Is Rank Math Pro Worth It? 11 Reasons To Choose It Over Yoast SEO

As we know free version of Rank Math has certain limitations, to take advantage of the advanced features usually website owners opt-in to a paid plan.

Are you one of them?

Considering installing Rank Math Pro’s latest version by surpassing the free Rank Math or Yoast SEO plugin?

But still confused about the capability of Rank Math Pro.

Is Rank Math Pro worth it?

In this article, I will compare each feature available with free and paid Rank Math plugins and discuss significant paid features, plans, and pricing of Rank Math Pro.

Let’s find out.

What Is Rank Math Pro Version?

Is Rankmath Pro Worth It

Founded in 2018, Rank Math is a robust and user-friendly WordPress SEO plugin that assists vehemently in improving search engine ranking.

Rank Math Pro is an all-in-one SEO plugin.

Headquartered in India, within a short span compared to other SEO plugins, Rank Math has achieved 3 million active user bases.

Rank Math’s built-in SEO feature comprehensively widens the possibility of ranking higher in the search results.

Its free version provides more features than other paid SEO plugins out there in the market.

Along with the free plan, its significant pro features like Schema Markup, Keyword Rank Tracker, Woocommerce SEO, Local SEO, and Podcast Module deliver the ultimate solution for bloggers, businesses, and agency owners.

Comparison Between The Free And Paid Rank Math Version

Rankmath Free Vs Pro

This comparison will provide a clear overview of Is Rank Math Pro Worth It.

Features Of Rank Math PluginFree VersionPro Version
Keyword Rank TrackerNoYes
Tracked keywordsNo500
Advanced Google Analytics 4 IntegrationNoYes
Free Content AI Trial With CreditsNo5000
Track Google Index StatusLimited ReportYes
The Most Advanced Schema GeneratorNoYes
SEO Performance Email ReportsLimited ReportYes
Import Schema From Any WebsiteNoYes
Speakable SchemaNoYes
Google Trends IntegrationNoYes
Google News SEO SitemapNoYes
Google Video SEO SitemapNoYes
Image SEO PRONoYes
Local SEO PRO With Multi LocationsNoYes
WooCommerce SEO PRONoYes
Complete EDD SEONoYes
Advanced Post FilteringNoYes
Podcast ModuleNoYes
18 Pre-defined Schema TypesYesYes
6 Extra Schema TypesNoYes
Automatic Video Detection for Video SchemaNoYes
Google Data Fetch Frequency7 days3 Days
Days to Preserve Google Data90 Days180 Days
Email Report Frequency In Days3015 or 30
Track Top 5 Winning KeywordsNoYes
Track Top 5 Losing KeywordsNoYes
Track Top 5 Losing PostsNoYes
Track Top 5 Winning PostsNoYes
Advanced Content SEO OverviewNoYes
Check Ranking Keywords for Each PostNoYes
Position History For Keywords & PostsNoYes
Add Custom Schema Using JSON+LD/HTMLNoYes
Validate Schema With GoogleNoYes
Custom Schema BuilderNoYes
Add Unlimited Multiple SchemasNoYes
840+ Schema Types SupportedNoYes
Automate Schema ImplementationNoYes
Dataset SchemaNoYes
Fact Check SchemaNoYes
Podcast SchemaNoYes
Carousel SchemaNoYes
Mentions & About SchemaNoYes
Automatic Q&A Schema for bbPressNoYes
Advanced Redirections ModuleNoYes
Advanced Local SEO BlocksNoYes
Google AdSense Earning HistoryNoYes
Import GSC & GA Data From A Particular CountryNoYes
Custom Setup Wizard ModeNoYes
Watermarked Social Media ImagesNoYes
Advanced Bulk Edit OptionsNoYes
Complete Import/Export OptionsNoYes
Dedicated Elementor Breadcrumbs WidgetNoYes
Elementor Accordion Widget to FAQ SchemaNoYes
Complete Divi IntegrationYesYes
Divi Accordion Widget To FAQ SchemaNoYes
Import/Export Focus KeywordsNoYes
Import SEO Data via CSV FileNoYes
Import Redirections Data Via CSV FileNoYes
Advanced Quick Edit OptionsNoYes
Detect Orphan PagesNoYes
Single Post Performance BadgesNoYes
Automatic Video Data Fill For Video SchemaNoYes
Track PageSpeed For Each Post & PageNoYes
Track SEO Performance Of Individual PostsNoYes
Sync Redirections To .htaccessNoYes
Noindex Password Protected PagesNoYes
Export 404 LogNoYes
Advanced HowTo SchemaNoYes
Mark Cloaked Links As External LinksNoYes
Find & Replace Image alt/title/caption TextNoYes
Automate Image CaptionsNoYes
Optimal Settings Pre-SelectedYesYes
Clean User InterfaceYesYes
Simple Setup WizardYesYes
Compatibility CheckYesYes
Auto Canonical URLsYesYes
Google Search Console IntegrationYesYes
Install Google Analytics CodeYesYes
Anonymize IP addressesNoYes
Cookieless Google Analytics TrackingNoYes
Self-Hosted Google Analytics JS FileNoYes
Exclude Logged-in users in GA TrackingNoYes
1 Click Import From Yoast SEOYesYes
1 Click Import From AIO SEOYesYes
1 Click Import For SEOPressYesYes
Import AIO Schema Rich SnippetsYesYes
Import From Redirection PluginYesYes
Advanced SEO Analysis ToolYesYes
30+ Detailed SEO TestsYesYes
SEO Analysis ScoreYesYes
SEO WarningsYesYes
SEO Failed TestsYesYes
Automated Image SEOYesYes
Advanced Automated Image SEO OptionsNoYes
Powerful Post OptimizationYesYes
Supports Custom Post TypeYesYes
Bulk Edit Titles & DescriptionsYesYes
Post Preview On GoogleYesYes
Content AnalysisYesYes
Control SEO For Single PagesYesYes
Control The TitleYesYes
Control Meta DescriptionYesYes
Auto Add Additional Meta DataYesYes
Focus KeywordYesYes
Control ROBOTS MetaYesYes
Choose A Primary CategoryYesYes
Google Keyword SuggestionYesYes
Optimize Unlimited KeywordsYesYes
Choose Pillar Posts & PagesYesYes
Internal Linking SuggestionsYesYes
Capitalize TitlesYesYes
Powerful XML SitemapYesYes
Module Based SystemYesYes
Advanced Redirection ManagerYesYes
Smart & Automatic Post RedirectsYesYes
301 Redirection TypeYesYes
302 Redirection TypeYesYes
307 Redirection TypeYesYes
410 Redirection TypeYesYes
451 Redirection TypeYesYes
Support for RegexYesYes
Debug RedirectionsYesYes
Redirect Attachments to ParentYesYes
Simple 404 MonitorYesYes
Advanced 404 MonitorYesYes
Role ManagerYesYes
Article SchemaYesYes
Book SchemaYesYes
Course SchemaYesYes
Event SchemaYesYes
Job Posting SchemaYesYes
Local Business SchemaYesYes
Music SchemaYesYes
Person SchemaYesYes
Product SchemaYesYes
Recipe SchemaYesYes
Restaurant SchemaYesYes
Review SchemaYesYes
Service SchemaYesYes
Software/App SchemaYesYes
Video SchemaYesYes
FAQ SchemaYesYes
How To SchemaYesYes
193 Local Business TypesYesYes
Social Media OptimizationYesYes
Add Overlay Icons On Social ImagesYesYes
Default OpenGraph ThumbnailYesYes
Auto Facebook Open GraphYesYes
Facebook AuthorshipYesYes
Compatible With EDDYesYes
Automatic Twitter Meta CardsYesYes
Twitter Card For HomepageYesYes
Default Twitter Card TypeYesYes
Social PreviewsYesYes
Default Share ImageYesYes
Support For Knowledge GraphYesYes
Option To Get Email If Update Is AvailableYesYes
Represent The Site As A PersonYesYes
Represent The Site As A CompanyYesYes
Choose A Separator CharacterYesYes
Modify Global MetaYesYes
Strip Category BaseYesYes
Search Engine Verification ToolsYesYes
Bing Site VerificationYesYes
Baidu Site VerificationYesYes
Alexa Site VerificationYesYes
Yandex Site VerificationYesYes
Google Site VerificationYesYes
Pinterest Site VerificationYesYes
Norton Safe Web Site VerificationYesYes
SEO BreadcrumbsYesYes
Advanced Link OptionsYesYes
Nofollow All External Image LinksYesYes
Compatible With EDDYesYes
Optimize Author Archive PagesYesYes
Open External Links In New TabYesYes
Contact Info ShortcodeYesYes
Compatible Wth EDDYesYes
PHP-FIG Coding Standards UsedYesYes
Optimize Archive PagesYesYes
Nofollow All External LinksYesYes
.htaccess EditorYesYes
robots.txt EditorYesYes
Import/Export SettingsYesYes
RSS OptimizationYesYes
Add Content Before RSS FeedYesYes
Add Content After RSS FeedYesYes
Version ControlYesYes
Detailed DocumentationYesYes
Multisite CompatibleYesYes
24x7x365 SupportYesYes

As per my knowledge and experience with the Rank Math Pro version. You don’t need any other SEO plugin after using it.

Even it can reduce the usage of many other little plugins like FAQ schema plugins, Table of Content Plugins, Website Stats Plugins, Keyword Rank Checker Plugins, and other plugins.

It helps you to reduce the number of plugins on your site which leads to a lightweight site and better ranking in SERPs. Also, the SEO features, rank tracking features, and 404 monitoring features make your site more advanced and error-free.

Let’s see the all premium features of RankMath Pro in detail.

Advanced Things You Get With The Rank Math Pro Version

Below are Rank Math Pro’s significant features that help stand out from other WordPress SEO plugins.

1. Keyword Rank Tracking

rank math keyword rank tracker

Rank Math Pro allows users to track all keywords ranking for the past twelve months in search results. Also shared all created stats for each keyword like impressions, clicks, position, and position history to keep an eye on your complete keyword journey.

Regular monitoring of ranking keywords enables website owners to build an effective SEO and content generation strategy that leads to better rankings than archrivals.

It helps you in planning your SEO strategy to beat your competition and rank above your competitors.

2. Schema Generator

rank math schema feature

With Rank Math Pro scheme generator you can add different types of schema in your blog post, pages, and attachments.

Presently Rank Math Pro offers more than twenty different types of schema. You can automatically preset schema markup to any page and post.

Also, you can manually add or change schema according to the type of post pages and categories. The paid version also supports more than 840 schemas.

Google Trends allows users to obtain actual trends about a particular keyword.

The Google Trends integration feature of Rank Math Pro allows observe Google Trends data from inside your WordPress dashboard.

4. Google Analytics Integration

rank math analytics

This is another useful feature that has recently been integrated with the Rank Math Pro version. From now Rank Math Pro users can observe exclusive Google Analytics data from WordPress dashboards.

No need to look at Google Analytics or search console separately. With Rank Math Pro you can see all the analytics and search console data in your WordPress with Rank Math integration.

All stats at one place with this powerful tool to analyze, observe, and make strategies accordingly.

5. News And Video Sitemap

news and video sitemap

Usually, you can generate sitemaps using the Rank Math free version.

But the premium Rank Math version allows you to generate sitemaps for news and video separately.

News sitemap assists in crawling news-related content efficiently, on the other hand, Video sitemaps benefit in better ranking of visual content in search results.

6. Podcast

rank math podcast

Nowadays everyone loves to listen to podcasts.

Here comes the Rank Math Pro version comes into play.

Without any additional plugins, you can generate schema for podcasts utilizing Rank Math Pro.

These beneficial features assist in the rankings of your podcast in prominent podcast platforms like Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts.

7. Content AI

content ai rank math

This feature allows users to generate SEO-friendly AI content within a few clicks. With the Paid plan Rank Math provides a Content AI Trial of up to 5.0k credits.

You are getting the Rank Math content AI without your WordPress dashboard, which means, you don’t have to leave your WordPress dashboard to write content with the help of an AI writing tool.

You will get 40+ AI templates to create content in different formats and also suggest personalized content creation with its AI features.

If you want to generate more AI content using Generative AI, have to purchase a Content AI paid plan separately. Later in the article will also discuss all the content AI plans and pricing.

8. Unlimited Website

You can add unlimited personal websites after subscribing to the Rank Math Pro Plan. There is no limitation on that. That is the best part about this plan. if you are only working on your sites then you can use it on multiple sites without any issue.

9. Social Media Image Watermark

You can automatically watermark social media images using Rank Math.

10. Advance WooCommerce Features

Rank Math Pro provides plenty of advanced WooCommerce features that increase the possibilities of reaching the product to a wider audience.

11. Data Import

By using Rank Math Pro you can import SEO and redirection data of websites in CSV file format.

The paid version also allows to importing or exporting of focus keywords.

Price And Plans Of Rank Math Pro Version

Before going ahead with Rank Math Pro plans and pricing, let’s see what is the price difference between Rank Math Pro and Yoast SEO Pro plans.

Rank Math Pro Price Comparison

Above is the image where you can see a clear huge difference between the Rank Math Plan and Yoast SEO Plans.

Rank Math provides Three paid plans.

Rank Math PRO Pricing And Plan

(1) Rank Math Pro Plan:- Ideal for solopreneurs, bloggers, and individual website owners who are working on a few sites and looking for the best SEO plugin that can help them rank fast in SERPs.

I am personally using the Pro plan of Rank Math. It is more than enough if you are working on a few sites. It will cost you $6.99/ month if you are billed annually. A great discount of 10% on annual billing.

With the pro plan, you will get all these features:-

  • Unlimited personal websites
  • Track 500 Keywords
  • Powerful Schema Generator
  • Free Content AI Trial (5.0k Credits)
  • 24/7 Support
  • Renews at $7.99 per month + taxes

(2) Rank Math Business Plan:- Perfect fit for agency owners, freelancers, and small business owners with little more extra limits and more power in hand to optimize your blog posts.

The business plan will cost you $20.99/month if you bill annually, you will get a discount of 13% on annual billing. With the Business plan, you will get the following benefits:-

  • Supports 100 client websites
  • Track 10,000 Keywords
  • Powerful Schema Generator
  • Free Content AI Trial (12.0k Credits)
  • 24/7 Priority Support
  • Renews at $24.99 per month + taxes

(3) Rank Math Agency Plan:- As the name suggests, this plan is super suitable for large agency owners, and bigger brands who are working on multiple big projects and in-house projects simultaneously.

It will cost you $49.99 /month if you choose the annual billing cycle, a discount of 13%. Below are the features and benefits you will get with the agency plan of Rank Math Pro:-

  • Supports 500 client websites
  • Track 50,000 Keywords
  • Powerful Schema Generator
  • Free Content AI Trial (30.0k Credits)
  • 24/7 Priority Support
  • Renews at $59.99 per month + taxes

The Rank Math provides a 30-day money-back guarantee without any questions asked with all Rank Math products.

Rank Math Content AI Price And Plan

In addition to the Rank Math SEO plugin, Rank Math has launched Content AI.

By harnessing the power of generative AI Content AI generates content instantly with only a few clicks.

With more than 40 AI-powered tools, Content AI generates human-like SEO-optimized unique content within a few moments.

Content AI Plan

Rank Math Content AI offers Three different plans.

Rank Math Content AI Price And Plan

Rank Math Content AI Starter Plan:- Recommended for beginners. New in content creation work and AI writing are new for you so you can try this plan with minimal cost with all premium features. Let’s see the benefits of this Plan.

  • 5,000 Monthly Credits
  • Unlimited Websites & User Seats
  • Over 40+ Tailored AI Tools
  • 125+ Curated AI Prompt Templates
  • RankBot: Your Dedicated SEO Ally
  • 24/7 Premium Support
  • Renews at $5.99 per month + taxes

Rank Math Content AI Creator Plan:- Ideal agency owner, mid-size content generator who works on multiple projects and client projects. Let’s see the benefits you will get with the creator plan.

  • 12,000 Monthly Credits
  • Unlimited Websites & User Seats
  • Over 40+ Tailored AI Tools
  • 125+ Curated AI Prompt Templates
  • RankBot: Your Dedicated SEO Ally
  • 24/7 Premium Support
  • Renews at $10.99 per month + taxes

Rank Math Content AI Expert Plan:- Perfect for high-volume content generators. Big agency owners, and company owners who create different forms of content regularly in large quantities. Below are the benefits you will get with an expert plan.

  • 30,000 Monthly Credits
  • Unlimited Websites & User Seats
  • Over 40+ Tailored AI Tools
  • 125+ Curated AI Prompt Templates
  • RankBot: Your Dedicated SEO Ally
  • 24/7 Premium Support
  • Renews at $16.99 per month + taxes

FAQ for Rank Math Pro Plugin

Q1. Is Rank Math Plugin Free?

Yes, you can download the free Rank Math plugin manually or install it from the plugin section of WordPress. Rank Math’s free version comes with limited features and usage facilities.

Q2. Can I Use Rank Math With Other SEO Plugins?

No, but you can import previous SEO plugin settings inside Rank Math.

Q3. Is Rank Math Better Than Yoast?

Both plugin have their unique capabilities. After using both SEO plugins, in my opinion, Rank Math is a better option to choose compared to Yoast SEO.

Final Thought on Is Rank Math Pro Worth It?

I hope you have a clear conception of whether Rank Math Pro is worth it or not.

But remember an SEO plugin can’t rank posts higher in the search results, plugins like Rank Math play a secondary role.

Your SEO proficiency and high-quality content generation ability uplift your website’s ranking and drive quality organic traffic.

So, that’s it for now.

But before signing off I would love to hear your valuable opinion about the above article.

I hope you will put in a few words.

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