So, you have an automobile business with a sizeable fleet of vehicles that operate under your command.

But did you know that you may be losing a lot of money from inefficient management? Did you know that there is a way to improve accountability and efficiency without putting a hole in your pocket?

Why Automobile Maintenance Management is Important

Consider an unfavourable situation where your vehicle is out of gas or had a tire leak.

In the worst-case scenario, the vehicle might face an accident due to the wear of the brake shoe or transmission failure.

Additionally, as you are standing on the main road, the police ask for your papers, and you remember that you forgot to renew your license.

Your organisation could have avoided a lot of damage if it had committed to early maintenance.

Unlike static objects, which you can maintain at any time after a breakdown, vehicles are always moving. It might take a considerable time to get to the spot and undergo maintenance during a breakdown.

Hence, a proper preventive management program or system must be in place for the automobile business.

Why Automobile Maintenance is Difficult

Maintenance is a tough job, especially when it comes to automobiles.

There are too many moving parts that require lubrication and some items like the fuel tank and coolant tank that require constant attention.

It is often not possible for a human being to keep track of all the repairs at a time, and the problem amplifies with the number of vehicles you have at your disposal.

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Additionally, you also need to track the maintenance crew and vehicles’ location in case of an emergency breakdown.

You also have to ensure that you have the right equipment for replacement or repairs.

A maintenance manager needs all the help they can get to execute all of these tasks.

Moreover, if the maintenance manager or the task schedule manager is absent, it could mean no repairs for the entire day.

It is time to move on from the old mentality and upgrade the technology to help you carry out your maintenance tasks more effectively, without having a maintenance manager around at all times.

So, which can be an appropriate course of action? Read on to know more.

What is CMMS?

Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) is a tool that helps you to organize, save, predict, and schedule maintenance tasks with ease.

Instead of the cost-extensive, labor-oriented, and inefficient workflow, a CMMS can help you systematically arrange tasks based on priorities to make work smoother and faster.

The CMMS also helps you to manage your maintenance crew for repairs by revealing their status, allows you to track down work order progress, and helps to delegate work respectively.

It can handle both preventive and breakdown maintenance and create a maintenance program for the entire facility under one roof.


Unlike human beings who can not accommodate new tasks, it can also update details of vehicles that you include in your fleet and make room for maintenance of these vehicles with the click of a button.

CMMS has numerous benefits in the automobile business. Let us look at how it can help your automobile business scale to new heights.

Benefits of Using CMMS Software in the Automobile Business

If you have not already upgraded to CMMS, it is high time that you do so, considering all the benefits that you have been missing out on with your traditional approach.

1. Schedule Maintenance

An automobile CMMS software can help you schedule maintenance tasks for the different vehicles and their parts.

It helps to keep the automobiles in peak condition, thus avoiding unnecessary downtime. Scheduled maintenance can be either in terms of time or based on hours or distance of operational use.

2. Asset Data and Warranty

Often, a small component in the vehicle might be within warranty, and you may forget about it. A CMMS saves every automobile asset’s data, along with manufacturer details, model number, and more. Hence, you can contact your manufacturer to have them replaced, which will ultimately save time, money, and effort.

Moreover, you can also receive renewal alerts about vehicle registration papers, licenses, and pollution control papers.

3. Cost Analysis

There are different costs involved in maintaining an automobile business, and some of them are operational costs like refueling oil and coolants, which are difficult to track. 

However, they add to company costs over time. You can use a CMMS to analyze these costs and base your vehicle performance, to decide on additional repairs.

Moreover, it also helps to track employee performance.

4. Breakdown Maintenance

Once an automobile is out of commission due to a breakdown, the productivity of your entire fleet suffers. Hence, you need to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

However, it isn’t as easy as it looks; you need to know about all the repairs that the vehicle has undergone and the changes to take the best course of action. The historical service data becomes beneficial whenever someone steps in to undergo breakdown repairs for an automobile.

5. Integrate New Vehicles to a Maintenance Program

As a human being, it isn’t easy to incorporate new vehicles into the maintenance program and may require a lot of time. However, CMMS software can analyze the time of every maintenance and bring forth a maintenance schedule that works effectively with the crew and time.

6. Work Order Management

With lots of tasks at hand, it is difficult to keep track of all the work, equipment purchase costs, remaining invoice payments, and more. 

A CMMS software takes care of all these things and provides you with all the data on one screen. It helps to delegate tasks easily to maintenance crew through work orders delivery to any remote corner of the world.

7. Provides Better Efficiency

A CMMS can help cut down the number of staff, reducing unnecessary clutter, thus providing better and more efficient workflow. Thus it reduces the upkeep by saving costs that you spend on employee salary and eliminates human error. 

Additionally, you can use it to undergo complete facility maintenance management, including employee health, infrastructure improvement, and garage maintenance.


An automobile has many equipment types that require maintenance, and the complications increase with the number of vehicles. 

However, a CMMS can help you with maintenance and provide many benefits, including faster and more reliable repairs. It has gradually become an industry standard and an integral part of the modern maintenance management program.

All You Need To Know To Manage Your Automobile Business