Review 2024 – Crazy Results After Migrating My Blog Review May 2024

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Rocket.Net hosting is one of the best servers for fast-loading sites with premium features and support. Want to give it a try to rocket hosting? Click the activate deal button and use premium hosting at just $1.

Core web Vitals are getting more and more important these days for your website ranking in SERPs. Even Google gives more priority to core web vital optimized websites.

Hosting servers are the main thing that Impacts your website speed a lot. To optimize that you need the best server for your site.

Here in this review, we are going to see how this hosting can take your blog speed to the next level.

Yes, you heard it right. You can take your blog speed to the next level.

Don’t believe me just check my website speed on GtMetrix after migrating it to Rocket hosting.

rocket hosting dashboard

now let’s see the amazing speed I got after using Hosting.


Now let’s dig into the managed WordPress hosting Rocket Net review.

What is Rocket.Net? hosting

Rocket.Net is a new hosting service provider with super amazing speed and services. Don’t worry I will share all the results later in this article.

This web hosting company was founded by Ben Gabler and Aaron Dewell Philips. Rocket.Net was launched in 2020, and since then, it has become really popular.

This web hosting got pretty famous and already hosted thousands of WordPress sites. They have four different packages available for users. Several features are provided in these packages. For example, you will get a free SSL certificate, free customer support service, top-notch security, etc.

Regardless, we will check all the features before buying to make sure we don’t end up buying web hosting, which is not up to the mark.

However, Rocket.Net has already gained the trust of the market and eventually growing their market as well. So let’s deep dive into the Rocket.Net full review, check what it provides, some exceptional features, and some common questions about Rocket.Net.

All this information will help you in deciding the right web hosting.

Our verdictWordPress, cloud, single interface, CDN, email support, Free SSL, and WAF
Support24/7 live chat
AppsOver 500                                               
FeaturesMission control, rocket speed algorithm, website security suite
Hosting plansWordPress, cloud, single interface, CDN, emails support, Free SSL, and WAF
Site transferfree
PricingStarting at $25/mo (renewal $30/mo, billed annually)

Why I am Using Hosting For My Blog

Every hosting has its own set of unique and distinct features. All the features that make a standalone hosting are provided below:

1. Cloudflare enterprise CDN


Before we dive into this point, it is very much necessary to know what Cloudflare is. We all want fast sites, don’t we?

Even Google considers speed as one of the top-ranking factors. Consider a site hosted on some server, and it opens entirely within the blink of an eye; that will be super awesome.


That is possible with Rocket .NET hosting.

Cloudflare is a Content Delivery Network that significantly increases websites’ speed and thereby enhances the user experience with the website.

Cloudflare has many CDN servers located all over the globe that deliver the content that users are looking for, so the users will not have to wait long.

Let us make it even more evident with a clear-cut example:

Consider people surfing your website from the US, and your website is hosted in Bangalore. So, all the users’ queries surfing from the US will be resolved by the servers located in Bangalore.

This will take a lot of time to interact and communicate with the server, thereby increasing the website’s loading time, and the user will bounce back. To reduce it, you need a CDN.

Whenever your website has a CDN, then all the CDN servers have a replica of your website; whenever the users surf your website from the US, they will communicate with the servers located in the US rather than Bangalore. In this way, CDN will reduce the load time of your website.

Cloudflare is one of the biggest and most trusted CDN providers. The best part of Recket.Net hosting is collaborating with Cloudflare to give its users a seamless experience.

Check out how Rocket Hosting gives you the best performance with Cloudflare CDN.

rocket hosting cloudflare dashboard

Most website owners choose Cloudflare as their CDN, but they get limited features as they go with the free plan. But hosting packages come with Cloudflare Enterprise plans worth $6000+.

Isn’t that crazy?

2. Security and Optimization features

security features

This is another important feature that you should consider while choosing your web Server. If the server is cheap or unprotected, then there is a risk of a data breach.

In that case, all your hard work will get wasted. So, choosing web hosting with high security should be of the utmost importance for any webmaster.

Rocket.Net has never failed to amaze me with its features. They provide dozens of inbuilt optimization and security features. So, you don’t have to rely on any third-party plugin or source for security.

3. Web Application Firewall


One of the worst nightmares of the website owners is the data breach and getting hacked. In case your website is hacked, there is a high possibility that you will lose your content and control.

Furthermore, multiple attacks can make Google blacklist your IP, and hence the ranking of your website will be down eventually.

But, thanks to Cloudflare, with the help of built-in plugins like WAF, you can secure your website by applying a web firewall from the bad guys.

4. Multiple firewalls

By this time, you will be very eager to know what exactly a firewall is?

A firewall is a network security layer that monitors the incoming and outgoing network traffic. In this way, when some bad guys try to access the website, they get blocked by the firewall.

Having multiple firewalls is better for your website as it always adds an extra layer of security. Cloudflare provides the initial firewall, and Imunify360 protects the final one.

5. Data Protection

It is very important to protect the data of your as well as your visitors from attackers. This might seem a very complex task, and you might think of hiring experts to secure your website completely, but why waste your hard-earned money when you have a super hosting like

The inbuilt data-protection pack starts at the backend whenever you host or migrate your website in hosting.

6. Malware Protection

The most common attacks on the internet are performed by malware. Malware can affect your website in a million ways.

For example, they may harm your SEO and affect the content. To prevent your website from all of these things, you need’s malware protection.

They block all unauthorized access and make your website completely secure.

7. Automated Patching

Sometimes, there are many unknown malicious codes hidden in our themes and plugins without our notice. But the best part is that whenever we try to migrate any malicious website to Rocket.Net, they will scan and clean all the malicious codes without any additional charges.

8. Automatic Updates hosting automatic updates

Updates are another important aspect that you might consider while choosing the best web server for your website. As we all know, technology is getting advanced day by day, and so are attacks. Updates will keep us alive in the long run.

Many states that updates are time-consuming, but Rocket.Net allows the feature of automatic updates. In manual updates, we need to update all the things manually.

But, in the case of automatic updates, all the updates from WordPress to plugins and themes can be automated with a click.

That’s an awesome time-saving feature that developers have introduced in their hosting.

9. JS Prioritizing

Javascript is the one that decides the performance of your website. If JavaScript is not optimized properly, it can take a lot of time to load properly.

Moreover, there are also a lot of possibilities that the performance of the website will be affected by JS. JS Prioritizing feature helps to minimize the javascript modules and increases the performance of the website.

10. Image Optimization

There are a lot of images present on our website. Loading all the images when the website loads will consume a lot of time. Therefore, it will significantly increase the website’s load time, which in turn increases the bounce back percentage.

To load all the images without compromising the speed, you need to ensure that lazy loading is enabled. Lazy loading will load the picture only when it appears in the viewport. comes in a bundle, and you don’t have to worry about image optimization anymore.

11. Uptime provides the highest uptime of 99.99% and yes, you can host and run your blog in without facing any downtime in your blog.

12. Live support and Customer services

rocket net support

Support is another aspect that decides whether web hosting is up to the mark or not. A good web hosting will have an excellent and prioritized support team that will be ready 24/7 to assist webmasters if they face any issues. has a very wide base of support articles and a team of experts. So let’s have a look at the ways by which we can make use of the support and customer services that provides.

Live Chat:

A support team of experts with more than 17 years of experience is waiting on the other side to assist you if you face any technical difficulties. The best part of the Live chat feature of is that they reply within a minute, and they are ready 24/7. Moreover, the experts are quite helpful, and they completely resolve the problems.

Knowledge Base:

The knowledge base is a source of solutions to the problems which are faced by most of the users. You can troubleshoot your problems, too, using a knowledge base. This feature can be found on the control panel. You can read those articles and find your solution.

Ticket Support:

You can raise ticket support against an issue that you are facing. When you raise a ticket, an expert will be assigned to you who will readily try to solve your problem. Your problem will get a quick solution with this method of Ticket support.

Rocket.Net provides excellent after-sales support. This is the one thing for which Rocket.Net became extremely popular among the crowd. They readily solve plugin issues, optimization issues, and many more.

If you are a newbie, then their customer support is the ultimate thing that you will need to kickstart your website. In order to speak with the experts, you will not have to exert any additional effort.

Pros of using Rocket.Net

There are so many advantages of using Rocket.Net over any other hosting service. From site speed to ease of use and security, it provides everything required for a beginner and a professional in this field. Let’s deep dive into the pros and see the pros of this hosting service in detail.

  • High-speed service: Speed is the ultimate priority of any website user. If your site is slow, then it increases the bounce rate and hence deteriorates your website performance. Rocket.Net provides the solution to this problem. Your geographic location does not matter for speed if you are using Rocket.Net. They use CDN services, and a large number of servers that are distributed worldwide help in providing high-speed data transfer. The Rocket.Net service can help you reach a global audience quickly.
  • Ease of use: For newbies, this hosting service is a blessing. A simple and user-friendly control panel is provided. Rocket.Net provides most of the features pre-built so that people don’t have to do coding. It will save a lot of time for novice and professional users as well.
  • Security: Hacker threats, malware, or data theft your website data is protected against these threats. does not compromise your website security. This hosting service regularly upgrades its components and gives protection with a firewall to your site.
  • Backup services: In case of any breakdown or sudden unwanted mishap, Rocket.Net provides a daily backup facility for your site data. Therefore, you’ll have complete control over the website data.
  • Free expert services: Rocket.Net provides free expert advice to help you build your website. This service is accessible on Rocket.Net, but many other hosting services offer this service for an extra fee. Experts will provide free code to you.

Cons of Hosting

  • Price: The price is higher than other hosting services. The pricing is starting from $25/month, which is quite expensive than other hosting services.
  • Limitation: You can host only WordPress sites on this hosting. The service is limited to WordPress, and this is a big drawback of Rocket.Net.
  • Lack of Self-help guides: There is a shortage of self-help tools and manuals to help you operate the system. This is a new product in the market, so the user guide and other resources are not available.

Pricing and Plans of

pricing of

There are four different pricing. The basic plan starts at $25 per month.

Rocket.Net also provides you the opportunity to host one website at $1 for the first month, and then if you like their service, continue it by paying according to the plan you select.

The plans are named starter, pro, business, and agency. We have discussed the four plans, their price, and the features they offers.

1. Starter pack:

This pack costs $25 per month, and it is billed annually. It offers you a free SSL certificate, free CDN, web application firewall, 10GB storage, and 2,50,000 visits. You can host one WordPress website if you buy this starter pack.

2. Pro Pack:

This pro pack costs $50 per month, and it is also billed annually. It offers you a free SSL certificate, free CDN, 10,00,000 visits, a web application firewall, and 20GB of storage. You can host up to 3 websites if you buy this pro pack.

3. Business pack:

Rocket.Net provides this pack for under $83 per month. Under the business pack, you will get 2,500,000 visits, 40 GB storage, a free SSL certificate, a free web application firewall, free CDN. In addition, one can host up to 10 WordPress websites under this plan.

4. Agency Pack:

The agency pack comes under $113 per month. This pack gives you the key to hosting up to 25 WordPress websites using Rocket.Net hosting. Other than this, it offers 5,000,000 visits, 50 GB storage, a free SSL certificate, a free web application firewall, and free CDN, all under $113 per month.

Rocket.Net provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you don’t like their service after using them, you will get a full refund within 30 days of buying. If you are planning to host more than 25 websites, then Rocket.Net also provides a special plan. Video Reviews

As we all know that due to the Google Core Web Vital update, It’s very important to focus on improving our website speed.

for a more detailed review, you can also watch the below video for the changes I got on my site after using rocket hosting.

Should you use is one of the largest hosting companies in the world, with a proven track record of providing quality services to over 150,000 developers and businesses. provides various hosting plans for different needs and budgets, from shared hosting to dedicated servers to CDN. provides high-quality servers. If you are looking for hosting with a lot of features and a wide variety of packages, then it’s worth your while to use them. Rocket net Trustpilot rating is also 4.8 out of 5. That is amazing., you can choose from a variety of pricing options and plans that suit your needs and budget.

I would recommend hosting for its reliability and affordability while not compromising on features.

So what are you waiting for? Just try the Rocket hosting for just $1 for the first month. Coupon code May 2024

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How To Use Promo Code?

To use the coupon code, simply follow the below-given step-by-step guide of using the coupon code.

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Here you can choose monthly payment or you can go for annual payment.


STEP 3:- Now You will see a launch offer below every plan. simply select the plan that suits you and click on Get Started to get the maximum discount on hosting.

STEP 4:- Now create your account by filling in all formal details like name, email address, address, etc.

STEP 5:- Now add your credit card details and complete the payment.

Congrats !! you have successfully grabbed the maximum discount on hosting.

FAQs For Hosting Review

In this section, we have mentioned the common questions that might arise in your mind.

Q1. What are the different payment methods accepted by

Rocket.Net is one of the most popular web hostings, and it accepts all types of payment methods. There are two main payment methods: stripe and PayPal, and you can pay with your card through these methods.

Q2. Is there any discount or coupon available for gives you 1st-month access only for $1. This is perfect for trial, and you can continue your services if you get satisfied. Moreover, you will get an additional two months of access by purchasing their annual subscription.

Q3. Does allow free WordPress migrations?

Yes, allows free WordPress migrations. In case you face any issues you can contact the support team.

Q4. Does work with a caching plugin?

Yes, works smoothly with caching plugins.

Q5. Which of plans is the best value for money?

Ideally, you can start with the starter plans or else depends on on-site requirements.

Q6. Does Offer Managed WordPress Hosting?

Yes, Rocket Net Hosting is a popular managed WordPress hosting provider. They offer free SSL certificates, both automatic and manual backups, with awesome support.

Q7. Does Rocket Hosting have any affiliate program?

Yes, Rocket Net Hosting also runs an affiliate program. You can join it to promote with your audience.

Q8. What is the best Rocket.Net Discount code for max discount?

Click here and use our exclusive BLOGGINGQNA coupon code to get a maximum discount on your first purchase of hosting.

Q9. Is Rocket.Net Hosting Providers free migration?

Yes, offers free website migration to all users. Just share your website details with them and they will migrate the complete site in no time.

Q10. Will I get free SSL with Hosting?

Yes, provides free SSL certificates with all the plans.

Q11. What’s the refund policy of

You will get 30 30-day refund policy whether you choose monthly billing or yearly billing.

Final Thought On Rocket.Net Hosting Review

Rocket.Net is perfect for newbies who want to kickstart their blogging journey with perfect hosting with superb customer support and security.

Even if you don’t have technical knowledge their support team will do everything for you. They are also affordable for beginners as they provide many plans starting from 20$ to 200$.

You can choose according to your budget and site requirements.

I hope that this review helped you to clear all your doubts reading this hosting. If you still have any doubt then please let me know via comment below.

And don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Your every share appreciates our efforts. 🙂 :0

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