99+ High DA Social Bookmarking Sites

Looking for the Top High DA Social Bookmarking sites list to create some quality links for your money making blog?

No worries,

In today’s post, I will tell you in detail about top social bookmarking sites and, will give you a list of high DA Social bookmarking sites list.

Through which you can create backlinks for your site, that will help you in search engine ranking.

So, without wasting time. Let’s dig into the best High DA PA social bookmarking sites list.


Social Bookmarking sites is a social bookmark for promoting a website that increases the website’s web presence, many people consider it a good way to get backlinks for SEO.

Social bookmark is a link that people post to social websites to watch it later because they seem to be interesting, valuable, or good.

Others can also see your social bookmarks and, if they liked it, they can also share it with their audience. In such a short time your link to the website can be delivered to a lot of people.

The difference between private and social bookmark is that,

the private bookmarks are saved on your own browser, while social bookmarks of your blog posts are saved on the web where they can be easily shared by anyone.

Social bookmarking websites for Internet users is a method by which users can store, organize, search, and manage blog posts, web pages’ bookmarks on the internet.

Once you have bookmarked any website or saved or stored on any popular bookmark website,

you can access it from any computer anytime from any computer. 

Need for High DA Social Bookmarking Sites List In SEO

While surfing the internet, users can bookmark some websites on the browser to read a good website or to refer back later.

But if the browser crashes, your computer may get a problem or you will not be able to see that website later If that computer is not accessible to you. 

This is a good way to get an online bookmark. You can bookmark that website on the internet providing a bookmark service on the Internet.

A list of high DA Social bookmarking websites was started with this purpose, but later it was considered a good tool for SEO.

Why Use High DA Social Bookmarking Sites List

Social bookmarking submission sites are considered to be a good source for bookmarked website quality backlinks,

and all of you know that quality backlinks help increase the website’s traffic and Google Page Rank.

This is the reason why the Social Bookmarking submission sites list is important for SEO professionals.

In this way, social bookmarking is a system whose help is to save a website’s bookmark as well as tag them with important keywords.

These social bookmarking submission site list for SEO are totally free but they have to be registered once free.

Once registered, you can start bookmarking and save and share web pages. 

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Steps while Bookmarking on Social Bookmarking Sites:

(a) Search for bookmarking top sites: 

First of all, you will need to target (target) those list of Top high da social bookmarking submission site list websites which have high Domain Authority and Page Rank.

I recommend selecting sites that have high authority in Google’s eyes.

(b) Make changes in titles: 

The first thing about a bookmark is its title. Most of the time, the link is an anchor in the title. So it is important for us to be serious about it or else it can lead you towards negative SEO.

(c) Write Unique Description Every time: 

Write new and different types of description each time. Because the quantity does not matter, a unique bookmark is better than the five duplicates.

Adding a tag is another step in creating a good bookmark.

Therefore, you can use them to get more targeted traffic. Please keep in mind that tags are not keywords. So do not make the mistake of increasing them. Just be relevant.

(e) Join Nofollow and Dofollow:

Among all the social bookmarking submission site lists, there are some Nofollow and some Dofollow.

We believe that Dofollow links are better, so we should only target them. But do not make such a mistake anytime. 

Targeting Penguin Link Profile, only natural links with profiles can be saved.

So make sure to keep a similar ratio. It can be 50-50 or 60-50 according to your opinion.

One more big mistake we do is that we never count how many of our links are from a bookmarking site.

The truth is, it can cause serious damage to your natural link profile.

Please keep in mind that according to Google, many links from one domain are counted as one.

That’s why you should take care of this. For better analysis, you can use Google Webmaster Tools.

Google can track your backlinks, how fast the links are growing and how fast they are decreasing.

So if you make a large number of links at a time, then they can get a negative signal and Google can penalize your website.

If you still do not agree then Google will de-index your website.

Go Through With this Video Tutorial of How to do Social Bookmarking for SEO

Benefits Of Social Bookmarking Sites List In SEO

Below is an infographic to let you understand about the benefits of social bookmarking sites you will for your site in terms of SEO.

benefits of social bookmarking sites list

Here are the benefits which your blog or website get from these Top 100+ DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites :

  • A social bookmarking submission site list helps you develop your business.
  • Through your social bookmarking submission site list, your website pages are indexed quickly.
  • Increase traffic to your website via a social bookmarking submission site list.
  • The ranking of keywords in Google will also be good.
  • Domain Authority and Page Authority will increase.
  • When your website has traffic, new clients or customers will also grow.
  • the social bookmarking submission site list is an Off-page Optimization Technique.
  • From the social bookmarking submission site list to Your Blog, Deep Indexing is available.
  • From the Top social bookmarking site list to your blog, Google is able to get to the top of it.
  • Use a social bookmarking submission site list for Link Building, If you want to have a backlink
  • The top social bookmarking sites list has increased the importance of your blog.
  • social bookmarking submission site list will also help in increasing the Alexa ranking of your blog or website.
  • From social bookmarking submission site list to Blogs, there are quality backlinks, this links to your blog’s Juice work.

Top Social Bookmarking Sites List

so finally here I am sharing the list of top social bookmarking sites list to create quality backlinks for your site.

1 reddit.com 6
2 twitter.com 13
3 tumblr.com 56
4 pinterest.com 79
5 plurk.com 1,696
6 stumbleupon.com 1,920
7 digg.com 2,304
8 scoop.it 3,127
9 dzone.com 4,591
10 slashdot.org 6,182
11 fark.com 6,969
12 pearltrees.com 11,747
13 diigo.com 11,755
14 soup.io 22,187
15 twicsy.com 34,646
16 squidoo.com 47,583
17 bibsonomy.org 48,526
18 citeulike.org 65,266
19 wikitechguru.com 90,656
20 folkd.com 101,776
21 url.org 103,738
22 bizsugar.com 116,819
23 bookmark4you.com 133,623
24 akonter.com 158,914
25 newsmeback.com 161,107
26 ttlink.com 181,221
27 sociopost.com 184,941
28 1look4.com 187,655
29 webseoexpertservices.com 187,982
30 designfloat.com 188,723
31 jodohkita.info 191,826
32 gardicanin.net 196,986
33 aixindashi.org 198,735
34 bookmarkingbase.com 199,344
35 freeticketopen.com 213,807
36 coolpot.com 214,546
37 blinklist.com 217,148
38 registertovotetoday.com 233,187
39 openfaves.com 244,354
40 addthismark.com 249,177
41 gen-eff.net 257,914
42 bloggalot.com 261,429
43 current.com 272,295
44 killerstartups.com 274,902
45 yemle.com 279,961
46 blogmarks.net 293,930
47 ihaan.org 300,160
48 windowly.com 301,267
49 london8.net 303,897
50 bookmarkbay.com 332,568
51 milocalbuilder.com 343,533
52 actweb-sport.com 354,702
53 iesa.co 357,197
54 mettablog.com 392,398
55 activebookmarks.com 406,322
56 blokube.com 414,765
57 indofeed.com 418,654
58 jofrati.net 423,566
59 dotnetkicks.com 429,411
60 t3b-system.com 434,242
61 cloudytags.com 434,944
62 pligg.in 449,273
63 a2zbookmarks.com 456,940
64 usefulenglish.net 468,371
65 dictaf.net 474,807
66 wikio.com 478,278
67 braniewo.net 508,864
68 sfcsf.org 530,161
69 prbookmarks.com 543,854
70 faves.com 544,310
71 stylehive.com 567,875
72 bookmarks2u.com 590,132
73 onlinewebmarks.com 593,579
74 cosap.org 625,130
75 emolinks.com 627,190
76 bookmarkwiki.com 641,449
77 friendfeed.com 642,288
78 socialbookmarkzone.info 646,057
79 kirtsy.com 648,229
80 airpim.biz 648,302
81 newsvine.com 659,303
82 cocosislandsnews.info 672,872
83 bookmarkinghost.info 679,008
84 bookmarkgroups.com 731,975
85 socialbookmarknow.info 740,922
86 socialbookmarkssite.com 741,284
87 postolia.com 797,561
88 givealink.org 817,493
89 technorati.com 870,547
90 delicious.com 875,605
91 oyax.com 887,851
92 votetags.info 918,807
93 43things.com 925,935
94 newsle.com 997,710
95 goldenmidas.net 1,072,106
96 wildernessact.info 1,094,252
97 technogies.com 1,225,394
98 bookmarkfeeds.com 1,263,318
99 social-bookmarking.net 1,283,914
100 newsciti.com 1,313,694
101 arrisweb.com 1,325,029
102 a1bookmarks.com 1,330,838
103 ewebmarks.com 1,440,994
104 gwrbook.com 1,446,262
105 bookmarkindonesia.com 1,522,798
106 pixador.net 1,683,959
107 popzu.com 1,806,140
108 tourdion.com 2,010,930
109 softsblog.com 2,046,857
110 pulsimo.com 2,056,317


Above I have shared the high DA Social Bookmarking sites list for you guys.

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Because your every share appreciates our efforts. Sharing is caring 🙂

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