solution please suggest me.

    • If your website is on blogger then you have to try to lad images of less size.. you can also minify you codes.. maybe this will help you in improving your blog site speedd…

      when it comes to bring traffic to your blog…just go watch our link building playlist of youtube channel


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