NeuronWriter Review 2024: Best AI Writer For Content SEO?

NeuronWriter Review 2024: Best AI Writer For Content SEO?

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  • Get Outputs As written by Expert Writers
  • Creates Content That Ranks High on Google
  • Generate outlines from user questions
  • NLP-driven tool that enhances SEO


NeuronWriter is a fully featured NLP-driven tool that enhances your content’s SEO score by generating AI content through AI tools. NeuronWriter is the best AI tool in the market to create SEO-optimized content that analyses your competitor’s articles and helps get a 1st-page ranking on Google SERP.

Do you want to create 101% SEO-optimized articles that are bound to get first-page ranking on Google?

If the answer is yes, that has to be, then there is only one solution; that is implementing all the rules of SEO while creating content. 

Now if you go on and start doing SEO on your own, it might not be a best practice. So, what is the solution?

Why not use a powerful AI tool that helps you to do SEO and create optimized content? Yes, there are hundreds of powerful tools out there that not only help you increase your content’s SEO score but also create powerful headlines. And that tool is NeuronWriter.

In this guide, we will provide an in-depth NeuronWriterreview and explain every single thing about the NeuronWriter tool.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

What is NeuronWriter?

NeuronWriter is a fully featured NLP-driven tool that enhances your content’s SEO score by generating AI content through AI tools like

  • Rephrase Tool,
  • Expand Tool, 
  • Start Paragraph Tool. 

In one word, NeuronWriter is the best AI tool in the market to create SEO-optimized content that analyses your competitor’s articles and helps get a 1st-page ranking on Google SERP.

Here are some best features of this tool:

  • Setting creativity level
  • Setting generation quality
  • Terms in headline
  • Terms in article
  • Content score 
  • Provide headlines from your competitors’ content
  • Content optimization for search engines
  • Exporting optimized content

How does NeuronWriter Work?

Normally, AI Writing tools like NeuronWriter utilize 

  • artificial intelligence, 
  • machine learning, and 
  • natural language processing (NLP)

to optimize and create unmatchable content.

All AI tools primarily use Language Models to generate powerful content.

According to TechTarget, Language Modelling is the use of various probabilistic techniques to determine the probability of a particular sequence of words occurring in a sentence.

Mostly, it is used in those natural language processing applications that generate text as an output. NeuronWriter uses several latest technologies like GPT 3 technology to create unique content. 

Hence, the content generated by this tool is likely to get a better ranking on Google and be well-optimized. 

NeuronWriter User Interface

NeuronWriter appsumo lifetime deal

If you see the NeuronWriter user interface, you can easily feel this tool is a part of modern technology and its classical look with blue colour that normally represents the cutting-edge technology of the present-day world.

In general, as a tool or software, 

  • NeuronWriter is packed with tons of features,
  • Its editor interface looks cool. 

Though, regarding its navigation, it is not so easy. In fact, as a beginner, you can get stuck while using it. It will take time to learn all about its features. 

NeuronWriter AppSumo Lifetime Deal

If you visit NeuronWriter’s official page you will see that the plans offered by them are very costly:

  • Bronze Plan: €19/ Monthly 
  • Silver Plan: €37/ Monthly
  • Gold Plan: €57/ Monthly
  • Platinum Plan: €67/ Monthly
  • Diamond Plan: €97/ Monthly 

And still, there are so many restrictions and limitations to using all the features. So, here we are presenting AppSumo Deal where you can get all the features at a very cheap price. 

NeuronWriter Lifetime Deal 2024

The NeuronWriter is available on Appsumo with a lifetime deal.

NeuronWriter appsumo lifetime deal
  • Lifetime access to NeuronWriter
  • Al content writing with 20+ templates (GPT engines & ChatGPT)
  • Competitor SERP analysis
  • Advanced content outline based on competition and user intent
  • Internal link suggestions
  • NLP content optimization and content planning
  • Schema data explorer & Chrome extension
  • All languages with NeuronWriter language models (forms, variants, plural forms, and synonyms)

NeuronWriter’s Features In Detail

Now we will explain NeuronWriter’s features that you need to know.

1. Your Projects:

Fast and foremost this tool will tell you how to create projects. 


  • Add Your Domain:- To create a project you need to submit your domain name. Then click on next.
  • Provide More Information about Your Domain:

Full URL Address: Here you have to put your full web address.

Default Search Engine: Here you have to select the country in which you want to research your data and rank your content.

For example, if you want to research and rank your content in the USA then just select the United States | Google.COM.

Default Language:

Here you can select any language for your project. The best thing is that this tool provides so many languages that are not so common internationally like 

  • Hindi
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • French, etc.

Now click on Create. You have successfully created a project on NeuronWriter.

How many projects you are able to create is totally dependent on the AppSumo plan you choose. Like 

  • If you buy their Single plan, you will get one code. Then you will be able to create two projects.
  • If you buy a Double plan, you get two codes. Then you will be able to create five projects.
  • By buying Multiple plans, you get three codes. Then you will be able to create ten projects.

2. Choose the Competitors for Guideline Generation

Now we will share how to add the targeted keywords to this tool that you want to rank for and optimize your content for a better position on Google SERP.

To optimize your content you need to click on the New Analysis button on the top left side. Now you will get this section.

Here, you need to include your keywords, targeted country, and language. See the screenshot below.

  • I would like to rank/create content for:

Here, you need to add the primary keywords for which you wish to rank your content.

Here our keyword is affiliate marketing without a website.

  • Search Engine:

We want to rank our content in the USA. Hence, we have selected UNITED STATES

  • Language: 

And lastly, we have already chosen the English language.

Now, simply click on the start Button, and wait for a while until the Result option has not completed its processing.

When the processing is completed you will see the difficulty of that keyword; also, you will get a View button under the Result Option.

Now you need to click on View.

Now you will get a heap of data about your competitor’s site by ranking. It just means that you get all the data from these ranking sites on Google.


  • Ranking position on Google search engine.
  • Content Score.
  • Length (Words).
  • Page title.
  • URL.

Because of all this information about your competitors that NeuronWriter puts in front of you, it becomes a walk in the park to plan your content in order to de-rank your competitor’s site. 

Simply the reason is that you can easily plan in advance

  • Who are your competitors,
  • Your competitor’s content score,
  • How many words of content do you have to create.

Now you have to choose the competitors you want to compete with. By default, this tool selects the top 10 sites, but you can choose as many competitors as you want.

Sometimes you get social networking sites like Quora, Reddit, or E-Commerce sites in that list that are not your relevant competitors. At that time, to get better results, you have to uncheck those sites.

3. Content Editor of NeuronWriter:

Now you get the editor interface of NeuronWriter. Here you get tons of features that play a key role in optimizing your content.

We will explain a few important features:

  • Content:

In the content section, you can precisely paste and save your article. Not only that, like any other tool writer, you get all those options that you need to use to create better content. Like,

  • Headings( h, h2, h3, h4)
  • Bold, Italic, Underline
  • Link 
  • Bullet points
  • Undo, Redo
  • Adding images
  • Export, Import, and many more.

Also, they provide cloud saving, but sometimes it doesn’t sink with the cloud properly. So, always save your article after the changes. 

  • Required Words 

One of the best features of NeuronWriter is the required word count of the content that you have to create for better optimization. 

Isn’t it amazing?😄

You don’t have to predict how many words of content you have to create to beat your competitors. NeuronWriter calculates this word count after analyzing the top ten competitors’ sites.

  • NLP Words 

When you paste and save your content then you get amazing features that will create magic. Yes, this feature is called NLP words. 

NLP words are those words or keywords that Google search engine bots or crawlers normally find while scanning your article. 

In the process, first search engine bots read your whole article thoroughly and identify how many relevant and related keywords you have included in your article.

Then they decide whether to rank an article or not. 

But you know, as human beings, we can’t make an accurate list of those relevant keywords that your competitors have included. 

As content writers, we try to add all those relevant and related keywords by analyzing the competitors. But mostly we miss relevant keywords that must be included.

Therefore, why not take help from this tool? 

Yes, this particular feature provides all those keywords that you haven’t included in your content. Not only that, it also tells you how many times you need to use those relevant keywords.

Let’s learn all about these NLP words.

  • Content Score:

Content score is a parameter that NeuronWriter calculates after including all those relevant keywords to your title, headings, and content.

When you add all those recommended terms by NeuronWriter, the content score increases.  

As a recommendation: Keep that Content Score around 70 to 80. It is good to go.

  • Competitor’s Best:

This option tells you the highest optimization score of your competitors; that is 71 and SERP’s number one ranking page and its content score are 65. 

So you need to make your content score more than that if you want to beat your competitors.

  • Content Terms: After saving your content, just keep your eyes on the right side of the editor interface and see the magic. 😃
  • Terms in headers: Here you get all the h1 and h2 terms that you have to use in order to create an optimized title and h2, and h3 tag.
  • Terms in the article:

Here you get all the keywords in your content that

  • You have added,
  • You haven’t; it means those keywords you need to include,
  • Also, it tells how many times you have used any particular keyword.

Number of occurrences in your content:

With a few colours, this tool tells you which term is precisely used and which is overused.

  • Red: When you use any keyword excessively.
  • Yellow: When you use a particular keyword for more than the tool’s recommendation.
  • Green: When a keyword is perfectly used.
  • White: When you don’t use any particular keyword.

This feature is amazing and lets you add and optimize your content in a better way.

  • Ideas for the Headings:

Here you get all those headings that your competitors have used in their content.

From here you can directly create H1, H2, and H3 headings.

NeuronWriter provides these keywords by analyzing your competitors’ content and from Google’s suggestions.

  • YT:

This option provides YouTube videos related to your keywords that you can add to your content.

Now click on the second option, top analysis which is just after the Content Writer option.

  • Top Analysis

When you click on this option this tool provides loads of information about the competition, your competitors, SERP, and keyword ideas.

4. Competition

Here you get the difficulty of the main keywords of your content.

1 . Competitors – parameters:

Also, you get a top 10 competitors’ analysis with their page score in different parameters that lets you do both on-page and off-page SEO.

  • Figures of On-Site SEO: 
  • Content score, 
  • Page title, 
  • Content length, 
  • language
  • word count, and 
  • readability score. 
  • Figures of Off-Site SEO
  • Moz Page Authority, 
  • Domain Authority, 
  • Moz Page Rank, and 
  • Moz External Links.

2. Competitors – structure:

It’s a gold mine for every content creator. Here you get the exact structure of your top ten competitors on one single page.

Those are:

  • Ranking position on SERP 
  • Title
  • Page URL
  • Headings
  • Subheadings

3. Competitors – breakdown:

This option provides content volume and content score. There you get some parameters that you must follow if you want to beat your competitors. Like 

  • How many characters there should be in your content,
  • How many words do you have to write,
  • Readability score.

Isn’t it amazing? 

The more data you get about your competitors, analyzing, planning, and structuring your content gets easier.

As a result, ranking your content on Google becomes also easy. 

5. SERP layout and features:

This option shows how the sites are appearing on the search engine result page.

It displays whether a page is appearing on 

  • Instant answer,
  • Related queries, or
  • Reviews.

1. Related Keywords

Here you get all those related and relevant keywords that you can include in your content.

So whenever you lack keyword ideas, you can easily find and add those to your content from here.

2. Content Terms:

Here you get some keywords based on their importance and position. 

To put it simply, this tool analyzes and compares all the data in Google and summarizes the very important keywords.

Also, this tool shows you the position where to include those; like title, description h1, h2, and h3. 


Now let’s explore the third option; which is comments.

Normally, when you work with a team and assign numerous content to your members, you need to instruct them properly on how they will write it.

At the time, you can use this feature preciously and add instructions and guidelines for the team members.

Content Draft of NeuronWriter 

Now let me show you an amazing thing.

Just click on the Draft and you will get a pop-up section.

1. Meta:

Here you can create an amazing meta description for your article.

For that, all you have to do is to choose one of those headings and descriptions provided by the tool.

But remember this thing: don’t use heading and description the same as they are exactly taken from your competitor’s site.

Just take inspiration, use your creativity, and make some changes so that they become unique.

2. Article Layout

Here you can create an awesome Content Layout for your content by using the Content Ideas provided by this tool.

On the right side, you get countless suggested headings and questions that you can easily add and make a superb article layout.

Moreover, you can create amazing FAQs from those suggested questions.

How to Use NeuronWriter to Generate AI Content?

As we told you earlier this tool provides monthly AI credits, so with the help of AI you can generate AI content; like you can 

  • Start Paragraph
  • Expand any short content
  • Rephrase text
  • Generate article topic ideas, etc.

Let’s see how you can generate AI content at ease with the help of this tool.

Firstly: You have to choose a topic to get AI-generated content. 

For example, here our topic is:  “Let’s start with Affiliate Marketing Basics”.

Secondly: Then simply select the topic, and you will get an AI writing option on the very right side of that little toolbox. Now click on that option; it will provide four methods to create AI content

  • Start paragraph,
  • Expand, 
  • Rephrase,
  • Show AI writing templates

Here we can see a screenshot

Thirdly: Now you can generate content in four different ways. You can create a paragraph, expand any text, or rephrase text (it will change the text’s context).

Here we will create a new paragraph for an H2 that is “Let’s start with Affiliate Marketing Basics.”

Here we can see the output text created by AI. 

Just like this, you can create all those other types of AI content.

Final Verdict on NeuronWriter Review

We can definitely say NeuronWriter is one of the best SEO tools that not only helps you create unique content but also helps optimize important keywords.

Apart from AI content, this tool is very beneficial for improving the SEO of your human-written content. So, if you are looking for an SEO and AI writing tool NeuronWriter will be worth purchasing.

And one thing to mention, AppSumo is providing a great deal right now. Grab it before it ends.

NeuronWriter Lifetime Deal 2024

The NeuronWriter is available on Appsumo with a lifetime deal.

NeuronWriter appsumo lifetime deal
  • Lifetime access to NeuronWriter
  • Al content writing with 20+ templates (GPT engines & ChatGPT)
  • Competitor SERP analysis
  • Advanced content outline based on competition and user intent
  • Internal link suggestions
  • NLP content optimization and content planning
  • Schema data explorer & Chrome extension
  • All languages with NeuronWriter language models (forms, variants, plural forms, and synonyms)
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