SendWin Review 2024: The Best Tool For Multiple Social Accounts Login

Looking for a tool that will help you in logging into all social media accounts at once in a single browser?

I have the solution for you.

SendWin is the tool that allows you to manage multiple accounts from a single browser at the same point in time.

Excited to know about this tool?

I know you are, so let’s dig deep into the SendWin review.

What is Send.Win?

Sendwin review use multiple accounts

Sendwin is a software tool developed by Techrosh LLC. It allows all the users to manage and log in to multiple accounts from a single browser without any issue.

Its the best sessionbox alternative in the market right now.

As a blogger and digital marketer, we have multiple accounts on different social media platforms. Like I have 2 Instagram accounts and 2 Facebook accounts.

My One FB account is a professional account and the other one is a hidden account that I use for my micro niches sites.

To operate both accounts at the same point to time I have to create different users in the chrome browser or I have to use the incognito tab for the second account.

This is very time consuming and hectic. And here SendWin helps me a lot. It allows me to login into both accounts in the same browser without any issues.

I just need to follow just a few steps for the first time and that’s all.

So This is the magic of SendWin Tool.

Features of SendWin

Now let me tell you some amazing features that you will get with this tool.

1. Switch accounts with ease

As I told you, switch to multiple social media accounts in just 1 click with SendWin Tool. No need to log in all the time when you start browsing the account. Just enter your details for the first time and you are done.

After that, in just 1 click you can switch between multiple social media accounts.

2. Mutiple login made easy

With SendWin your productivity will increase a lot. Within a few clicks, you can log in to multiple accounts. you don’t need any new browser or incognito tab for operating multiple accounts.

Previously you need to install multiple browsers to operate multiple accounts. It takes lots of time every time you log in to the account. This saved you 80% time and improved productivity a lot.

3. Bookmark your favourite sessions

With SendWin you can bookmark your favorite sessions in a few clicks and then you can access that at any time.

This will help you in saving the work or account that you visit on regular basis. Ultimately it saves your time and effort.

4. Blur sessions tabs with ease

If you are working on an important and sensitive project, then also SendWin helps you to protect your data and account. You can blur or hide any selected text, pages, or areas that in sensitive and you don’t want to share.

This protects your data and sensitive information very well without any worry.

5. Protect Your Privacy

they are very concerned about your privacy and protection. They are using high-security storage so that no one can breach it. They hate shared storage because in shared storage there are some chances that someone is looking for your data and information.

For more features and understanding you can watch the below given video.

How To Install SendWin on Your Chrome Browser (Step-by-Step)

You can use SendWin extension in multiple browsers like Chrome, opera, and edge. below is the step by step guide to install it on chrome Browser.

How To Install SendWin extension on Chrome Browser?

Step 1: First of all, Click here to visit the Google Chrome web Store.

Step 2: Now Search for “SendWin” in the search bar. Make sure to select the Extensions.

Step 3: Click on the SendWin, then click to “Add to Chrome” and pin the extension in your extension bar. This will help you with easy navigation.

That’s it you are done with it and ready to use.

How to install SendWin for Opera?

Step 1: Open Install Chrome Extensions extension – Opera add-ons

Step 2: Once the extension is installed, open the Chrome web store

Step 3: Now click on the add Add to Opera button.

Step 4: Now open Opera’s extension page and search for SendWin in it.

You can ignore the Compatibility notice, Sendwin is compatible with Opera.

How to install SendWin for Edge?

Step 1: Go to Edge Add-ons.

Step 2: Search for “SendWin” in the search box.

Step 3: Click on the Get button to install in your browser.

SendWin Pricing & Plans

Now let’s see the plans and pricing of SenWin Tool. It offers 3 plans for the users which are super affordable. Let’s see that.


1. Free Plan

As you can see, Free plan where you don’t need to pay a single penny. Just install the extension and try it for free with some limitations. Below are the features of the free Plan.

  • Sync between devices
  • Multi-tab isolation
  • Session sharing

1. Pro Plan

Pro Plan starts from $2.99/Month. It will boost your productivity with bookmarks, bulk session creation, and session timers. Below are the features.

  • All from the free plan.
  • Commercial use
  • Proxy support
  • Cart timer
  • Proxy per session
  • Bulk session creation
  • Bookmarks session
  • Session share link
  • Session Icons

1. Pro Plus Plan

It starts from $6.99/Month. Where you will get lots of features. See them below.

  • Everything from the Pro plan
  • Session share link
  • Website session access
  • Blur sessions
  • One click all session share
  • Block sessions
  • Automatic proxy assign

FAQs About SendWin

Below are some FAQs related to SenWin. Just check out them if you have any doubts.

Q1. What is Send.Win?

tool developed by Techrosh LLC to multi-login platform to manage multiple accounts from one browser.

Q2. is our Data is safe with SendWin?

Yes, your data and information are 100% safe with SenWin.

Q3. What if I’m not satisfied with Sendwin?

Sendwin offers a hassle-free 30-day money return guarantee. Contact their support team and you will get your money back.

Final Thoughts on SendWin Review

I hope this Sendwin review answers all your questions related to Sendwin. This tool is a time saver and productivity enhancer for every blogger and marketer who are working with multiple social media accounts.

Must try it, and let me know which plan you are using.

If you have any queries ask us in the comment section. And share it with others. Your every share appreciates our efforts.

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