Do you want to become a social media influencer? Do you want to earn the name, fame, authority, and money that comes with the role?

Do you want to become an influencer: to become an entrepreneur, to meet new people, and build a brand for yourself or does your job role call for it?

No matter what your reason is, here’s a guide on how to become a social media influencer and that too a good one.

Let’s start by clearing up your understanding of who is a social media influencer, and then we will move on to discuss how you can polish your game and become a star influencer in your network. Want a jet-setting life, well, let’s jet set go.

Who is a Social Media Influencer?

We live in a world where social media is responsible for huge changes in our society and culture on a daily basis.

Social media platforms like Facebook and twitter have broken barriers and connected people beyond borders, ethnicity, race, and sex. 

There is no doubt that today we are connecting with each other like never before.

We meet like-minded people, and we meet people who are in the same situation as us and in fact, it has now become very easy to find your tribe online than in real life.

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A social media influencer is a person who uses the powerful platform of social media to influence people. This can be done to build a personal brand, promote a product or service, or in some cases, just to build a fan following.

It is wrong to assume that only celebrities can become influencers. This statement is only partly true because, of course, celebrities have a huge fan following and are influencers in their own right.

But the reality is, anyone with an intention and the right strategy can become a social media influencer and rake in a lot of moolah in the process.

Be Active on Social Media

Being on social media does not just mean frequent posting on your accounts. It also means being responsive to every like, share, and comment. You have to be online constantly and interact with people like you would in real life. 

Reply to most of the comments and keep the conversation thread going. Do not underestimate the power of acknowledgment.

Everyone loves it when they get a quick and appropriate response on the social media platforms, and people expect that more from social media influencers. 

Furthermore, you will have to engage your audience through your posts. Be pro-active in looking for interesting topics, and when you write, you will also have to make sure that you involve your readers by asking for their opinion and subtly nudge them to take action. 

The point is to connect with your audience. Your followers should feel like they are interacting with a real person, and this person understands them and their opinion on a certain topic. If your followers feel important, they will revert the same feeling, and with time your audience base will strengthen and multiply.

Choose The Right Platform

There are multiple social media platforms that can be used to promote a brand, and it is not wrong to be present everywhere. But every platform has a different kind of audience, and your reach on that platform is limited to the audience’s interests. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose the right platform. 

how to become social media influencer

For example, if you run a consulting business, making and running an account on LinkedIn will give you more success as compared to promoting your business on Facebook. Similarly, if you are a fitness instructor, you might do better on Instagram with Instagram story templates and Facebook as compared to a serious white-collar platform LinkedIn.

Take time to understand the audience for your business and then choose a platform. Again, it won’t be wrong to be present everywhere, but you should choose one platform where you will be putting in the extra effort. 

Become an Expert in Your Subject

People will follow you on social media and accept you as an authority only when you establish yourself as a trustworthy source. You will have to strategically showcase that you are the master of your subject, and you know what you are talking about. Establishing authority takes time, so, in that time period, make time to learn more about your topic. 

Invest in knowledge, do your homework. Whenever you post something or write something, the content should be foolproof. Say, for example, you are posting about eye makeup, you will have to ensure that the information you are offering is unique and works.

Do not post anything for the sake of it because some people are going to try what you share and will come back to kill you if they fail. Build your rapport online slowly but steadily. Share valuable content and let people know that when you speak, it’s nothing but the truth.

Be Mindful of SEO

SEO – Search Engine Optimization still works. Unlike what people believe and say, this powerful technique still works and can get you the much-needed high ranking on the search pages. A high ranking means more traffic. According to industry experts, if you do not rank in the top 3 in your niche keywords, it will be difficult for you to prove your authority.

Stick to core SEO policies to rank in your niche. For starters, you can focus on your brand-related keywords. Ranking on industry keywords will give you and your brand some credibility. Once you have established yourself, you should move ahead and work on competitive and popular keywords.

Use strong SEO techniques to rank your content on all platforms, be it on Facebook or guest blogs.

Quick Bites

Here are some more quick tips for you guys.

1. Make your content interesting

It has been proven now that people prefer to watch a video rather than read two pages of content. In order to keep your followers interested, think about churning, different types of content, including video related to your expertise.

2. Use good tools

No matter what you do, always use professional tools to polish and present your content. If you plan to make videos, consider online video editor like InVideo. This is an easy to use tool that will give you professional-quality videos with just a few clicks.

3. Create a content strategy

Create a content strategy based on your niche and plan out every post according to your calendar. This will help you gauge the success of your efforts and will provide you with measurable insight into what your audience likes and which topics can be passed.

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