Vidiq vs Tubebuddy: Which is Best For YouTube SEO?

Every YouTube content creator aspires to generate significant views and engagement in their videos.

Most of them use YouTube SEO tools like VidIQ and TubeBuddy to gain an edge over their competitors and optimize videos according to the YouTube algorithm.

Both tools provide an array of significant features with certain constraints.

In this article on VidIQ vs Tubebuddy, we will compare the tools and assist you in determining which platform is most suitable to grow your YouTube channel organically.

Comparison Of Features Between VidIQ vs TubeBuddy

FeaturesEasy-to-use interface with old-aged UIEasy-to-use interface with old-aged UI
Free VersionAnalyse Views Per HourUsed To Sort Comment
Showcases the search volume of a particular keyword and related keywordsShows weighted and unweighted scores of target keyword
Ease of UseEasy to use with a modern-looking interfaceEasy to use interface with old-aged UI
Bulk EditingDecentFast
Retention AnalysisUnavailable The in-built Retention Analysis tool identifies watch time and where most drop-offs occur
Integrates with Facebook and TiktokAlong with Facebook and Tiktok integrates with Patreon, Twitter, MagicLinks, Social Bluebook, and Amazon
User InterfaceFast, user-friendly UI delivers uninterrupted service without lagging.
Slow, user-friendly UI, often lags
Learning CurveEasyComparatively hard
Unique FeaturesVPH (View Per Hour)
Trend Alerts
Historical Analysis
Thumbnail A/B Testing
Click Magnet
Suggested Shorts
Comment Management

This was a complete overview of both the tools to get a clear difference between both the tools. Use the below button to visit the official site and explore them.

Features of VIDIQ Free Version

Now let’s see the benefits you will get with the VidIQ Free Version.

1. VPH (Views Per Hour)

VidIQ VPH feature

This unique feature of VidIQ displays the number of views a video receives in a particular hour.

VPH helps to determine trending and popular videos.

Along with VPH, VidIQ also showcases VidIQ score, video duration, and total view.

2. Channel Overview

VidIQ Free Version Feature

You can get a complete overview of competitors. The channel section of VidIQ provides information about

  • Total Views
  • Average Daily Views
  • Total Views Of The Last 30 Days
  • Total Number Of People Subscribed To Your Channel Daily
  • Number Of People Subscribed To Your Channel Monthly
  • People subscribed to your channel.

3. Tag Suggestion

Tag is an essential ranking factor of YouTube videos. The Tag section displays the particular Tags that are used to optimize the video for higher ranking and recommendations.

It also provides important Tags that are used to optimize the entire channel for better rankings.

Features of TubeBuddy Free Version

Now let’s explore the benefits of the TubeBuddy free version to give you a clear picture of which one is better.

1. Keyword Explorer

TubeBuddy Keyword

TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer provides potential and popular keywords to assist you in better ranking in search results.

Along with the keywords, it showcases Overall Score, a TubeBuddy metric based on search volume, competition, and optimization strength.

Related search provides corresponding phrases associated with the main keywords. Related keywords assist in better optimization of videos.

3. Title Generator

By leveraging the capability of AI, TubeBuddy Title Generator generates captivating titles that can attract viewers.

4. Videolytics


Videolytics provides plenty of information about a particular video.

You can track

  • Total Views
  • Total Comments
  • Likes
  • Ranked Tags
  • TubeBuddy SEO score

5. Channelytics


Displays Total Views, Subscribers, and Number Of Total videos of a particular YouTube channel.

Keywords Research And Video SEO

Both tools offer keyword research and Video SEO benefits to get a #1 ranking in YouTube search results. Let’s check them out below.

Keyword Research & Video SEO in VidIQ

VidIQ keyword research tool

In addition to a keyword research tool, VidIQ has formulated a bunch of SEO tools and SEO metrics to improve your video ranking.

Its keyword research depicts the search volume of primary and related secondary keywords.

The Keyword Score metrics display the VidIQ Search Volume, and VidIQ Competition Score, indicating a crystal clear idea about of competition of a particular keyword which leads to better Video SEO and channel optimization proficiency.

Keyword Research & Video SEO in TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer Tool

The TubeBuddy keyword research tool showcases plenty of beneficial output about particular keywords along with related search terms that indicate an apparent idea about the possibility of ranking the keyword.

With keywords, TubeBuddy provides useful metrics such as Search Volume, Competition (Unweighted), Optimization Strength, Number of Videos In Search Results, and Monthly Search.

Bulk Editing

Bulk editing tools allow you to upload and edit multiple videos in one go. This saves a lot of time and effort of uploading each video separately.

Bulk Editing in VidIQ

Mass Edit Video features of VidIQ allow users to copy and customize YouTube video cards, end screens, and video descriptions in bulk.

The Mass Edit feature allows users to save valuable time.

Bulk Editing in TubeBuddy

Comment Management

TubeBuddy delivers a developed Bulk Editing facility compared to VidIQ. It deletes, copies, and updates video cards and end screens of each video of your channel.

Also, it adds thumbnail overlays to your videos and optimizes descriptions.

Comment Management

Comment management helps you to manage all your comments in a few minutes. Filter out queries, spam comments, and other tasks in a few minutes.

Comment Management in VidIQ

The VidIQ Comment Sorting feature permits YouTube channel owners to limit the number of comments in a video in a particular time frame.

By utilizing VidIQ’s Comment Productivity Tool, the Youtuber can preset templates that reply to each comment which saves valuable time.

Comment Management in TubeBuddy

The amazing Canned Response feature automatically delivers personalized and unique responses to each comment with a click which leads to boosting channel engagement and loyalty.

Another remarkable advantage of using TubeBuddy comment management is by identifying the most common words used in the comment section, it can create Word Clouds which leads to understanding audience psychology and helps to generate unique video ideas.

Mobile APP

Both tools offer a mobile app to manage all the SEO of your channel straight from your mobile phone.

VidIQ Mobile App

VidIQ Mobile App

You can download and use the VidIQ app from both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The VidIQ app provides most features related to keywords and tags.

The application provides more features than the rival TubeBuddy app without spending any penny from your pocket.

TubeBuddy Mobile App

TubeBuddy Mobile App

The TubeBuddy mobile application allows very limited features for free to be utilized for YouTube optimization.

To get access to all the premium features of the TubeBuddy app you have to purchase the TubeBuddy Mobile Plan which costs $2.99 per month.

Ease of Use

Both Vidiq and Tubebuddy are quite easy to use but the UI is different. Let’s check them out.

VidIQ User Interface

VidIQ is more user-friendly and has a smooth and clean UI than TubeBuddy. You can optimize and monitor channel insight, title, and video description effortlessly.

TubeBuddy User Interface

Loaded with a range of features and tools, for a newbie it could be quite complex to handle the TubeBuddy dashboard. Along with an outdated interface and slow browser extension, TubeBuudy falls behind VidIQ in the ease of use category.

Demonetization Alerts

Along with gaining recognition, a YouTuber’s goal is to earn a handsome amount by monetizing the channel.

In the past couple of years, YouTube has changed its terms and community policies of monetization.

But every content creator especially newbies is not always aware of sudden changes. That’s where both VidIQ and TubeBuddy come into play.

VidIQ Demonetization Alerts

The VidIQ Detection Tool immediately indicates whether offensive and restricted phrases are used inside your video title, description, and metadata, which may infringe YouTube monetization guidelines.

TubeBuddy Demonetization Alerts

By identifying restricted words, the TubeBuddy Demonetization Audit Tool ensures that your channel is safe from violating any YouTube rules, and diminishes the chance of demonetization.

Plan and Pricing of VidIQ

Currently, VidIQ offers Four different plans.

  1. Free
  2. Boost
  3. Coaching
  4. Enterprise
VidIQ Price

The Free plan is available for free with limited features while the Boost plan comes with a 7-day free trial.

VidIQ Plan

VidIQ does not have any separate mobile subscription plan.

Coaching$199$1908 ($159×12)

Plan and Pricing of TubeBuddy

Currently, TubeBuddy provides 4 different plans. Also, you will see a great difference between an annual billing cycle and a monthly billing cycle.

  1. Free
  2. Pro
  3. Legend
  4. Enterprise
TubeBuddy Monthly Plan
TubeBuddy Yearly Plan

The 4 different plans are:-

  • Free Plan:- The free plan is best for beginners who want some details about the competition titles, tags, and stats with limited access.
  • Pro Plan:- For those starting their YouTube Journey and wanting to get access to new tools for growth.
  • Legend Plan:- For creators looking for the maximum competitive edge for making data-driven decisions and expanding their reach.
  • Enterprise Plan:- This plan is suitable for big marketing agencies who own multiple YT Channels and looking for more growth.

In addition, Tube Buddy costs $2.99 per month to access the TubeBuddy mobile app at full potential.

PlansMonthlyYearlyDeal Page Link
FreeFreeFreeGet TubeBuddy Free Plan
Pro$7.50$45 (3.75×12)Get TubeBuddy Free Plan
Legend$32.99$198 ($16.50×12)Get TubeBuddy Free Plan
EnterpriseCustomCustomContact TubeBuddy

Is TubeBuddy Better Or VidIQ?

In my opinion, both tools are excellent for leveling up your YouTube SEO.

However, after analyzing all features and insight, VidIQ emerges to be slightly ahead in the race.

VidIQ provides more detailed and powerful insight to track the performance of each video and overall channel, whereas TubeBuddy conveys a crystal-clear idea about the performance of your video in a YouTube search result.

VidIQ provides better keyword research, and tag suggestions compared to TubeBuddy.

Also, VidIQ allows to utilize more beneficial features than TubeBuddy in the free plan.

FAQs For Vidiq vs Tubebuddy

Q1. Can VidIQ And TubeBuddy Be Used At The Same Time?

You can use both TubeBuddy and VidIQ simultaneously but it will make a confusing and messy interface.

Q2. Is VidIQ Completely Free?

No, the VidIQ free plan only permits the usage of limited features to enhance your YouTube SEO with certain limitations. VidIQ provides a 7-day free trial plan before purchasing any paid plan.

Q3. Is TubeBuddy Completely Free?

TubeBuddy allows very limited features in their Free Plan compared to VidIQ. Also, It doesn’t offer any Trial plan.

Final thought on VidIQ Vs TubeBuddy

Hope I have provided you with ample information to decide on the most suitable tool for your channel.

But generally, no tool can nourish effective growth to a YouTube channel without captivating visual content and proper SEO knowledge.

If you have any queries let me know in the comment area, I would appreciate it.

Hope we will meet you soon till then goodbye and keep Youtubing.

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