After starting a blog, people look for the best free theme for the WordPress website or blog?

Initially, when I started my blogging journey, I tried various themes and plugins to find out which one will be perfect for my blog.

After trying a lot of themes, finally, I got some of the most amazing paid and best free WordPress theme for blogging.

All the themes have free and paid version. If want the best results go for paid version.

In this article, I am gonna share the list of best free theme for WordPress with you.

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If you rank #1 on Google, there are various factor that matters for your site ranking like:-

Yes, your blog theme is also an important factor for your site ranking.

Now, let’s talk about the best free theme for WordPress blogs. 🙂

Best free theme for WordPress

 let’s look at the list of best free theme for WordPress without any delay.

1. GeneratePress Theme { Using this on BloggingQnA}

GeneratePress Theme (Best Fast Loading WordPress Theme) is one of the most popular WordPress themes.

Using GenereratePress Premium on This Blog, Simply Loved this premium wordpress theme 🙂

Not even me, but may popular bloggers like Kulwant Nagi, Amit Mishra, Deepak Kanakraju, Umer Qureshi and many more using this theme for their blog.

Now you got it, how popular this WordPress theme is.

Why Blogger Love Generatepress Theme

let me tell you the benefit you will get by using this theme on your blog.

generatepress theme stats
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By the time I am writing this article it has:-

  • 2,403,339+ Downloads
  • 900+ Amazing Reviews
  • 200,000+ Active websites
  • 50,000+ Happy customers

GeneratePress Theme Benefits

generatepress theme features
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  1. Light Weight Theme:- Generatepress theme is the lightest weight theme which is less than 30Kb. This will make your site loader faster in Search Engine.
  2. Improve site Load time:-Speed is one of the most important aspects of your website.  Because of clean coding and lightweight, it will make your site load faster in Search engines.
  3. Compatible with Page Builders:- You can customize it as per your requirement with any page builder like Thrive Architect or eliminator.
  4. SEO Friendly WordPress Theme:- Built-in structured data and lightning-fast load times will make it a best SEO friendly WordPress theme.

GeneratePress Free vs GeneratePress Pro Version

As I told earlier, Generatepress has also paid and free version.

I am using the paid version and it gives me amazing results.

If you want the best output must try the paid version of Generatepress.

As a beginner, you can start with its free version.

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And if you like its features (obviously you will), you can buy its lifetime premium version at a 10% discount exclusively available for BloggingQnA Readers.

GeneratePress Premium Theme

Review By Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj

SEO Optimization
Easy to Use


Best Premium WordPress hosting for serious bloggers who want to take their blog to the next level. u003cstrongu003e{Only for Action Takers}


2. Astra Theme – Fastest Growing Theme of All Time

astra theme review
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Astra Theme is another popular WordPress theme that is designed for fast speed and, it is a fully SEO optimized WordPress theme.

There is a head to head competition between generate press theme and Astra WordPress theme.

But, I highly recommend generatepress. But, that doesn’t mean Astra theme is bad.

It has its own advantages. Astra theme is growing as one of the fastest loading WordPress themes. They come up with lots of ready to use website templates.

Pros of Astra Theme

  • Built for speed
  • Best theme for page builders
  • Free Demo Sites
  • Flexible Mega Menu Feature
  • Custom Layouts & Page Header Options
  • WooCommerce Support
  • LearnDash Support

Cons of Astra Theme

  • Lacking Header Style Options (Only 3)
  • Archive Page Styling Is Basic
  • Blog Comment Styling Is Basic
  • Blog Post Styling Is Basic
  • Support Response Time Is Slow Compared To Other Themes

like generatepress Astra theme comes with two versions – the limited free version and the premium version.

The Astra free theme comes with limited features like:-

  • limited website demos
  • Less Layout control
  • Header/footer options are not in full control
  • Elementor integration
  • WooCommerce integration is not there, and much more.

On the other hand, Astra Pro is the comes with even more powerful features like:-

  • transparent header
  • Hooks/filters
  • Blog layouts
  • Megamenu
  • Header section
  • Page headers
  • Better typography
  • Custom layouts
  • White label,
  • Footer widget
  • WooCommerce designer, and much more.

3. Schema Pro (Best SEO Friendly Theme)

scheme theme review
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Schema Theme is one of the highest-selling WordPress themes from MythemeShop and the theme is created by best MythemeShop developers and they are saying it as the “fastest WordPress theme and challenging any theme to beat in terms of speed & SEO”.

Schema theme uses Rich snippets in order to find your site on the search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing to rank your website on higher.

ou can use this Schema theme for the following types of blogs

  • Personal Blog
  • Business blog
  • Niche Blogs
  • E-Commerce Blog
  • Affiliate Blog
  • Shopping Blog

4. SociallyViral

sociallyviral theme review
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SociallyViral is a beautifully designed WordPress theme that is built to be engaging, fast, and most importantly, boost viral traffic.

With features to help increase social sharing, you’ll get more traffic from the web’s top social media websites and also boost your search engine rankings.

Benefits Of SociallyViral Theme

  • Best free WordPress theme for a trending topic blogs
  • Popular post based on views
  • Newsletter and widgets form
  • Attractive Design
  • Amazing WordPress theme for Social Sharing

5. Ad-Sense (Best Adsense Friendly Theme)

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ad-sense theme review
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If you have ever wanted to earn more money from ads on your website, the Ad-Sense theme is the one you should get.

 It is the most ad friendly theme in the market and comes with features like better ad management, ad placement, ad blocker detection and content locking for ad block users.

Benefits Of Ad-sense Theme

  • Most Ads Friendly Theme
  • Fluid Responsive
  • Translation Ready
  • SEO Optimized WordPress theme
  • Speed optimized free WordPress theme
  • In-Built Ad blocker detector


So above given are some of the best free WordPress themes that you can use on your site to get improvements in the search result.

Please let me your thoughts about these WordPress themes through the comment section.

And if I forgot to add some of the themes. Do let me know that also.

Till then, share this among your friends and on social media handles.

Your every shared appreciates our efforts. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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