Top 50+ Ping Submission Sites List {2019 Edition}


Top Ping Submission sites List- Have you ever heard about Ping Submission? Are you aware of what is Ping Submission sites?

If no, No Worries!!

Today in this post, I will guide you step by step all about What is Ping Submission? Why Ping submission is Important? Benefits of ping Submission Sites and many more.

Just Stay tuned with this post till the end.

Because at the end of the post I will share with you the Top Ping Submission site list for your blog, which will help in fast crawling and indexing of your blog.

Every Blogger wants that their blog will crawl and index fast in Google search engine and other search engine too.

Fast crawled and indexed sites will rank fast in Search Engines.

Here, the Ping Submission sites take place.

Ping Submission sites are the best method for a blogger to index their site fast in Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

If you are not aware of SEO then read here What is SEO and How it Works.

Now let’s dig into the topic of Ping Submission Sites.

What is Ping Submission?

Ping Submission is a method through which we give information about our latest Post to Search Bots so that they get information about our article and show them into search results, by quickly reading our Blog Post.

What is ping submission

By this method, our latest posts will be indexed fast in Search Results and we will get more traffic to our site.

By Pinging post URL in Ping Submission Sites Google Bots receives an invitation to visit our latest post, read them and index them fast in Search Results.

Google uses bots to read any article and these bots works according to their Time Schedule.

Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 days to crawl and index a website or sometimes it crawls a site within 1 day.

It totally depends on Google Bots. This is the reason for late indexing of your blog posts.

You can also understand this by the below given video tutorial:

Ping Submission in WordPress Site?

Adding Ping Submission to your WordPress blog is very beneficial for your blog.

Some say adding ping submission sites to your WordPress blog will decrease your blog security and, also affect your website load time.

This is not true, it is totally a myth. Using ping submission sites will help your site in ranking and increasing traffic.

Ping Submission sites will improve your site Search Engine Optimization and helps in fast indexing.

Advantages of Ping Submission

  • Super Fast Indexing of Your Blog URLs and Backlinks by Different Search Engines
  • Higher Ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) by indexing your blog incoming links
  • Visibility of your blog in SERPs because of Fast Indexing and crawling
  • Increase in Organic Website Traffic
  • Increase in Quality Backlinks for Your Website

How to Index New Website Fast In Search Engines?

Some Popular Ping Submission Sites

On the Internet, you will find lots of ping Submission sites but only a few of them are genuine which works great.

Here I am sharing you some of Popular Ping Submission Sites:-

1. PingMyUrl

Ping My URL
Ping My URL is totally a free tool which helps in fast indexing of your latest blog post in Google Search Engine Result pages.

The main advantage of Pingmyurl is if your site server is from India then, it will give preference to your blog first as compared to others.

With Ping my url you can also ping your latest article in Social media platforms and this also creates a backlink for your blog.

2. Pingler

Pingler is one of the best tools for pinging your site to different search engines because it allows you to ping your latest article according to its category. This will help in ranking your post for the targeted keyword fast.

Pingler is a paid tool but you can use it for free also. The Free tool allows you to ping 6 article in a day.

3. Pingomatic

pingomatic ping submission

Pingomatic is also a very good tools for ping your article in different search engines. It also offers you to provide a title box on which you want to link your article.

This is a good feature of pingomatic through which you can target a particular post on relevant keywords also. If also provides some extra specailized services for pinging.

In Pingomatic you can also insert your RSS feed URL.

4. PingFarm

pingfarm ping submission is also a good tool for ping submission. Here you can submit your latest post according to targeted keywords. Fist you have to enter the main keyword/title of your blog then enter the url of your latest post and finally, ping your url to all major search engines.

5. Feed Shark

Feedshark ping submission is also one of the best tool for ping submisssion. Here you can enter your post title, description with your url. This will bring your post fast google search results. It allows you to submit your blog url in many ping services in one time.

Top 50+ Ping Submission Sites List

You can do ping Submission of your latest blog on any of the above-given ping submission sites.

How to Add or Update Ping Submission Sites List in WordPress Blog

If your blog is on WordPress then, it is quite easy for WordPress user to ping their latest blog post to different ping submission sites automatically.

Don’t Miss:

Below I have shown you the step by step guide of how can you Add or Update your Ping Submission Sites list in WordPress blog.

Step:1 Just log in to Your WordPress blog and click on the setting tab.

Wordpress ping submission settings

Step:2 In Setting just go to the Writing Tab

writing in wordpress ping submission sites list

Step:3 Now After click on Writing tap in Settings you will see an option of Update Services.

update services ping submission

Step:4 Now, Just paste the above ping submission sites list in this box and click on save changes.

save changes ping submission

Hurrayyy!!! You have done it.

Now, You have successfully updated the Ping Submission sites list in your WordPress blog.

Whenever you publish a new post in your blog, these ping submission sites will automatically ping your article URL in Different Search Engines.


So, friends, I hope I have cleared all your doubt related to What is Ping Submission? How to submit website URL to Ping Submission sites list and How to add Ping Submission sites to WordPress blog.

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