Tubebuddy Review May 2024: Best Tool For YouTubers

TubeBuddy Review May 2024 – Is it Really Worth It? 🤔

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TubeBuddy is an AI-powered free YouTube extension that provides a range of unique tools to provide the ultimate growth of YouTube channels. Visit Tubebuddy and boost your YouTube views and subscribers with the best optimization suggestions.

To gain quicker growth and visibility, YouTube creators have to optimize their videos according to the YouTube algorithm to achieve higher views and rankings.

This is where TubeBuddy comes into play.

TubeBuddy is an easy-to-use, Youtube-certified Chrome extension that effortlessly enhances the visibility of YouTube videos.

In this article on TubeBuddy review let’s explore about TubeBuddy, its features, price, and how to use it for free.

Let’s deep dive in.

What Is TubeBuddy?

tubebuddy homepage

Launched in 2013, TubeBuddy is an AI-powered free YouTube Chrome extension that provides a range of unique tools to provide ultimate growth of YouTube channels.

Tools like SEO Studio, keyword explorer, tag optimization, and thumbnail design enhance the ranking of videos with minimum effort.


After installing the TubeBuddy Chrome extension, it automatically integrates with your YouTube channel dashboard, providing a comprehensive optimization indication of each vulnerable section.

The free plan encompasses basic optimization tools whereas paid plans provide the ultimate growth tools with advanced optimization features.

Use the below button to try the TubeBuddy free Chrome extension to try and test the features of it and later you can opt for the paid plan if you are getting good outputs.

What Are The Best TubeBuddy Features?

Below we have discussed the best TubeBuddy features to assist you in better SEO and ranking in search results.

Tubebuddy features are free, paid, and free with limited access. Let’s explore all of them one by one.

1. Keyword Explorer

Tube Buddy Keyword

TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer identifies the high-search volume, low competitive, and trending keywords by analyzing YouTube and Google searches.

By utilizing YouTube API, Keyword Explorer pulls out up-to-date data for each phrase and keyword.

Below are metrics that the TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer showcases during each keyword research.

  • Search Volume:- Provides a clear overview of the popularity of particular keywords. Here ‘Poor’ indicates low search volume and ‘Excellent’ stands for high search volume.
  • Overall Score:- This metric digs out the most suitable high search volume but low competitive keywords based on channel view, engagement rate, and metadata.
  • Search Volume:- Provides a clear overview of the popularity of particular keywords. Here ‘Poor’ indicates low search volume and ‘Excellent’ stands for high search volume.
  • Optimization Strength:- Provide an optimization score based on top-ranking videos on a particular keyword.
  • Videos Of Search Results:- The actual number of videos currently ranking for a keyword.
  • Monthly Searches (estimate):- Number of times people search for a certain keyword in a month.
  • You vs. Top Ranked Videos:- Showcase the ranking position difference between your video and the top-ranked video of your niche.
  • Search Trends:- This feature helps users to capture keyword trends early.
  • Video Topics:- Suggestion of videos ranking higher in search results.
  • Common Tags:- Tags that are used in top-performing videos of a certain topic.

2. Suggested Shorts

Suggested Shorts

To assist you in achieving engagement from a wider audience TubeBuddy has launched an AI-powered feature, Suggested Shorts.

By analyzing long-form videos on your channel, Suggested Shorts provides captivating YouTube short ideas for up to 60 seconds based on the most engaging moments from your long videos.

This newly launched feature is crafted to function with YouTube videos of any language.

In addition to YouTube shorts, you can also use those short videos on other micro-video platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

3. SEO Studio

SEO Studio

After analyzing your YouTube channel and existing videos, SEO Studio provides tailor-made insight and suggestions on improving SEO to gain more visibility and engagement.

By identifying potential keywords and tags, SEO Studio also helps in optimizing titles, tags, and descriptions of videos.

4. A/B Testing

AB Testing

This is another phenomenon tool from TubeBuddy to boost the engagement and visibility of videos.

A/B tests wide open the opportunity to experiment with video thumbnails, titles, descriptions, and tags, increasing the possibility of gaining more user attention

5. Click Magnet

Click Magnet

Click Magnet is a useful tool to increase engagement and CTR of each video on your channel.

By harnessing the power of advanced AI, Click Magnet provides actual insight and data on the CTR and engagement of each video.

Click Magnet has four features.

  • Power Ranking:- It provides information about the best-performing videos on your channel.
  • Element Inspector:- Analyze your thumbnails and provide useful thumbnail optimization suggestions to gain more user attention.
  • CTR Opportunities:- Point towards videos that can bring a chunk of watch time with little tweaks.
  • Advanced Analytics:- It provides more in-depth data than YouTube analytics tools about CTR, view, and watch time.

6. Videolytics


TubeBuddy Videolytics allows you to analyze any video available on YouTube.

By utilizing Videolytics you can get access to the following data of competitor’s videos in your niche.

  • Views of videos.
  • The exact number of comments received in the video.
  • Likes on each video.
  • The SEO score of videos.
  • Social sharing ratio of certain videos.
  • Tags used in videos.
  • Current ranking of videos in YouTube search.

7. Channelytics


These amazing tools enable you to explore the performance metrics of your rival YouTube channel.

Keeping an eye on competitors assists in uncovering the optimization gap.

Continuous spying on competitors on existing YouTube channels of your niche increases the possibility of growth.

8. View And Copy Video Tags

View And Copy Video Tags

This tool provides the opportunity to view and copy popular tags from your niche’s most viewed YouTube videos.

Helping in collecting popular tags, this insightful tool helps to increase the discoverability of your video to fresh audiences.

9. Comments Feature

Comments Feature

Instead of deleting one by one Bulk Delete Comment allows you to delete multiple comments at once.

As a creator, you have to remove spammy, offensive, and false comments to maintain a healthy reputation among viewers.

10. Video Scheduling

Video Scheduling

This feature allows you to schedule your YouTube videos up to one year in advance.

Scheduling videos according to your viewer’s active hours instantly boosts watch time, which is considered a good ranking signal for the YouTube algorithm.

11. Auto Translator

Auto Translator

By leveraging the ability of machine learning and AI, TubeBuddy Auto Translator features provide to translation facility of YouTube videos in 48 languages with 96% accuracy.

In addition to video language translation, it translates tags into more than 40 different languages.

12. Thumbnail Generator

Thumbnail Generator

The Thumbnail Generator assists you in generating stunning thumbnails for videos without using any graphics design software and prior designing skills.

13. Title Generator

Title Generator

Using advanced AI technology, the TubeBuddy AI Title Generator generates appealing titles for your YouTube videos to boost your CTR.

What Is The Cost Of TubeBuddy?

Currently, TubeBuddy provides 4 different plans. Also, you will see a great difference between an annual billing cycle and a monthly billing cycle.

TubeBuddy Pricing
TubeBuddy Yearly Plan

The 4 different plans are:-

  • Free Plan:- The free plan is best for beginners who want some details about the competition titles, tags, and stats with limited access.
  • Pro Plan:- For those starting their YouTube Journey and wanting to get access to new tools for growth.
  • Legend Plan:- For creators looking for the maximum competitive edge for making data-driven decisions and expanding their reach.
  • Enterprise Plan:- This plan is suitable for big marketing agencies who own multiple YT Channels and looking for more growth.

Below is the table where you will the pricing of each plan on both the annual and monthly billing cycles.

PlansMonthlyYearlyDeal Page Link
FreeFreeFreeGet TubeBuddy Free Plan
Pro$7.50$45 (3.75×12)Get TubeBuddy Free Plan
Legend$32.99$198 ($16.50×12)Get TubeBuddy Free Plan
EnterpriseCustomCustomContact TubeBuddy

And if you want to choose the monthly payment, the price is a little high as compared to the annual. below is the image to get a clear idea.

TubeBuddy Monthly Plan

What’s The Best TubeBuddy Plan For Me?

This section will help you choose the perfect TubeBuddy plan based on your YouTube channel engagement, view, and subscriber.

Productivity features in each plan to decide your best plan.

FeaturesFree PlanPro PlanLegend Plan
Schedule Video UpdateNoNoYes
Sunset VideosNoNoYes
Scheduled Video UpdateNoNoYes
Canned ResponsesLimited
(Only 1)
Default Upload ProfilesLimited
(Only 1)
Playlist ActionsLimited
(Only 1)
Thumbnail GeneratorLimitedYesYes
Video Topic PlannerLimited
(Only 1)
Advanced Video EmbedYesYesYes
Comment FormattingYesYesYes
Coppa CenterYesYesYes
Emoji PickerYesYesYes
Quick Links MenuYesYesYes
Quick-Edit ToolbarYesYesYes
Thumbnail AnalyzerLimited
(Only 5)

Now, let’s see the Video SEO features for each plan to decide your best plan.

FeaturesFree PlanPro PlanLegend Plan
Auto TranslatorNoNoYes
Search Rank TrackingNoNoYes
Suggested ShortsLimited
(Only 5)
Tag TranslatorNoNoYes
Title GeneratorNoNoYes
Opportunity FinderNoNoYes
Best Practice AuditNoYesYes
SEO StudioNoYesYes
Search PositionsNoYesYes
(Only 3)
Keyword ExplorerLimited
(Only 3)
Search ExplorerLimited
(Only 3)
Tag ListsLimited
(Only 3)
Tag RankingsYesYesYes
View And Copy Video TagsYesYesYes
Tag SorterView and copy Video TagsYesYes
Video A/B TestsNoNoYes

Let’s see the Bulk Processing features of each plan.

FeaturesFree PlanPro PlanLegend Plan
Bulk Find, Replace & AppendNoNoYes
Bulk Thumbnail OverlaysNoNoYes
Demonetization Double-CheckNoNoYes
Bulk End Screen EditorOne use/yearOne use/quarterOne use/month
Bulk Card EditorOne use/yearOne use/quarterOne use/month
Bulk Delete CommentsNoNoYes

Promotion features of Tubebuddy plans.

FeaturesFree PlanPro PlanLegend Plan
Publish to FacebookNoNoYes
Best Time to PublishYesYesYes
Pick a WinnerYesYesYes
Vid2Vid PromotionYesYesYes

Data & Research Features come in each plan.

Account Perks in each plan.

FeaturesFree PlanPro PlanLegend Plan
Member PerksNoYesYes
TubeBuddy Mobile AppLimitedYesYes
Best Tool For YouTubers
tubebuddy homepage


  • Keyword Explorer For YT Videos
  • Shorts Suggestion For Creation
  • Complete SEO Studios
  • A/B testing for Best Results
  • Rank High in YouTube SERPs


  • Sometimes the tool loads very slow
  • Keyword Research Restrictions
  • One License per Channel is not a good deal.

TubeBuddy is an AI-powered free YouTube extension that provides a range of unique tools to provide the ultimate growth of YouTube channels. Visit Tubebuddy and boost your YouTube views and subscribers with the best optimization suggestions.

How To Use TubeBuddy Free Plan

TubeBuddy allows certain valuable tools with free plans.

The following section will discuss useful free tools available with the TubeBuddy free version.

(1) TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer

Tube Buddy Keyword Explorer 1

The TubeBuddy keyword research tool assists in ranking your videos by uncovering potential keywords. Tells you what keyword you should target in your upcoming videos.

On a competition basis, it will tell you which topic will give you better reach and views.

(2) Videolytics

Videolytics 1

This beneficial tool provides in-depth data about a particular video, such as the number of views, comments, likes and dislikes, and tags used in the video.

Apart from that, it will also show the complete channel stats, like how many total views, total subscribers, and total videos that particular channel has.

A clear picture to get an idea of what and how much you have to do in the same niche.

(3) Best Time To Publish

Best Time To Publish

Allow the creator to publish videos during peak hours. Suggest the best time when your audience is active on YouTube. this makes you publish the video when your audience is live on YouTube.

Helps in getting an initial boost in views because your subscribers are already scrolling YouTube. And if your video is published at that time, they will watch it for sure.

(4) Comment Word Cloud

Comment Word Cloud

Showcases the most used words in your comment section. Also helps you to know the most interesting topics of your audience because they are using that particular topic or term in the comment section most of the time.

(5) Suggested Shorts

Suggested Shorts 1

This amazing AI tool generates short videos from the most engaging part of a long video. Helps you in creating more short-form content with suggested topics.

(6) Tag Ranking

Tag Ranking

Showcases the ranking position of each tag used inside the video. From here, you can see what are the suitable tags that you should use in your video.

It helps in better ranking for specific tags because you know that your competition is ranking on that tag also with low efforts.

(7) Tag Sorter

Tag Sorter

You can efficiently organize video tags according to your ranking position.

(8) Comment Formatting

Comment Formatting

This feature helps you to change your comment format.

You can add comments or replies in different formats such as bold, italic, strike-through, and other features. This makes your comments more attractive and eye-catching as compared to other normal comments.

(9) Quick-Edit Toolbar

Quick Edit Toolbar

Allows the creator to efficiently navigate between multiple videos without opening them while working on a particular video.

(10) Language Analysis

Language Analysis

Provides crystal clear data on languages spoken by your channel audience.

These features help creators get a clear overview of the target audience and optimize video subtitles, tags, titles, and descriptions according to them.

(11) Canned Response

Canned Response

Bored of typing the same reply to the subscriber’s comments frequently?

Canned Response helps creators add predefined answers for each comment.

(12) View And Copy Video Tags

View And Copy Video Tags 1

Easily copy tags from any YouTube video in just 1 click and then you can paste it to your video after all the filtration.

(13) Share Tracker

Share Tracker

This tool tracks the social media, in which you have shared your video.

You don’t have to find videos on certain social media platforms and pages.

(14) Pick A Winner

Pick A Winner

You can randomly pick a winner without using any third-party comment picker tool.

Q1. Is Tubebuddy Safe?

TubeBuddy is 100% safe and Youtube Certified tool. Brands like Pepsi, Microsoft, Mountain Dew, and Family Feud use Tubebuddy to grow their respective channel.

Q2. Can I use TubeBuddy On mobile?

Yes, you can use the TubeBuddy mobile app, available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Q3. Is TubeBuddy Free Or Paid?

TubeBuddy is available in both paid and free versions. As a content creator, you can take advantage of the free version of TubeBuddy with limited features.

Q4. How Many Youtubers Use TubeBuddy?

As per TubeBuddy data, over 10 million creators and brands worldwide use TubeBuddy.

Q5. Is VidIQ better than TubeBuddy?

VidIQ is quite complex and sometimes it works very slowly. I am personally using TubeBuddy for my YouTube growth. So my personal recommendation will be TubeBuddy.

Final Thought On Tubebuddy Review

That’s a wrap for now.

I hope you have got a clear overview of TubeBuddy from the above TubeBuddy Review.

TubeBuddy is an astonishing Chrome extension, that improves your YouTube SEO and ranking.

TubeBuddy provides plenty of free tools to enhance your channel visibility.

In the beginning, I would suggest utilizing the free tools of TubeBuddy, later you can upgrade to paid plans depending on growth.

Use the below button to grab the tube buddy’s most suitable plan for you.

Also, you can share this article of TubeBuddy review with your YouTuber friends and family to assist them in their visual content creation journey. 🙂 🙂

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