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Searching for the best blogger theme for AdSense approval?

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I am here to solve your problem. I am going to tell you 39+ Best SEO-friendly blogger templates. which are truly the best blogger template for AdSense approval.

I have found these templates after very deep research. So, without any further ado, let’s get started:

What is SEO Friendly Blogger Templates?

seo friendly blogger templates

The best blog themes mean which is responsive in nature and, the template is easily accessible to users or search engines. This type of template helps you in getting AdSense approval very fast and, also minimizes the loading speed of your site.

Which helps you automatically in the ranking of your site on Google.

You can also customize these SEO-friendly blogger templates according to the need of your website like:-

  • Like erasing the footer
  • Menu bar optimization
  • Widgets customizations
  • and many more by accessing  EDIT HTML.

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31+ free blogger templates for adsense approval

We all know that now Google Adsense is very strict about approving AdSense accounts on a blog or website.

To get Google Adsense approval, the user interface of your site really matters. Your site should be SEO-friendly. Only then Adsense approve your application to show ads on your website.

And, for that, you need the best AdSense-friendly and SEO Friendly blogger template.

below is the best free blogger theme for Adsense approval.

1. NewCon Blogger Template


Newcon is a clean and well-organized Responsive Blogger Template for MAGAZINE, BLOG, and News sites. It is fully responsive, retina ready, and has many powerful features.

They strongly focused on the content and readability because they’re obviously important for all website owners, and, of course, the theme is very optimized for better SEO results, and high-speed guaranteed.

2. CB Theme: Seo Friendly Blogger Template

cb theme blogger template

CB theme is a very interesting free SEO-friendly blogger template. With this Blogger template, you can easily customize your website according to your need and, you will not face any difficulty in customization this template. It is also a fully SEO-friendly blogger template of the blogger. For once check the live demo. For sure, you love it.

Some amazing features of CB themes:-

  • best blogger theme for Adsense approval
  • SEO-friendly blogger template
  • SEO-ready blogger templates
  • free premium blogger template SEO friendly
  • best free blogger templates for Adsense

3. Smart SEO: SEO Friendly Blogger Template

smart seo blogger template
  •  FULLY Responsive Blogger Template
  • Fully SEO-Optimized Template
  • Adsense Friendly Blogger Template
  • best blogger theme for AdSense approval

This Blogger template is specially designed for SEO. And, is very good for SEO. If you have a website that shares your personal experience or some story then, this is perfect for you. So, try this once.

4. Phantom: Best SEO Blogger Template

phantom blogger template

The phantom blogger template is specially designed for people who have a tech blog or website. So, if you are running a blog or website related to tech then, use this template.

This will boost your site ranking and also, help in decreasing your website load time. Specially designed for tech blogs and websites.

below are some main highlights of this blogger template:-

  • best SEO-friendly theme for blogger
  • Adsense responsive blogger template free
  • Free SEO templates for blogger

Live Demo | Download 

5. Simple grid

simple grid blogger template

Live Demo | Download 

This template is specially designed for people who used more images on their blog or website. This helps is compressing image size which automatically reduces the website load time.

This will create a grid of all your latest posts on the homepage. The simple grid is a very good template in terms of SEO and Adsense approval.

  • SEO-friendly blogger theme
  • free blogger templates for Adsense
  • blogger SEO theme

6. palki 2 blogger template

palki blogger template

Live Demo | Download

  • Responsive Blogger Template
  • SEO Optimized Free Blogger Template
  • AdSense Friendly Template for Bloggers

This is one of the best free SEO-friendly blogger templates that I recommend to everyone. This template is great in its design. The Premium version of Palki 2 is also available with extra features.

If you can’t afford the Palki2 premium version then, the free version of this template is also great with lots of features. This template is fully responsive and SEO optimized.

Any content you share on your website with this template will rank fast as compared to other templates.

Also, you can get Google Adsense approval very fast. If you don’t know what is Google AdSense and How does it work then, click here to read.

7. Digizena: AdSense Friendly Blogger Template

digizena blogger template

Live Demo | Download 

Digizena is the best blogger template for those people who are very much passionate about blogging.

Who are not here to earn money from blogging. They just loved writing things.

If you are that kind of person, then this template is perfect for you. If you are just here to share your views or stories then use this template, it will help you in boosting up the views on your blog. This is very useful only for passionate bloggers, who loved writing.

  • SEO-optimized blogger templates free
  • blogger template ads ready
  • ads ready blogger templates

8. Smooth Grid

smooth grid blogger template

Live Demo | Download

This template is very useful for fashion bloggers because of its interface to users. The interface of this blog is very attractive and, it has the power to attract viewers to your blog.

It will give you J-curve in your ranking and views.

This an awesome blogger template for fashion or lifestyle bloggers. Have a look at it.

9. Sora Ribbon

Live Demo | Download

  • Best responsive mobile-friendly blogger template
  • Best responsive blogger template
  • AdSense-ready blogger templates

Sora Ribbon Blogger Template is a simple, minimal, responsive and easy-to-use Blogger Theme that perfectly suits sites that deliver news about Technology, Fashion, Sports, Video, Healthy, Travel, etc.

  • MythemeShop Affiliate Program

Also suitable for blog topics like an event, niche, authority, how-to, food, recipe, cooking, school, institution, college, medical, health, etc.

10. Seo Boost: Best Seo-Friendly Blogger Template


Live Demo | Download

Seo Boost Blogger Template is a minimal Blogspot theme, that lets you launch a fully functional simple site in no more than a minute.

Make your content look flawless with this specially designed-theme and the cleanest typography. This template is very flexible, easy for customizing, and well optimized, approaches for any topic like News Blogs and professional use.

This theme is ideal for Lifestyle, Fashion, Games, Food, Blogs, Health, Sports, Travel Technology, Business, or Entertainment websites.

11. SEO Hub: Best Blogger Template For Adsense Approval

Live Demo | Download

SeoHub Fast Loading Blogger Template is the most SEO-optimized blogger template to the current date, the template has lots of unique features and perfectly optimized codes to perform great in various search engines.

You can use this template for almost any kind of blog but it is best suitable for niche blogs, tech, news, blog, magazine, daily blogs, food blogs, authority, and best for event blogs.

12. Sora Front: Blogger Template For Adsense Approval

sora front free blogger template

Live Demo | Download

Sora Front Minimal Blogger Template layout may be a multi-purpose, HTML5 and CSS3 Blogger topic.

It is 2 column format based on the BlogSpot subject. The topic is a 100% responsive plan that makes it consistent with a wide assortment of gadgets and screen resolutions.

Sora Front is simple to customize through its broaden cluster of distinctive and straightforward choices that are exceptionally simple to get it.

13. Publisher: Seo Friendly Blogger Template

publisher blogger free template

Live Demo | Download

Publisher Simple Blogger Template layout is exceedingly optimized for speed and execution to convey the finest client encounter. It’s perfect for numerous specialities that incorporate breaking news, daily papers, legislative issues, don, gaming, innovation, travel, and much more.

below are some highlights of this blogger template:-

  • Seo-optimized website template
  • Search engine-friendly website templates
  • Best free theme for blogger

14. Sora One: Best Blogger Templates For Adsense


Live Demo | Download

Sora One Blogger Template is a featureful and perfect blogging blogger theme. This template is very flexible, easy for customizing and well optimized, approaches for any topic like News Blogs and professional use.

This theme is ideal for Lifestyle, Fashion, Games, Food, Blogs, Health, Sports, Travel Technology, Business or Entertainment websites.

15. Simpleon Blogger Template


Live Demo | Download

Simpleon blogger template is a clean and fast-loading theme perfect for a blog that has viral content. As it is said, “Simpler is better” This blogger template works on it completely. Designed by Themeindie.

  • Seo friendly template
  • Best free responsive blogger template

16. NewsPro Free Blogger Template


Live Demo | Download

NewsPro Blogger Template is a magazine-type SEO-ready blogger template with various types of content-based featured post widgets. it is an advanced blogger template with tons of built-in features. this template is mainly focused on news blogs but also can be used for tech, reviews, movies, howTo, sports, niche, authority, schools, institutions, etc.

17. Sora Ads Blogger Template


Live Demo | Download

Sora Ads Blogger Template specially designed for blogging with ads monetization and designed by sora. Blue, Personal Pages, Email Subscription Widget Ready, Breadcrumb Navigation Ready, 3 Columns, 2 Sidebars, Left and Right Sidebars, Magazine, Ads Ready, Technology, White, Clean, Minimalist, Seo Ready, Magazine, Free Premium, Post Thumbnails, Responsive, Social Bookmark Ready, Drop Down Menu.

18. Gridster Adsense Friendly Blogger Template

Gridster Free Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

Gridster is a free Blogger template with 2 columns, responsive design, SEO friendly, right-sidebar, gallery-styled, minimalist, an exclusive design for Blogger, ads ready, social bookmarking icons, posts thumbnails, breadcrumbs, pagination, related posts support, well-designed threaded comments and neutral colours.

19. Magone News Responsive Blogger Template

Magone News Responsive Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

Sora News Blogger Templates is a blogger template powerhouse theme with many cutting-edge functions and a design that’s going to leave an enduring effect. ideal for style blogs, lifestyle blogs, travel blogs, meals blogs, craft, tech, creative, pictures, and so forth.

  • Magazine blogger template
  • SEO Friendly blogger template
  • Adsense-friendly blogger template

20. Masy Blogger Template


Live Demo | Download

Masy Blogger Template is a super professional and premium-looking free blogger theme. Loaded with tons of features and useful widgets, it lets you create some exceptional out of nothing. You can easily create beautiful-looking magazine layouts in no time.

21. Blackster Blogger Template

blackster Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

Blackster Blogger Template is a stylish-looking heavily customized blogging blogger theme.

This free Blogspot template is well-optimized and fully featured. Loaded with various widgets and options, this theme gives you an opportunity to create something exceptional with its fully responsive layout, you can create a fluid blog that will fit any screen size or device type.

Best created for blogs like fashion, makeup, travel, OOTD, daily blogging, public influencers, fashion, apparel, beauty blogging, reviews, etc.

22. Seo Mag Adsense Friendly Blogger Template


Live Demo | Download

Seo Mag Blogger Template is a professionally designed and well-built niche blogger theme, Made with the latest trends and high-quality codes with fast loading design and responsive layout, it fits any screen size with ease and looks beautiful on every aspect ratio or device.

This theme can be used to create any micro niche website, like news, tech, travel, blogging, latest trends, events, food, Fashion, Sports, Video, Healthy, etc.

23. Fastest Blogger Template


Live Demo | Download

Fastest Blogger Template is an ultimate fast-loading blogger theme that loads in no time.

It is a very differently designed Blogspot template keeping the blogger’s official widget intact it helps you to create an amazingly responsive blog that perfectly fits any screen size or device.

Since it takes less loading time, this theme is ideal for smartphones, which provides you with an opportunity to attract mobile users.

24. Responso Blogger Template


Live Demo | Download

Responso Blogger Template is a neat and very simple micro-blogging blogger theme which is very targeted for a niche website.

It is very unique elegant and easy-to-customize blogger themes, suitable for targetted blogs.

This Blogspot template is very fully responsive as well as super-fast loading and one of the best SEO-optimized Blogspot themes which is available on our website.

25. Amia Blogger Template


Live Demo | Download

Amia Blogger Template is an outstanding and amazingly designed theme for the Blogspot platform.

This free blogger template is built with blogger’s new generation codes and it supports some very unique but simple features at the same time.

This blogger theme looks very minimal and classy and has a stylish appearance that can look good with any kind of blog.

26. Affiliation Blogger Template


Live Demo | Download

Affiliation Blogger Template is an amazing-looking and uniquely built blogging blogger theme, it carries a very rare but user-friendly design.

Crafted with perfection and built on the blogger’s latest generation code structure it includes very intuitive design and elements.

27. Blog Coupon Blogger Template


Live Demo | Download

Blog Coupon Blogger Template is uniquely designed and specially made for coupon-providing blogs.

Loaded with amazingly designed functionality and features, it gives you the opportunity to create the most perfect and outstanding blog for providing coupon codes, deals, and offers.

28. Ampere Blogger Template


Live Demo | Download

Ampere Blogger Template is an ultra-fast loading theme with highly Google SEO optimized codes and super simple design. This amp blogger theme features a unique but eye-catching layout with customized header designs and widgets.

FAQs For Seo Friendly Blogger Templates

Below given are frequently asked questions and answers related to SEO-friendly blogger templates.

Q1. Which template is best for Blogger?

If we talk about the best template for bloggers then it depends on your site requirement. Above I have given lots of free blogger Adsense and SEO-friendly templates. According to your site needs choose accordingly.

Q2. How do I customize my Blogger template?

You can customize your blogger templates from the layout option given in the blogger dashboard. Also, you can customize it from the edit HTML option if are aware of the coding.

Q3. How do I remove credits from my Blogger template?

>>First, open
>>Now log in to your Blogger and open your blog.
>>Go to Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML.
>>Now find the credit/footer link in the footer which you need to remove. Now You’ll find looking like Copyright, design, etc.
>>Now add the following line with your original copyright ID.

Q4. How do I change my HTML template on Blogger?

1. Sign in to Blogger.
2. Choose the blog to update.
3. On the left menu, click Theme.
4. Under “Live on Blog,” click Edit HTML.
5. Make the changes you want.
6. Click Save theme.

Conclusion on Best Adsense Blogger Templates

So, Above I have shared 25+ Best SEO Friendly blogger templates that are free.

These templates are 100% AdSense-friendly bloggers templates which will help you in getting AdSense approval fast.

If you liked the collection of these AdSense-friendly and SEO-friendly blogger templates then please, do share it on your social media platforms.

And I will see you in the next one.

If you have some queries or questions feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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