Fliki AI Review: Features, Benefits, Pricing, & More (2024)

It’s time to say goodbye to your voice artist and video editing professionals.

I’m not joking, you heard it right.

By leveraging the capability of generative AI, you can now generate stunning AI videos and professional standard AI voice simultaneously by typing simple text using Fliki AI.

In this article on Fliki AI review, we will explore Fliki AI, its features, pricing, how it functions, pros and cons, and how to use it for free.

What Is Fliki AI?

fliki ai homepage
5 minutes of video credits per monthFliki AI
Use forAI video generation
PricingStarts from $21 per month
Free TrialAvailable (No credit card required)
Free Trial Limitation5 minutes video credits per month
DiscountAvailable (Get an Instant 25% discount for annual billing)
Supported Languages77
Live Chat SupportNot Available
Available Voices1300+ realistic AI voices
My Ratings4.7/5

Nowadays video content is everywhere because people like to consume visual content compared to text base and audio content. 88% of marketers use video content in their sales strategy to drive more leads and sales.

Also, the increasing popularity of podcasts overflows the demand for audio content generation. Earlier both video and audio content generation was a costly, time-consuming process and required high-configuration machines and specialists.

Fliki AI is an AI-powered innovative visual and audio content generation platform that helps to turn your ideas into reality. With Fliki you can generate AI videos, audio, images, and AI avatars spontaneously.

This generative AI platform was launched in January 2022 by the co-founder of the text-based AI platform Rytr.

Since its launch, Fliki AI achieved enormous popularity among content generators due to its amazing features and quality output.

Fliki can render sensational AI videos from simple text, long-form blog URLs, existing photos, and even tweets. Its AI audio feature can generate over 2000 realistic AI voice tones in more than 75 languages and 100 plus dialects.

By leveraging the power of Generative AI anyone can generate audio-visual content for any purpose without any content generation skills.

All-in-one content generation tools like Fliki AI generate both video and audio content from prompts.

Users are providing their honest reviews about Fliki AI on various platforms.

Every platform has some drawbacks.

But after using Fliki and going through the reviews of other users, in my opinion, Fliki AI is a worthwhile content generation platform without any doubt.

Who should use Fliki AI?

fliki.ai discount code

People from different industries and professions can utilize it to generate content.

1. Content Creator

Fliki helps to generate viral and astonishing content.

This AI tool is very helpful for generating video content for short video platforms like TikTok, YouTube shorts, Insta reels, FB reels, and Thriller.

Besides short-form video creation, Fliki also generates long-form video content for YouTube, and LinkedIn effortlessly.

Fliki’s gigantic media library and more than 2000 AI voice styles in over 75 languages evolving as a goldmine for faceless content generators.

2. Digital Agency Owner

Agency owners, solo digital marketers, and freelancers deal with various types of clients around the globe.

Cost-effective and easy-to-use tools like Fliki help to reduce workload, save time, and reduce the expense of client projects.

It also helps to generate impressive presentations for potential clients and supports in pitching your product and services efficiently.

3. Educators

Using the ability of generative AI, tools like Fliki help to transform old-aged teaching practices.

A user-friendly dashboard assists educators in composing informative education content smoothly within a few clicks.

4. SaaS Marketer And E-Commerce Seller

Fliki’s revolutionary product-to-video feature can turn out to be a game changer for the e-commerce and SaaS industry.

Usually, small e-commerce sellers can’t spend on expensive product videos with suitable voiceovers.

Fliki’s advanced AI features like links to product videos can generate attractive visuals with ideal voiceovers, and smoothen routes for more leads and conversion

5. Podcaster

Generates high-quality podcasts in various AI voices within moments in different dialects and languages without any voice artist and costly audio instruments.

Effortless features like AI voiceover, and voice cloning enhance your journey as a podcaster.

6. Authors And Bloggers

Usually, authors and bloggers only rely on textbase content.

Fliki’s text-to-video, blog-to-video, and audio-generation features not only sweeten their articles but also widen the opportunity for content generation in the visual content and podcasting field.

How to Create a Video Using Fliki?

Below is the step-by-step process:

STEP 1:- Visit Flki.AI and sign up or log in. Create your account.

create your fliki account

STEP 2:- Click on ‘Files‘, available at the top left corner of the interface. Then Click over the red colour ‘New File‘ button.

create video with fliki ai

STEP 3:- In the next step provide a suitable file name and select the languagedialect, and aspect ratio. Choose the desired visual output type from the ‘Start With‘ and press the ‘Submit‘ button.

create video with fliki

STEP 4:- Type your prompt in the ‘Idea Prompt‘ box, and choose video duration. You can also attach stock mediaAI avatarssound effectsheadings, and stickers to personalize the visual content.

magic create fliki

Free version users, can’t unlock or utilize elements like sound effectsAI avatars, and AI media video. Now press the ‘Submit‘ button.

STEP 5:- In the next step, Fliki AI will generate a video based on your selection.

Here you can edit the prompt, change voice, select a suitable AI avatar, add appropriate background music, adjust volume, and change positions and layers.

After completing all customization click over the ‘Preview‘ button to visualize the final output before downloading it to your device.

If everything looks good, press the ‘Download‘ and then ‘Start Export‘ button to extract the video in mp4 format.

download fliki video

You can again edit and renew the generated video from the file section. Sometimes Fliki will put your video generation process on queue.

In such case, you will be informed through email when the content is ready for download.

Features of Fliki AI

With Fliki you can generate captivating content without any professional touch.

1. Text To Video

With this feature, you can generate and edit videos without any prior video editing knowledge and high-end machines.

This user-friendly feature can render overwhelming videos within moments by typing simple text.

2. Idea To Video

This is a similar feature of text to video served with a different name in the Fliki AI feature category.

3. Text To Speech

Helps to generate human-like audio in more than 2000 styles,100 plus dialects.

This ultra-advanced feature yields high-quality voices in over 75 languages.

With a wide range of voice styles in the arsenal, you can choose the perfect tone that is most suitable for visual content.

This feature saves your hard-earned money from paying to expensive voice-over artists.

4. Blog To Video

The blog-to-video tool vitalizes your long-form articles into engaging visual content with few clicks.

You just have to paste the blog URL, and within moments it will be converted into rousing video content.

This helps to modernize the content marketing strategy and helps to get more engagement for bloggers, brands, and content generators.

5. Tweet To Video

Have you ever thought of converting tweets into compelling videos with AI voiceover?

This revolutionary tweet-to-video tool converts simple tweets into eye-catching videos that wide open a new strategy to build a strong audience base on your social media accounts.

6. Product Presentation Video

The product video generator feature converts any product listing link into an engaging video.

You can also add suitable voices to make it more pleasing.

Marketers and sellers can use this type of video to showcase their products in front of vast audiences by running paid video ads or uploading them on YouTube and social media channels.

Currently, Fliki AI only supports product listing links from Amazon and Airbnb.

7. AI Voiceover

From a variety of media libraries, Fliki AI helps to generate realistic, high-quality audio according to your video style.

8. AI Avatar Generation

Fliki offers AI avatars feature to narrate your visual content with suitable voiceover like a human-like presenter.

This eye-catching and amazing feature provides a human touch to your content which makes it unique and helps to grab more eyeballs which increases the possibility of more leads and sales.

9. Clone Own Voice

Tired of using AI-based pre-installed voiceover in your content?

Now you can input your voice into video content by leveraging the voice cloning feature.

You have to record a 2-minute voice on the Fliki.

10. Turn PPT Into Video

This dynamic feature converts PPT into an engaging video with a few clicks.

Fliki’s revolutionary script-based editing and relevant voices are sufficient to turn your PPT into a delightful video.

11. Photo To Video

It helps to provide motion into frozen moments by animating images into lively videos.

12. Video Translator

Translate videos in more than 75 languages according to your target audience’s mother tongue.

How to Activaite Fliki AI Free Trial

You can activate the Fliki AI free trial plan without a credit card by following simple steps.

STEP 1:- Click here to Visit the Fliki AI website.

fliki.ai discount code

STEP 2:- Click over the ‘Start For Free‘ button.

STEP 3:- Now sign up using details or log in using existing details.

create your fliki account

Voila! you successfully activated the Flicki AI free trial plan.

Plans and Pricing of Fliki AI

fliki plans and pricing

Fliki AI currently has 3 plans.

  1. Free
  2. Standard
  3. Premium

1. Free Plan

  • Only 5 minutes of credits per month.
  • Generate only 720p resolution output with the Fliki watermark.
  • 300 (limited) AI voices facility with 100+ dialects and 75+ languages.

2. Standard Plan

  • 180 minutes of credits per month.
  • Facility of videos length up to 15 minutes.
  • Generate videos with 1080p resolution without any watermark.
  • Access to 1000 AI voices including 150 ultra-realistic (5 in each supported language).

3. Premium Plan

  • 600 minutes of credits per month.
  • Facility of videos length up to 30 minutes.
  • Provides API access.
  • Voice cloning and AI avatar feature.
  • Access to more than 2000+ AI voices with 1000+ ultra-realistic.

4. Enterprise:

This is a custom plan, you have to get in touch with customer support for info.

Earn Free Credits for Fliki AI

Have you already spent monthly 5 minutes credits of free plan, but want to explore more without spending?

You can increase free monthly credits by following the below steps.

You have to publish an authentic review of Fliki on at least one of the following platforms.

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • G2 Crowd
  • Capterra
  • Trustpilot

In the next step

  • Upload all of your review links and screenshots of review posts Fliki reward.
  • Make sure that the account name of your Fliki account and the review site are similar, otherwise, the request for a trial extension may be terminated.
  • Fliki offers up to 6 minutes of free credit upon successful verification.
  • You will be notified via email within 3 working days.

Fliki AI Pros and Cons

Every SaaS platform has its pros and cons. Proper info will help you to decide whether the platform is the best fit for you or not.

Pros of Fliki.Ai

  • Easy-to-go web-based dashboard enables a vast opportunity for individuals with zero visual and audio content editing proficiency.
  • Besides personalized AI video generation capacity, Fliki stands out for enabling a vast opportunity in the AI voice segment, with more than two thousand voice styles in over seventy-five languages and hundred plus dialects.
  • Provides a gigantic amount of creative library packed with high-quality images, audio, and video help to generate tailor-made content.
  • It also allows you to use your voice inside video content.
  • Users can increase the Free Plan usage limit by performing simple tasks without any credit card.

Cons of Fliki.AI

  • Limited video customization and editing features compare to other AI visual content generation platforms.
  • Video content generated using the free plan contains watermarks.
  • Users are complaining about glitches and errors at the time of content generation.

FAQs On Fliki Review

Q1. Is Fliki AI Free Forever?

Though Fliki offers 5 minutes of video content generation each month by using the free plan, it does not permit audio-visual content generation to its full potential. The free plan benefits are available with very limited features and selected media elements.

Q2. Is Fliki AI Safe And Legit?

Fliki AI is a safe and legitimate platform.

Q3. Is Fliki AI Free For Commercial Use?

Only paid plan users are allowed to use content generated using Fliki AI for commercial use.

Q4. Can I Upload My Voice On Fliki?

You can upload 2 minutes of your voice recording in Fliki.

Q5. How To Delete the Fliki AI Account?

To delete a Fliki account user have to send an email to [email protected] from their Fliki account email address.

Q6. Is Fliki AI Music Copyright Free?

Fliki only allows its paid subscribers to use their music without any copyright.

Final Thoughts on Fliki.Ai Review

Hope you have a clear summarization after going through the post of the Fliki AI review.

Currently, Fliki AI is making a supreme appearance in the AI video generation tools category.

It helps to turn phrases into exceptional audio-visual content for those people who have nominal technical skills.

Before wrapping up, after using Fliki AI, as a user I believe that no platform is perfect, but in the future user-friendly and cost-effective tools like Fliki AI will be an integral part of the visual content generation process.

If you have any remarks, please write below and share this article with those who need the most.

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