How to Start a Fashion Blog and Make Money

Fashion is an art form that appears daily in our lives.

Fashion is art; this is why designers are artists. An artist knows the struggle behind showcasing their talent on public platforms.

The fashion blog is the platform that is the need of these artists. Here you can showcase your creative ideas to the public. You can gather a hell lot of audience from all over the globe. You will gradually gather confidence, the popularity, along with experience through this.

Why You should start a fashion blog

If you are into the fashion industry or love fashion and styles, then the idea of adding value to other’s life might pop into your mind. Blogging is always the best way to add value to the internet.

You might have observed many successful fashion influencers making millions with the help of blogging.

According to Business Insider, the fashion and style industry has a worth of $15 billion. Which is pretty awesome, right?

You will be surprised to see the ways to make money in this field.

Not only that, You will be able to connect with different established names in the fashion industry and boost your skills.

But before proceeding with the main content, it is essential to know the type of blog you are going to make. It can be an informational blog or a review-type blog.

In short, an Informational blog contains all the information regarding the fashion industry, like,
How-tos, Guides, Tips, and tricks, etc.

In the review type blog, you will provide a depth review of fashion and styling products.

Apart from Informational and review, we also have other segments like Personal style blogs, Celebrity Style blogs, Fashion News blogs. There are endless categories present in each field.

Once you decide the purpose and the type of blog, it will be easier for you to narrow down your niche and find potential customers.

So, without further delay, let’s get on with the process of making a successful fashion blog.

How to start a fashion blog that makes money

This step-by-step guide will cover every step that is required in 2021 to make a successful blog. Stay tuned with this article to discover some fantastic bonuses.

1. Getting a domain name


To make a successful fashion blog in 2021, you need a domain name. A domain name is the name of the brand or blog. If you want to build a brand around the blog, it is recommended to pick shorter domain names that are easy to remember.

If you are out of ideas, you can take the help of domain name generators like DomainWheel, Instantdomainsearch, etc.

Even you can use your name as the domain name. It increases your visibility as a personality on the internet.

You can use rhyming words and common phrases regarding fashion like fashion on a budget, Fashion hub, etc.

Along with a domain name, you need to pick one extension. There are many country-specific domain extensions available like .us, .in, .ch etc. We recommend you to go for the .com extension as it is widely accepted all over the world.

You can purchase the domain from Namecheap at $10 only. You can also use other domain name providers like GoDaddy, Domain Inr, etc., as per your choice and preference.

For buying a domain at the cheapest rate, the best recommendation is Namecheap. Click here for Namecheap domain discount.

Congrats! You made your first move towards creating a successful fashion blog in 2021. There is a long way to go.

Detailed Guide:- How To Choose the Brandable Domain Name For Your Blog

2. Choosing the best web hosting to host your fashion blog


Most of the newbies can’t understand the importance of good and reliable web hosting. They pursue cheap or free hosting and end up quitting.

So, it is strongly recommended to use good hosting. If you don’t know much about hosting, don’t worry; we will provide quick insights about web hosting, and we will also cover some of the best web hosting facilities available in the market.

Web hosting is the space or the home from where the contents, photos, etc., get fetched. Visitors access your blog through the domain name, but the contents get fetched from the hosting. If you get poor hosting, it will take a lot of time to fetch things, and people will bounce back from your website.

As a beginner, you might get confused by seeing the number of options available.

Bluehost is a great web host offering an affordable price. I have been using their services for the past five years and have never encountered any such issues.

Why I recommend Bluehost because WordPress also officially recommends Bluehost is the most trusted and affordable hosting powering 2 millions+ websites. See the below image.

wordpress recommend bluehost

WordPress also loves bluehost hosting and the No 1 Recommendations to the users.


Bluehost has millions of users all over the world. The best part about BlueHost hosting is that you will get a free domain for a year, so you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money buying a domain seperately.

They offer very affordable packages. We have listed the package and price to give you an estimation of how much they cost.

  • For 36 months, you only need to pay $2.95 monthly.
  • For 24 months, you only need to pay $3.95 monthly.
  • For 12 months, you only need to pay $4.95 monthly.

Bluehost is one of the best hosting providers available with so many features. The main and notable features are listed below.

  • No Question, Money-Back Guarantee
  • One-click WordPress Installer
  • There is no limit in Bandwidth and Diskspace.
  • A single hosting supports 100 websites
  • Extremely awesome customer support
  • $100 adword credit
  • Easy to use cPanel
  • Great Uptime
  • Hotlink Protections
  • Subdomains

They have servers in different regions like the USA, India, China, Europe. So, you can easily make your blog accessible to international customers.

Steps you need to follow to purchase Bluehost hosting successfully

Get a special discount by purchasing from the below ad or with this magical Link.

bluehost coupon

First, ➜ ➜ ➜ Clicking the link or banner will redirect you to Bluehost. and click on Get Started Now.

It is recommended to go with a 36 monthly plan as it will provide you maximum benefits.

Now choose your best plans which suits you and fits into your budget.


Enter the domain name. You can enter a new domain name or connect with an existing too.

Enter your billing information and click next.

You must finish the last steps, including deciding a password, and finally, make an online payment.

Now, our hosting is ready, and it is time to host and set up the blog.

3. Set Up Your Fashion Blog

After getting your best domain and hosting. Now it time to set up your blog on WordPress. So let’s dig into it.

Installing WordPress:

Well, now we have our domain and hosting ready. It is time to install WordPress. WordPress is basically a CMS (Content Management System) from where you will publish, modify or delete contents in your website.

Bluehost comes with a single-click WordPress installation, so you won’t face any issues while installing WordPress. In case you encounter any problems, contact the support team, and they will do the job for you.

Important settings in WordPress

Installing WordPress is not the only thing, there are some important settings that you need to do. Just checkout the below things.

1. Change Site title and tagline

The site title and tagline are the basic settings for your site. You can give the title as the domain name; the tagline must be unique and catchy. For a fashion blog, you can keep the tagline as “everything about fashion,” etc.

To change the site title and tagline, follow the steps carefully:

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard,
  2. Navigate to settings and then general
  3. You will get the options to change the site title and tagline

By default, the URL of the posts will contain the date, which is harmful in terms of SEO. So you need to optimize the URLs or permalinks. WordPress gives us the ability to customize the permalinks as per our needs. To set the permalinks, go to settings and then permalinks.

permalink settings

It is recommended to set the permalink structure to plain.

Installing Important Plugins:

Before heading off to any other parts, we need to install a few essential plugins such as:-

1. WP Rocket:

WP Rocket ensures the fast loading speed of a website through caching. It is a plugin for maximizing the performance of your website. WP Rocket is handier than any other caching plugins. It has a vast range of features that’s why this plugin is not available for free of cost.

You don’t need any prior technical knowledge for using WP rockets. The significant advantage of this WP Rocket is compatible with most of the hosting.

2. Updraftplus

Backups are vital for each and every website. Updraftplus is a premium quality plugin for scheduling your website backups. If at any point the website got crashed, then it helps you to retrieve the previous version stored as a backup.

The best part is updraft plus is a free backup plugin. But there are some features like priority support, website migrator, etc., in the premium version. Updraftplus does not provide the facility of real-time backup.

But overall, its DIY installation and remote storage for backups are always a plus point for many WordPress

3. Social Snap

Nowadays, social media is the weapon to drive large traffic. Social snap is a WordPress plugin for social sharing. Its high-end user interface allows you to use it with ease.

You can embed social sharing buttons or social sharing icons on your website. Social Snap uses vector icons so that your website won’t slow down. You can easily increase your followers through social media platforms by using the social snap plugin.

4. Contact Form 7

Contact form 7 allows you to modify the content of mail by using a markup language. You can also update the contact form according to your will. Contact Form 7 is providing all these features free of cost. By using contact forms, your audience can interact with you more precisely.

5. Akismet-Anti Spam

Spam filtering is an essential work for website owners. Akismet-Anti Spam is a plugin for spam filtering of comments. Akismet Anti-Spam plugin is pre-installed in WordPress.

The only work you have to do is the activation of this plugin. Akismet saves your time by filtering legit comments from the comment section by its algorithm. If a particular type of comment has been marked as spam by a large number of websites, then Akismet will automatically put it in the spam section.

6. RankMath:

RankMath plugin is used to make your website ready with SEO. It performs almost 30 SEO tests for a website. Rank Math is basically an SEO Plugin. It has several modules. You can enable or disable the modules at any point in time according to your requirements.

You can set an unlimited number of focus keywords for a post which helps you to customize the content. It provides automated keyword suggestions, XML sitemap, good speed, image SEO, and numerous other features.

4. How to Find the Perfect Theme for Your Fashion Blog

The very first thing after you install WordPress and set up your blog is to give it a great design. Whether you believe me or not, the design matters a lot.

Your blog’s success partially depends on the design. The best way to design your blog is by applying a good-looking theme to it. If you choose a bad theme, it will take a lot of time to load. Even if you take a lightweight theme, it will lack many features that you need.

There are few points that you need to note before you go for any theme; the Theme must be good-looking and lightweight. Though there are many themes that you can buy, I will always recommend you to go for the Astra Pro theme, as the Theme is extremely lightweight, has a lot of features and customizable blocks, and is SEO friendly.

More than 1 million users use the Astra Pro theme in their blog. Let us focus the spotlight on some of the top-notch features of the Astra Pro theme.

  • Lightweight (less than 50 KB)
  • Highly customizable Theme
  • Compatible with almost every page builders
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Lots of Demo sites
  • Superfast Performance
  • Price to performance ratio is top-notch

The most amazing fact about the Astra theme is that it has 70+ pre-built designs that you can use on your site. There is also a free version of the Astra theme, but it has very limited features.

You can get your Astra pro theme from here. We have been using Astra pro themes in some of
my blogs and haven’t faced a single issue till now.

In short, if you want superfast performance in your blog, you need a reliable theme that is lightweight yet provides all the features. Astra Pro is one of the finest themes for WordPress; you can integrate it with other builders or woocommerce.

The days have gone by when you code to make the designs; some beautiful demo sites are already provided, you can import that in a single click. It is totally worth it.

Pricing and packages

Packages are divided into two categories: Annual and Lifetime. There are three packages available.

astrapro plans and pricing
Annual Plan

● Astra Pro: $47
● Mini agency bundle: $169
● Agency bundle: $249

You will get the best value if you purchase the lifetime plan; however, if your budget is limited, you can always go with an annual plan.

Lifetime Plan

● Astra Pro: $249
● Mini agency bundle: $499
● Agency bundle: $699

Choose the plan that suits you. If you are a beginner or just confused about which one to go for, you are recommended for the lifetime plan of Astra Pro; however, you can go for an annual plan too.

5. Publish Your First Post and Start Blogging!

Till now, we have built our blog, applied a good theme, and added some essential plugins to our website. Currently, our website is ready.

It is time to add content to the blog. We all know that content is king. So more quality content means more value.

Adding posts to your blog is easy. Navigate to the Add new section under the posts tab.

Add post

At this point, a question might pop into your mind, “What should I add content so that it gets maximum engagement?”

Google always delivers results when we search for any key phrase or keywords. So, to get on top of SERP, we need to optimize our post according to that key phrase.

There are different types of keywords present; Informational, Navigational, Transactional.

(1) Informational Keywords: Informational keywords are those that contain information. Whenever the user is searching for any informational keywords, it means they are seeking information.

Some of the examples of informational keywords are “How-Tos” “Guides.” These are the goldmines for informational websites.

(2) Transactional Keywords: Whenever the users have the intention to buy products, they search for transactional keywords.

They contain words like” Buy,” “Sale,” “coupons” in them. These types of keywords are goldmines for affiliate marketers.

(3) Navigational Keywords: Users search these types of keywords to reach the destination website. These types of keywords do not have any user intent.

Some of the examples of Navigational keywords are “Bluehost login,” etc.

When we are just starting out, it is best to target long-tail keywords ( Keywords that contain four or more words in the phrase). To find out good beneficial keywords, you can take the help of many Keyword researching tools like SemRush, ahref, Keyword Finder.

Semrush Tutorial & Review – How to Use It For More Traffic and Ranking

Optimizing our content according to Keyword is necessary; here are some best SEO practices that you can follow:

  • Adding Your Keyword in the title of your post
  • Adding Keyword in the alt tags of images
  • Subheadings must contain the focused Keyword
  • Meta Description should contain the keyword phrase.

Get the list of all the best practices here: 17 tips to write SEO friendly articles

6. Promote Your Fashion Blog and Grow Your Audience

Initially, Google will not trust your website, so you will not get visitors in the beginning. At that time, you can take the help of social media to grab traffic.

Social Media has enormous potential. We are listing some of the top social media platforms from where you can get decent traffic on your blog.

1. Facebook:

Facebook is the biggest Social Media platform; you can get thousands of visitors from Facebook. What is the first thing you need to do? You need to create a page regarding your blog, and once you publish the articles there share them on That page.

You can also join different groups according to your niche and finally share your post there.

2. Quora:

Quora can be an excellent source for bloggers. You can find different questions people are having in the fashion niche; moreover, you can also bring targeted audiences from quora to your blog.

Go to quora, and see the questions, answer them and finally put your post link over there. If they find your answer useful, they will visit your blog. You can also connect with different fashion bloggers in Quora.

3. Pinterest:

Pinterest is another primary source from where you can bring many visitors. Once you publish your article, create pins for it. If you don’t know how to create pins for it, head off to canva, and you can create beautiful pins from there.

Share that pins on Pinterest and use tags related to your article. In this way, your pin will get on top and will receive a lot of engagement.


Twitter is another popular platform. Just tweet the post on Twitter, and you can get a lump sum amount of traffic from there. It is also a great way to connect with top fashion bloggers. As a beginner, you need to target social media for traffic.


Youtube is the second most popular search engine; you will miss a lot of audiences if you don’t target Youtube. Along with Google, you need to focus on Youtube.

If you can’t find any topic in which you can make a video, just make a video of what you have published in the blog and put the post link in the description.

7. Top Ways to Make Money from Fashion Blogs

In this section, we will cover all the methods by which you can monetize your blog.

(a) Using Ad networks:

It is the most common and easiest way of making a good amount of money. Once your blog starts to get visitors, you can sign up for different ad networks like AdSense and and submit your blog for review.

Once it is accepted by the ad networks, you see advertisements on your website, and whenever anyone clicks on the ad, you will earn some money.

(b) Affiliate Marketing:

It is the best way to make money through a blog. In general, you review someone else’s products, and whenever they buy the product from your link, you will earn a commission.

But the major condition of Affiliate Marketing is that the traffic should be targeted. You can join an Amazon affiliate and an affiliate of other top brands as per choice.

This is another excellent source of income. Generally, whenever your blog starts to gain authority, many companies will approach you for sponsorships.

Either they will look for sponsored posts, advertisements, or links. And, you can charge for that. The major con behind this concept of earning is that there is no surety that every month, you will get sponsorship.

(d) Selling services:

When your blog gets established, you can guide the newbies through ebooks or courses and earn from that. This is one of the most common techniques of earning money through blogs.

Mistakes to Avoid Before Starting A Fashion Blog

Publishing Posts without Keyword research: This is one of the common mistakes within the newbies. You must perform in-depth keyword research before writing content. As only by keyword searching you will be able to know what are the key phrases people are searching in Google, and finally, optimizing that key phrase in your article will boost your ranking.

Not connecting with peoples in your niche: You must connect with peoples in your niche on different social media platforms. You are able to know what the community wants, and fulfilling that with your post can help you make your audience base. Always remember your network is your net worth, so connect with people; the more you connect, the more you know.

Compromising with the quality of articles: This is another most common problem. People compromise with the quality and later start questioning why their posts are not ranking. You should never, ever compromise your quality. The more value you provide to the users, the more value you will get in return.

Not applying for monetization: Monetisation is what keeps the bloggers motivated. If you don’t monetize your blog, you will end up quitting. So, always plan which method of monetization you are targeting and work on that.

Top 10 Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2021

Fashion is a billion-dollar industry. According to the Shopify record, the worldwide revenue in the fashion industry grew up from $481 billion to $712 by 2022.

That’s crazy, right?

We have listed the ten beasts in this industry so that you can always get inspiration from them:

  1. The Satioralist: Scott Schuman started his very own fashion in 2005. He started this blog to demonstrate the relationship between fashion and daily life.
  2. SincerelyJules: It is one of the top-rated fashion and lifestyle blogs launched in 2009. Julie Sariana is the founder of this fashion. She shares tips about her outfits, beauty tricks, travel, etc., in this blog.
  3. Fashion Jackson: Amy Jackson, a fashion blogger from San Diego, is the founder of Fashion Jackson. From beauty tips to travel hacks, it has everything which fashion freaks ask for.
  4. The Budget Fashionista: This blog was featured in many renowned publications, for example, CNN, Good Morning America, CNBC, etc. Currently, this blog has been run by Catherine Brock since 2014.
  5. Who What Wear: Who What Wear is among the finest fashion blogs in the UK. It mostly covers celebrity fashion and trends.
  6. Hello Fashion: From fashion to house decor ideas, Hello Fashion has everything in it. This beautiful fashion blog is maintained by Christine Andrew.
  7. Man Repeller: Man Repeller came into existence in 2010. It won the “Shorty Award for Best” for its awesome fashion ideas.
  8. He Spoke Style: The Spoke Style fashion blog is dedicated to Men’s fashion. Brian Schwa shares his tips for Men’s fashion, grooming, etc., in this blog.
  9. Akanksha Redhu: It is an Indian Fashion blog. An Indian fashion blogger named Akanksha shares all her fashion, lifestyle, fitness, and beauty tips here.
  10. Cupcakes and Cashmere: Emily Schuman has kept a range of topics for her audience in Cupcakes and Cashmere. Other than fashion and beauty tips, she also covers topics like motherhood, food, travel, decor, DIY, etc.

Q1. What are some of the tools for Keyword Researching?

Though there are many tools available in the market, I will highly recommend you to go for any paid tool, as their metrics are more accurate.

Q2. How much time does it take to earn from a blog?

It totally depends on you, Ask yourself,
How much time are you putting in? How much research are you doing? How many visitors are you getting? In general, money starts to shine after 6-7 months.

Q3. How to make backlinks for your new blog?

The best way to make backlinks is by guest posting. Start outreaching different websites in your niche and start posting for them. In this way, you can make high-quality backlinks for your website.

Q4. Apart from Astra, which themes are good?

Though you can rely on any theme of your choice, if you would let me pick another theme apart from Astra, I will go for the Affiliate Booster theme.

Q5. How to promote your blog posts?

Though I have mentioned all possible ways by which you can promote your blog posts. In short,
> Do Social Sharing
> Start Guest Posting
> Help others through your posts
These were some of the best possible ways to promote your blog posts.


Well, we have covered each and every step that is required to make a successful Fashion blog. It is totally up to whether you wake up and take your first step or not.

I will highly encourage you to take blogging seriously as it may return you something that you have never imagined. So Wake and Start Hustling.

Share this complete guide with the needed ones and help them to take their first step.

you so much for investing your valuable time here. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy. 🙂 🙂

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