8 Best AI Music Generator in 2024: {Free Plan Included}

Are you looking for the best AI music generator?

Then you are at the right place.

AI music generators can produce, compose, and edit music without any singer or human voice, expensive instruments, or lavish recording studio.

Yes, you heard it right. With a few clicks, you can generate a complete soundtrack without any prior music-generation knowledge.

Sound exciting?

Let’s dive down and discover the world of AI music.

8 Best AI Music Generator {Free and Paid}

You can use these 8 best AI music generators to create amazing voices and music without any singer and instruments.

S.No.AI Generator NameWebsite Link
1Aiva Music GeneratorVisit Website
2Loudly AI Music GeneratorVisit Website
3Suno AI Music GeneratorVisit Website
4Mubert AI Music GeneratorVisit Website
5Ecrett Music AI Music GeneratorVisit Website
6Beatoven AI Music GeneratorVisit Website
7Boomy AI Music GeneratorVisit Website
8WavTool AI Music GeneratorVisit Website

Now let’s explore each of these AI Music generators in detail.

1. Aiva Music Generator


Developed in 2016, Aiva is the world’s first AI music composer recognized by music society SACEM.

Since then Aiva frequently updated its algorithm to generate appropriate background music for content creators. video games and movies.

Features of Aiva Music Generator

  • Aiva AI music generator allows users to generate soundtracks in over 250 different styles.
  • Whether you are a professional or a novice in music generation, by utilizing Aiva AI you can generate rhythmic music within a few clicks.
  • Its user-friendly editing tools help fine-tune your tracks without prior audio editing skills.
  • You can download music in popular formats like MP3, MIDI, and WAV.

Aiva Plan & Pricing

Aiva has three plans for individual users. and you will get monthly and annual billing cycles.

  1. Free
  2. Standard
  3. Pro

Aiva Monthly Plan & Pricing:- Below are the pricing details of each plan if you choose the monthly billing cycle.

AIVA monthly plan

Aiva Yearly Plan & Pricing:- When you choose the annual billing cycle you will get a good discount on your purchase. For the standard plan, you will get 26% off and for the pro plan, you will get a flat 33% off.

AIVA yearly plan

To know more about Students & Schools and Enterprises, contact AIVA customer support.

1. Aiva Free Plan:- This plan is suitable for beginners who want to use compositions for non-commercial use cases only, and don’t mind giving credit to AIVA. For the free plan, no credit card is required.

Below are the benefits you will get with this plan:-

  • Copyright owned by AIVA
  • No monetization
  • Credit must be given to AIVA
  • 3 downloads per month
  • Track durations of up to 3 minutes
  • Download MP3 & MIDI formats

2. Aiva Standard Plan:- Recommended for content creators who want to monetize compositions only on Youtube, Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram. Features included are:-

  • Copyright owned by AIVA
  • Limited monetization
  • No need to credit AIVA
  • 15 downloads per month
  • Track durations of up to 5 minutes
  • Download MP3 & MIDI formats

3. Aiva Pro Plan:- Recommended for creators who want to own the copyright of their compositions, and monetize without restrictions.

  • Copyright owned by YOU
  • Full monetization
  • No need to credit AIVA
  • 300 downloads per month
  • Durations up to 5 mins 30 secs
  • Download ALL file formats
  • Export high-quality WAV files

2. Loudly AI Music Generator


Loudly AI is a revolutionary music platform with almost 100,000 unique music and soundtracks. Collaborate with AI to create, customize, and release unique music to social media, streaming platforms, and more. Designed for modern creators. 100% Royalty-Free.

Features of Loudly AI Music Generator

  • Loudly AI music generator allows users to generate custom tracks according to their specific needs.
  • Its AI-powered music search feature assists in finding suitable music for the projects.
  • An extensive library of royalty-free music widens the possibility of integration with different activities.
  • Loudly Music API offers seamless integration of music with diverse platforms.
  • Its Text To Music creation facility generates smooth soundtracks from simple text.

Loudly Plan & Pricing

Loudly has three plans including the free plan that you can use to try all the features and decide whether it is good for you or not. The 3 plans of loudly are:-

  1. Free
  2. Personal
  3. Pro

Loudly Monthly Plan & Pricing:- Loudly offers a monthly plan where you have to pay on a monthly basis. if you don’t want to pay a lump sum amount you can choose the monthly billing cycle.

Loudly Monthly Plan

Loudly Yearly Plan & Pricing:- The yearly billing cycle will cost you a little less, if you choose the annual billing cycle, you will get a flat discount of 50% on the personal and pro plan.

Loudly Anually Plan

In addition to each plan, you can purchase a Distribution package for an extra cost of $2.99/month.

1. Loudly Free Plan:- The free plan will allow you to try and test all the features of this amazing AI music generator and then choose the paid plan. The free plan includes:-

  • 25 song creations per month
  • Maximum song length 30 seconds
  • 1 download per month
  • Standard quality MP3

2. Lodly Personal Free Plan:- This plan is best for multiple channel owners who are working on multiple self-projects and looking for good growth in the music generation.

The personal plans provide you the following features and benefits:-

  • 300 song creations per month
  • maximum song length 3.5 minutes
  • 300 downloads per month
  • 5 Stem packs per month
  • 20 studio exports per month
  • High quality MP3, WAV

3. Loudly Pro Plan:- The pro plan is for agencies, and marketing companies who are working for clients. creating a lot of music content on a regular basis with high quality.

The pro plans provide you the following features and benefits:-

  • 1000 song creations per month
  • maximum song length 7 minutes
  • 500 downloads per month
  • 20 stem packs per month
  • 80 studio exports per month
  • High quality MP3, WAV

3. Suno AI Music Generator


Founded by Georg Kucsko, Martin Camacho, Michael Shulman, and Keenan Freyberg, Suno AI is a generative AI music-creation program capable of producing pleasant music effortlessly.

Suno AI is one of the finest AI music generation tools in the list of our best AI music generators.

Harnessing the power of generative AI, Suno AI is designed to generate realistic songs that can efficiently integrate with authentic human voices.

On December 20, 2023, Suno AI was integrated into the Microsoft Copilot platform, widening the opportunity to reach more audiences.

Till now Suno AI hasn’t disclosed the AI technology that has been used to generate AI music due to copyright and plagiarism concerns.

Features of Suno AI Music Generator

  • Its simple user-friendly interface can generate songs within a few clicks.
  • Suno supports multi-language song creation and allows people to generate AI sounds from every corner of the world based on their culture and language.
  • In addition to AI songs, Suno AI generates cover art and lyrics.

Plan & Pricing

Suno has three plans, one of them is free and the rest of the two are paid.

  • Free
  • Pro
  • Premier

Suno Monthly Plan & Pricing

Suno Monthly Plan

Suno Yearly Plan & Pricing

Suno Yearly Plan

4. Mubert AI Music Generator


Mubert is an intuitive and simple AI music-generation platform.

It generates royalty-free, unique high-quality music utilizing the magic of advanced AI.

Features of Mubert AI Music Generator

  • Mubert AI renders music for various needs. You can include Mubert AI music in the background of videos, apps, games, and podcasts.
  • Mubert Studio allows artists to earn from music by blending original scores with AI.
  • Another important feature of Mubert is Mubert Play, which delivers music according to the mood and activities of the listener.
  • You can integrate Mubert’s music into various platforms using Mubert API.
  • Its customization component assists in generating the perfect piece of audio content by removing unnecessary parts.

Plan & Pricing of Mubert AI Music Generator

Mubert has four plans.

  • Free
  • Creator
  • Pro
  • Business

Mubert Monthly Plan & Pricing

Mubert Monthly Plan

Mubert Yearly Plan & Pricing

Mubert Annual Plan

5. Ecrett Music AI Music Generator

Ecrett Music

Developed by a group of musicians, composers, designers, dancers, and engineers, the Ecrret Music team believes that music creation should be independent.

Features of Ecrett AI Music Generator

  • This independent AI music generation platform is a great choice for amateurs and professional musicians alike.
  • It’s a royalty-free AI music platform that permits music usage on any platform without copyright issues.
  • Ecrett music can generate several real-life musical instrument tunes in a few clicks such as Melody, Backing, Bass, and Drum.
  • Every month Ecrett team adds 500k+ music patterns to their platform.
  • You can download and use Ecrett music on various platforms for monetization purposes.
  • This amazing AI music platform generates different music each time even using the same setting.

Plan & Pricing of Ecrett Music Generator

Ecrett Music has three plans.

  • Free
  • Individual
  • Business

Ecrett Music Monthly Plan & Pricing

Ecrett Music Monthly plan

Ecrett Music Yearly Plan & Pricing

Ecrett Music Yearly plan

6. Beatoven AI Music Generator


This revolutionary AI tool generates music that appropriately fits inside any audio-visual content.

AI music generated using Beatoven can be used in the background of games, podcasts, and videos.

Features of Beatoven Music Generator

  • Beatoven customizable music creation feature assists in crafting perfect music tracks based on mood, genre, and content length.
  • Beatoven provides outstanding flexibility in music creation.
  • Its industry-standard mixing and mastering gives it an edge over its competitors.
  • Beatoven’s unique and attractive instrument selection feature provokes its users to start crafting tracks to fulfill their needs without knowledge of music or musical instruments.
  • Beatoven’s 16 vibrant moods take the essence of music one step further than other competitors.
  • YouTube content creators can utilize Beatoven tune in the background of their visual content.

Plan & Pricing of Beatoven AI Music Generator

Beatoven has three plans with different features.

  • Free Trial
  • Subscription
  • Buy Minutes

Beatoven Monthly Plan & Pricing

Beatoven Monthly Plan

Beatoven Yearly Plan & Pricing

Beatoven Yearly Plan

7. Boomy AI Music Generator


Boomy is the captivating AI music generation platform that unleashes your creativity in the music world without prior proficiency.

Features of Boomy Music Generator

Boomy has a simple and user-friendly interface.

  • Boomy is an ideal music generation platform for newbies.
  • Users can upload songs generated using Boomy on various music platforms.
  • Also, users can use those tracks for monetization purposes.
  • Its superfast AI technology allows users to generate music within a few seconds.
  • The AI-powered search feature assists users in finding a particular song from multiple lists of songs.
  • Boomy showcases the ‘Feature Releases‘ and ‘Featured Song‘ sections in the dashboard section. These two sections display the most trending and popular music on the Boomy platform.

Plan & Pricing of Boomy AI Music Generator

Bloomy currently provides three plans.

  • Free
  • Creator
  • Pro

Boomy Monthly Plan & Pricing

Boomy only provides monthly subscription plans.

Boomy Monthly Plan

8. WavTool AI Music Generator


Acknowledged by several renowned media houses around the globe Wavtool is an in-browser generative AI audio generation platform.

Wavtool is one of the most advanced AI music generation tools on our list.

Features of Wavtool Music Generator

  • You don’t have to download or install any software in the system to start using Wavtool. Just a browser is enough.
  • This all-in-one, ultra-advanced platform allows users to generate, record, compose, produce, mix, master, and export.
  • Audio to MIDI features provide real-time controls over the entire transcription process.
  • Conductor a multi-modal music chatbot assists you in answering questions, generating music and MIDI, and other important music generation steps.
  • Another amazing feature of Wavtool is Composer. Composer helps you with seamless music generation and editing.

Plan & Pricing of Wavtool

Wavtool has three plans.

  • Basic
  • Indie
  • Pro

Wavtool Monthly Plan & Pricing

Wavtool only provides monthly subscription plans.

WavTool pricing

FAQs on Best AI Music Generator

Q1. Can You Use ChatGPT To Make Music?

Yes, ChatGPT can used to generate an entire song. Also, you produce lyrics, beats, and melodies. Nowadays even songwriters are taking inspiration from ChatGPT.

Q2. Is AI-generated Music Copyright Free?

It depends on the music generation platform. Some of the platforms generate royalty-free music, while some platforms impose strict restrictions on using it for monetization and other commercial purposes.

Q3. What Is The AI Music Generator For Spotify?

Spotify’s new ‘AI Playlist‘ allows users to generate unique songs using simple text prompts.

Q4. How To Make An AI Song Free?

You can generate AI songs utilizing various free AI music generator tools. Also can take advantage of free plans for various famous AI music generation tools.

Conclusion on Best AI Music Generator

That’s it for now.

I hope you have enjoyed the article on the best AI music generation. I have handpicked the best AI music generator tool to enhance your journey in the music industry.

Let me know in the comment section whether I have missed your favorite one.

I will eagerly wait to hear from you.

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