9 Best SMO Techniques to Boost your Website Traffic

Not getting organic traffic on your blog?

It hurts !! Right?

if you are a newbie and started your blog recently then getting organic traffic is quite tough, and it will definitely take some time.

But No worries !

I have some amazing SMO techniques that you can use for initial traffic on your site.

In this post, I will be telling you the 9 amazing Social media optimization (SMO) techniques to boost your website traffic.

So, let’s dig into it without wasting time.

What Is Social Media Optimization(SMO)?

SMO Techniques

Social media optimisation refers to optimising social media handles for your business or blog. Every business utilise social media for their brand awareness, promotion and selling.

SMO has turned into a very good medium, to target huge number of individuals specifically to your blog or site, it has many benefits.

The most important thing is the SMO techniques you have to use to increase your website visitors.

So, now let’s see the exact SMO techniques that i am utilising for my business and blog.

1. Share Quality Content

Content is King. You have heard this many times, and this is absolutely true.

The first and most import technique to utilise your social media handles for more visitors is to share quality and valuable content through your social media handles.

Without providing quality content no other technique will work for your. Content is the key which leads your in successful SMO techniques.

Provider valuable content to your audience, they will interact more, and ultimately you will get more visitors to your site. This is as simple as that.

Never compromise with quality of content. I hope this point is very cleared to you. Now, let’s bring on the second SMO technique to you.

2. Integrate Social into Your Website

Add social sharing tool to your site Include web link directly to your social media channel. Adding your social media handles on your website will get your more audience in your social media handles.

Like on my blog homepage, you will get joining link of my Facebook group on the top of homepage after the navigation menu.

This is increasing my Facebook group members, and I am converting my blog readers into my audience.

Also, add other social media handles to your blog. just check the right sidebar of my blog. You will get all my social media handles there.

Like below image:-

social folllowers links

By the way, just click on all these links and join my social media family. 🙂 🙂

You can also add all your social media handles sharing buttons to different blog posts. If you check my site blog post, you will get a social media sharing link at the bottom and top of the blog post.

This will encourage the blog readers to share blog post on their social media platforms.

Links on social media are often considered to be high-quality links and provides link juice to your blog or website because social sites have high domain authority and page authority, which will benefit you in SEO.

3. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Creating your social media profile seems like a simple job, yet it is a difficult task to get business from your social media platforms.

It takes lots of effort and hard work. Fill 100% Profile Information. Search engines give them more priority, whose profile contains all the information.

Let me show you some of my social media platforms.

quora profile
facebook page profile

As you can see in the above image. I have mentioned every possible information that I can provide.

Keep in mind that all contact information in your social profile should be exactly the same as your website.

This will make my social media profiles more strong and authentic, and my profile will attract more eyes-ball in that case.

So, don’t compromise with the profile information. Complete your profile 100% and make it as much strong and authentic you can.

4. Grow your Follower Base

Yes, Start building your follower base from the day 1. The more followers you have the more audience you have for your blog and sales pitch.

It is very simple and clear. You can also provide powerful social signals to boost your ranking in SERPS.

But, But ,

Here is the pro tip for your guys. Don’t Focus on All platforms at the same point of time. What I suggest you choose 1 strong platform and start building your audience on that.

After that, Divert that audience in other different platforms, that is what I am doing for a long time.

And the results are super amazing. I Choose Youtube For building my audience. After that, I diverted that audience to other platforms.

​want to see the results. Check out below:-

  1. Youtube Channel:- 25K+ Subscribers
  2. Facebook Group:- 3.2k+ members
  3. Telegram Channel:- 5.6K+ Subscribers
  4. Instagram:- 3K+ Followers
  5. Quora Profile:- 277+ Followers
  6. Quora space:- 12K+ Members
  7. Twitter:- 300+ Followers

The Whole credit to all this goes to the youtube Channel.. initially, I was only focusing on that and then diverted that audience to different platforms.

I hope this tip will help you in Building Your Audience.

5. Use Keywords in Your Social Content

If you want to connect your social media profile to more people, then keywords play a very strong role.

In fact, if you are not optimizing your social media profile correctly, then you are giving opportunities to your competitors to earn money that is yours.

If you’ll be able to use your Keyword effectively in your social media profile or page name, it’ll facilitate Google rank higher in the Keyword search and social network search for your blog or website.

Let me show you an example of how i use keyword in post.

linkiedin profile

Use keywords in your social Media Handle post –

Keywords are important for your website, blog, content and ad campaigns. This helps your content reach your target audience easily.

let me show you an example of my recent tweet on twitter.

Keyword placement and hashtags in social media profile and post will give you more reach. it will also help you in your branding.

So don’t ignore keywords in social media profiles and Posts.

6. Share Content On Regular Basis

Consistency matters everywhere. Not in blogging only, but in every dam business. Be it online or offline.

Consistently sharing quality value to your audience will make them active all the time on your social media handles. As we all know that how much active audience matters.

We don’t want dead or inactive members on our social media handles. Don’t look for numbers only.

500 active members are more valuable than 1000 inactive members. And consistency will do that for you. So keep sharing valuable content with your audience on regular basis.

7. Use Branded & Quality Images

The cover image on social media is usually seen by the user for the first time, when they to your page, and we all know that first impression is very important.

So always use branded and quality images to attract more and more users.

Use this opportunity to express brand messaging to your current and prospective customers. According to the guidelines given for each platform, make sure your cover image is formatted and displayed correctly, and always use professional and memorable professional images.

You can use tools like canva to create images, you can create beautiful easy cover images. I am also using canva for creating all my blog images.

Below is the step by step Hindi Tutorial on canva.

Social media can be your one of the main weapon to improve your site’s organic search results in the search engines page results if you used it properly. 

8. Use All Social Media Platforms

Social media is an easy way to build your ecosystem around your blog. Social signals are an important factor in SEO because search engine sees social signals and factors that:

  • how many times you are posting
  • how many people talk to your post,
  • How many people are sharing your blog post.

Try to build your profile on every popular social media handle. And give your viewers the opportunity to share it on multiple platforms.

This way they will follow and share on the platform on which they are most active.

Also you will get engagement of every platform with this.

9. Social Media Networking With Like Minded Influencers

Network is net worth. A very well said quote.

If you are new into your niche and you have just started then network is the thing that will help you in building your initial audience.

connect with the bloggers within your niche. Share their content, appreciate them, and try to build a bond with them.

This will create a good image of yours in their eyes, and in future they will also share your blog posts if they liked it.

This will give you an initial audience for your blog. and convert their audience into your own audience.

invite them to join your community. Be it fb group, be it telegram channel, be it youtube channel or any other platform.


These are the SMO techniques that you can easily adapt to improve your website or blog ranking. I am doing these for a long time and getting good results.

If this post is useful for you then, In order to show your love towards this post, please share this post on your Social media Network.

Every share appreciates our efforts.


Hi, I'm Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj, founder of BloggingQnA. A blog that provides authentic information regarding blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, and how to Earn Money Online with blogging.

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