New in the Blogging World? Want to know how much does it cost to make a website in India?

you have probably come here to know the cost to start a website in India.

Well, From creating a Website to launching it on Google or Yahoo – It’s not a big deal at all.

But there are several things you have to consider before paying.

Keep in mind: You can get cheated if you take the wrong decision to choose the right things. Also, The performance of your website can be lower.

If you don’t do the procedure well to make your website you may by chance build a bad site.

The complete costing of a website varies a bit as it depends on your category and choices.

There are a lot of features that are paid, design and development are also included in costing.

The cost is not like a one-time fee. You have to cost for different parts manually like:- domain, hosting, theme, etc.

So, consider reading this guide to the end so that you can get the right things in your pocket.

Things you need to make a website in India

how much does it cost to make a website in india

There are several things you need to create a website in India.

Don’t worry, I will Discuss every possible thing in-depth for you so that you can easily step forward.

By the way, You need the following things to get started making your website in India.

#1. Domain Cost – Annual Renewal ($8.88/year on average)

The first thing that you have to purchase is a domain name.

A domain name is the name of your website like my site’s name is

And the .com is my domain extension.

There are more extensions like .com .net .org .xyz and so on…

For more information, you can check out the below video tutorial for more info about domain extensions.

Your domain name has to be unique. It should stand out from others so that you can make it a brand in the future.

Let’s see how to buy a domain name.

How To Buy a Domain name from Namecheap

There are plenty of companies that provide domain names. But I find Namecheap the most reliable and good service provider.

So, I recommend everyone to start with Namecheap for purchasing the best domain name for your blog or business.

Click this Link to Book Your Domain at Cheapest Price

Click this link and you will be redirected to Namecheap where you can see a search bar to type in your preferable domain name by which you wanna start your website.

Namecheap will show you if the domain name is available for you.

namecheap domain name

I am searching for the domain “Blogging1280” as an example to show you the next steps.

domain buying from namecehap

As you can see from the above picture the “” domain is available.

It will cost $8.88/year only. But in your case, the price can increase if you choose premium and valuable domains.

There are more suggested extensions below the domain name you can prefer.

Now click “Add To Cart” to Buy the domain you want.

After that, your domain name will be added to the cart. You have to click the drop-down cart menu at the top right side of your page and hit “View Cart”.

Then you will drive to the receipt page to see your purchasing information. You can choose the domain for as many years as you can afford.

You can renew the domain after the time has ended. After reviewing everything, hit the “Confirm Order”.

Then you have to create a new account with your necessary information including your Name and Email.

And just tap “Create Account”.

Now you will be shown a form to put more information including address and phone number. Remember to give the correct information as you may need it in the future.

Click the continue button after you are done.

thus, you have to pass through some more pages where you have to put your personal information

And finally, you will be shown the billing page where you have to give card information.

As soon as you click the continue button at the bottom of the billing page, you will be sent a “Successfully purchased Domain” Email with your domain information.

Now, what do with that domain?

You have to connect your domain with a Hosting Server to run your website.

Let’s see the process of Hosting,

#2. Hosting Cost – Annual renewal

After you have bought a domain, it’s time to hire hosting storage.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is a Super Computer where your files, images, videos, and other content or your site will be stored.

The Images, Files, contents, and whatever you can see on a website will be stored on hosting storage. This will make your site live on the internet.

So, we can understand that Hosting means a certain store where you will store your website files.

Like Domain Companies there are plenty of Hosting companies. So which hosting provider is best for you?

In the market, there are lots of hosting providers like SiteGround, A2Hosting, Bluehost, Godaddy, Hostgator, Hostinger, Mewnix, and many others.

but, Which one is best for you?

But amongst tons of companies, you have to choose the right one. But you don’t have to worry as I am here to help you out.

I have researched for the best hosting provider and I found Siteground The best.

I use Siteground on this site and I am using it on several other money-making websites. I personally use and love siteground a lot because of its amazing features and mind-blowing customer support.

I purchased siteground for straight 3 years during the Black Friday web hosting deal 2019. You can check the billing screenshot below.

siteground purcahase reciept

Here you can check my honest review of siteground after using it for more than 6+ months.

Click this link to grab 70% Discount on Siteground Hosting

Siteground is preferable to me as the best Hosting platform and I will recommend to all of the newbies to start with this damn fast company.

Well, If you want the best performance and willing to start with Siteground then click this link and you will be redirected to Siteground.

There are three different plans. You have to choose one plan as your budget allows. I recommend choosing the ‘GrowBig‘ plan which has all the necessary features. Its cost is $5.95/mo.

If you are just starting your first blog then go with the startup plan which is 1-site.

And if you already had a domain with some traffic and want to host multiple sites go with GrowBig Plan.

Hit the “Get Plan” Button and afterward, you will be shown a page of domain choosing. There are a few domain options given. Select a domain option that will well suit your requirement.

choose your domain name from siteground

If you have bought a domain from Namecheap as I showed at the first topic of Domain Cost part then tick “I already have a domain” and type in your domain name at the input box.

And if you haven’t bought a domain yet then you can tick the “Register A New Domain”.

I am thinking that You have already bought a domain from Namecheap as I showed earlier.

But Registering a New Domain is not tough at all. You only have to type in your name by ticking the “Register A New Domain” and the latter process is much the same as buying a domain from Namecheap.

Now let me continue after ticking the “I already have a domain”.

Tick that and type the domain name that you have bought in the input box, then click ‘Proceed‘.

Afterward,  you will be redirected to a page where you have to first create an account and then fill up the “Client Information” section with the required things.

create your account with siteground hosting

And lastly, scroll down the page and there are more sections to review and put information.

You will have to put card information, review the purchasing details.

And as soon as you click “Pay Now” your purchase will be complete and your Cpanel Username and password along with Hosting Information will be sent to your Email.

payment info for siteground purchase

That’s all I have to show you about Hosting. Now you have your domain name and hosting, this is the basic and mandatory investment to start a professional website for your business.

Let’s head into another Step. After hosting you need a professional and lightweight premium theme.

#3. Theme Cost – One Time Fee

GeneratePress premium coupon code

The website theme also plays a vital role in your ranking. A good WordPress theme can take your blog to the next level.

Well, let me talk a bit about the best lightweight theme that is suitable for every website.

Do you know? A website’s speed largely depends on the theme that you use.

If you choose the wrong theme you may get lower performance! And lower performance means low ranking.

So consider choosing the theme that suits your blog. But no need for hassle since I know what you need.

There are tons of themes available on the web. Many will promise you to grant good performance but believe me you will get nothing from a major part of themes.

I did try many themes at the starting when I was a newbie but I didn’t find most of them pleasurable.

And at last, I perceive the best theme. Are you excited to know which is the best theme?

I know you are.

Generatepress Premium Theme is the best theme for me as it provides extremely fast speed.

Read detailed review of GeneratePress theme here.

Famous Blogger Worldwide uses the Generatepress premium theme. Even I am also using this amazing theme on my all-money-making blog.

Why Should You choice Generatepress Premium Theme:

Let’ see the pros and cons of the Generatepress theme.

  • Secure and Stable – The Generatepress theme is considered very Secure as it is developed by high-quality professionals and it often takes updates to ensure stability. You don’t have to worry at all about the security or stability issues. It’s more secure than many other themes
  • Less Than 30KB – Feeling Shocked? Come down man! Yeah, Generatepress Theme is only 30KB. Not even an MB. It is the lightest weight theme I have ever seen.
  • Top in Speed – Thanks to its clear and miniature optimized codes. Speed is one of the great aspects of a website. Generatepress lets you start off as soon as possible. I think this theme may be the best theme for speed
  • Search Engine Optimized – Validated HTML, built-in structured data, and lastly, dazzling fast load time. The search engine will literally fall in love with you
  • Impressive Accessibility – GP theme follows WCAG 2.0 standards to make sure the audience engagement with your site. The Generatepress team is always aware of your Accessibilities

GeneratePress Premium is the best WordPress theme for each kind on the blog. You can customize it according to your blog theme and need.

#4. Design Cost – Fixed Using Page Builder

You can determine a certain theme from the category of design and easily make up the rest of your website. There are free designs available but I want to share a mind-blowing plugin that I am using, and it can take your blog to the next level in terms of designing.

If you check out my whole website, it looks very professionally neat, and clean, and the design of the homepage and all posts is designed with this plugin only.

Here is am talking about the thrive architect plugin. This is a page builder that can design your blog homepage, posts, pages, landing pages, and many more.

you have to pay one-time fee for it and that is totally worth every single penny. I am using it and it’s amazing.

If you don’t believe have a look at my whole site you will get an idea of how amazing this plugin is.

Keep in mind, that free things always come with some limitations and these limitations can sometimes act badly.

Serious Businesses are always recommended to start with paid things so that they can be ensured of the best performing website.

I am using a tool called thrive architect to design pages.

Why Should You Use Thrive Architect Page Builder?

  • Don’t need to know Coding – with the help of Thrive Architect Page Builder you can easily design your pages and theme without knowing code!
  • Ease of use – Yeah, You don’t need code. Even you don’t need to know any extra things or skills. Thrive Architect is Just mostly like Drag and Drop.
  • Landing Page Templates – There are 334 gorgeous landing pages available for you. Those themes are fully focussed on conversion and optimized well.

Click On This Link and go to thrive, architect, just grab the tool by clicking “Buy Now”.

Then you will be shown a form to open an account on thrive architect and another form to put your card information.

Put in the necessary information and pay with your card or PayPal account.

After you have successfully purchased the thrive architect, then it’s time to set up on your WordPress theme

Click this link to go to your member dashboard and download the thrive architect plugin.

Then hover your mouse pointer to the “Plugins” section of your WordPress dashboard and click “Add New” to install a new plugin.

Now, upload the plugin you have downloaded and activate it.

#5. SEO – Free of Cost

Hurray! We are done setting up our website.

Now you can start publishing content. But before anything else let me tell you What SEO is?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is a process to make your website friendly to search engine robots.

It is totally free and you can learn it through a short guide (below).

SEO is legal and a must for your website. If you have followed this guide properly from purchasing a domain to making a design then your website is completely SEO friendly.

But the contents need to be friendly too! So, below I will try to make you understand what SEO is and How to make your content SEO friendly.

Nowadays, you don’t have to learn SEO as there are advanced tools like Yoast SEO to help you optimize content easily.

You can download and activate the Yoast SEO plugin from the plugins section>Add new>Search for “Yoast SEO”> Install and activate that.

There are two types of SEO:

  • On-page SEO and
  • Off-page SEO

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is related to technical things of your website, Like:-

  • Proper Headings – Make your Headings Properly. Your title is the H1 tag. You can’t keep multiple H1 tags for more than 1 time since it will be the main topic. Use H2, H3, and H4 tags as you need but remember the bigger section will be H2, smaller than that will be H3 and H4 is the last.
  • Image Alt Tag – Remember to name a good title on your images so that search engines can understand what your image is about.
  • Meta Tags – Don’t forget to put meta-tags like slag, Description. The search engine wants to understand content through meta tags.
  • Proper keyword Distribution – Make sure your keywords are distributed properly. You can make a list of your keywords to ensure you have used the right ones. Also, don’t forget to put your focus keyword in the content. Focus Keyword.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is the process of creating links on other websites. I mean a certain text that contains your website link is called Backlink.

Off-page SEO not only means creating backlinks. It also includes promotion, branding, and other things too.

The more you can create backlinks the more will search engines think of you as a reliable and good website.

I Hope, you get that.

Here are some ways to create high-quality backlinks.

FAQs For How much Does it Cost to create a website in India

Q1. How much does it cost to build a website for a small business in India?

It depends on your site requirements and needs. But if you follow my above guide then you can create a professional one in around 6K to 10K INR.

Q2. How much does it cost to make a website?

Depending on your needs, building a website can cost anywhere between 100$ to 500$.

Q3. How can I create a website free of cost in India?

You can easily create it with blogger or for free of cost. But it will not give the best results if you go for the free option. It needs some basic investment.

Q4. How can I get a free domain?

You will not get a top-level domain free of cost. You have to spend some. Try Godaddy or Namecheap for the cheapest price.


I think you have a clear idea of how much does it cost to create a website in India.

The number of Websites is increasing in India day by day. Almost, 32% of Indian businesses are getting aware of content marketing.

If you have an ongoing business, you should create a website as soon as possible in order to become an online entrepreneur.

In this way, you can generate more sales.

I have tried my best to expose the reliable and fast services for you so that you don’t have to fall into any problem.

If you have any issues or questions comment on your query below.

Share it on your social media platforms. Your every share appreciates our efforts. 🙂 🙂

how much does it cost to make a website in india