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Nowadays everybody sounds serious about blogging. But I think none of most newbies are trying from heart and soul.

Are you really serious or interested in starting a good blog?

If you really care then choose the right hosting instead of going for cheap hosting options.

I have seen many bloggers starting with a dead and ancient hosting company only for the offers and cheap price!

But why they don’t understand that a blog’s speed, security, and performance are hugely dependent on hosting provider companies.

Please don’t do the mistake of starting your blog with the platform that is only preferred for a cheaper price or attractive offers !

This is the thing what most bloggers do.

According to an analysis, 40% of people will leave your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Then which Hosting company should we start with?

Obviously, prefer the reliable and honest one.

Well, Let me be honest. I really prefer Siteground for serious bloggers. My blog is also running on Siteground and really after seeing its performance I have started to using siteground on all of my money making blogs.

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NOTE: – BLOGGINGQNA is hosted on Siteground GrowBig Hosting Plan which I purchased for straight 3 years during black friday deals 2019.

siteground purcahase reciept

There are lots of Siteground Hosting Reviews you can find out. Before we get started, Let me tell you the best thing why most or I prefer Siteground for and that is for its speed.

Let’s go forward to see what Siteground really is.

About SiteGround Hosting

siteground hosting reviews

Siteground is a web hosting service provider working since 22 March 2004. It is situated in Sofia, Bulgaria. According to recent reports, There are more than 2,000,000+ Hosting clients of Siteground.

It provides shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting as well as email setup and domain registration.

Siteground is reliable enough and hugely used worldwide. It is hassle-free and recommended for newbies to go with.

SiteGround Features:

  • Excellent Uptime – Siteground has an uptime of 99.9% which ensures the good speed of your website as compared to other hosting companies.
  • High-speed Hosting – Because of their hardware (SSD) and software solution (SG Optimiser and HTTp/2) they are providing above enough speed optimized hosting.
  • Easy and simple to use – The thing I liked most about siteground is their user interface which very simple and easy to use, which has a part it from other providers.
  • Excellent support and assistance – Siteground provides 24/7 support. Usually, Siteground responds within an hour or two if an email is sent. Once you connected with them. They also help with many technical issues manually for you. Will discuss this in detail later in this article.
  • Free Migration – Thinking of Migration? That’s totally free with their easy migration plugin. Not only free but Siteground will also help you go migrate if faced any issue in migration.
  • Server Location – Currently, Siteground servers are located in six places including Chicago, USA, Lowa, and the UK. These are high-powered spots to ensure your good experience of Hosting.
  • Advanced features – Advanced features like performance booster, various Security related Solutions, and more are found in Siteground.
  • Unlimited Traffic – Although this feature not might be a matter of fact to newbies as increasing traffic is not a thing of getting so easily. But this is really a big opportunity for mid-level business owners.
  • Collaborators – There are always some dedicated collaborators to help you out with your hosting related issues. You can find them really friendly as Siteground loves to help their clients.

SiteGround Review – In Depth

siteground hosting review

Now let’s go through an in-depth explanation to help you understand more about SiteGround.

(a) Good Performance

What is the first thing for which a complete website cries for?

The answer is ‘speed’. ‘Yeah’ Speed.

The ideal loading time for a website is 2-3 seconds. More than that will make you a criminal in front of search engines and also for the users.

Page Speed is considered as a ranking factor.

However, how Siteground can help you to increase speed?

Let’s start with what famous blog wpbeginner says

Here it is,

wpbeginner review

Siteground’s first impressive feature is its server speed. It performs is far better than other popular web hosting companies like Hostgator and even Bluehost!

Let me show you the actual difference I got in my site speed after migration.

GT Metrix Score Before Siteground Hosting.

bloggingqna speed

Below is the Gt Metrix and Google Page speed test after migrating my site to Siteground Hosting.

after siteground migration

Desktop speed on Google Page Speed Insight

desktop speed on page speed insight

Mobile speed on Google Page speed Insight

mobile speed on page speed insight

the result of siteground speed is in front of you. Siteground is amazing in terms of speed.

(b) Siteground Server Response Time

Siteground is great when it comes to uptime(99.99%) and speed(673ms).

siteground uptime

Usually, Websites that are full of content impact a lot on loading time.

If you are using large images, then it is general your site load time will be high. This means, only testing site speed manually is not enough to grasp the actual server performance.

So, we decided to run a server response test so that we can show the things you are expecting.

We tested a website full of my content. We used a tool called Bitcatcha to see only the server response without contents

Here’s the gain:

server response time

The result was A+ which is really satisfying. Bitcatcha shows you the loading speed from different locations.

If you’re targeted audiences are mostly from the US then you are greeted because of the very good server response their.

But if your audiences are located in Bangalore, you may get a lower response. But no worries! You can ask Siteground to move your server on Asia-centered database.

(c) Siteground Support and Customer Service

Whatever others say but Siteground has really an expert, knowledgeable and quick responding team which is able to satisfy in all your Hosting Related Issues.

Their customer support includes 24/7 phone call, live chat, and ticket-based emails.

Emails get a response in less than 10 minutes only!

For users who prefer to fix any problem on their own, Siteground provides a large number of articles with plenty of screenshots, video tutorials, and guides.

now, Let me share my personal experience with siteground customer support.

Whenever i faced any issue with my site and technical issues I just contact to siteground customer support, and they solve  my problem if few minutes.

Below you can see some screenshots of how many times i have contacted to siteground for help. And every time they helped.

siteground support

As you can see I contacted them multiple times and every time they resolved my issues very smoothly.

In the month of April, I got thousands of bot traffic on my blog. That bot traffic is affecting my site ranking and reputation in SERPs.

I tried every method to stop that bot traffic, that is available on internet. But nothing worked for me.

Then finally i decided to contact siteground customer support for this. 

And magic happened within few hours they solved my issue. Below I am sharing some of screenshots of my chat with siteground. So that, you will get an idea how supporting and helpful they are.

siteground hosting support
siteground support team
siteground customer support

Below I also attached the siteground review video. From there you will get everything in detail about their customer support.

(d) Free Site Migration

Want to migrate your existing site from another hosting to siteground hosting?

No Worries! Siteground provides an awesome plugin which will do this in few steps.

No need to any technical knowledge. Just few steps and your site will be migrated from other hosting to siteground hosting.

It is amazing.

siteground migration process

Need to follow above given 3 steps and you are done with migration within few minutes.


(e) Free SSL Certificate

SiteGround Provides free SSL Certificate for all your sites that you host on SiteGround Hosting. We all know that SSL is very important these days to make your site more powerful and secure.

It will protect your site from unwanted login attempts and malware attacks.

SSL also helps you in better search ranking because google give more preference to secure sites that are ssl enabled.

siteground free ssl

(f) Free CDN for Fast Speed

A content delivery network (CDN) refers to a geographically distributed group of servers that work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content.

CDN Helps you in: –

  • Your Server Load Will Decrease.
  • Content Delivery Will Become Faster.
  • Lower Network Latency And Packet Loss.
  • Higher Availability And Better Usage Analytics.

Siteground provides free cloudflare CDN its plan. It will make your site more fast and ultimately you will get better ranking in SERPs.

free cloudflare cdn

(g) 99.9 % Uptime Guarantee

SiteGround hosting will make your site live all the times as its claims 99.9% uptime. i also showed the the response time above.

With this you will never seen a downtime in your site. We all know that if you purchase some cheap hosting, then there are chances that your site will be down if it gets good traffic.

And that will affect your site ranking. But in Siteground Your will be live all the time and you will get amazing response time which can also handle high traffic.

(h) 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

yes, You heard it right.

Siteground provides 30 days money back guarantee. If you don’t liked their services then you can ask for full refund within the 30 days of purchase.

30 Days are enough to find out whether the service you are using is good or bad. So, if you feel that siteground is not working for you. Then you can ask for refund at any time during the money back time period.

Siteground Hosting Plans & Pricing

Siteground offers four types of hosting such as- Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting.

If you are just starting with your new website, then the shared hosting is a perfect choice.

No problem for future, you can transfer into another hosting as soon as you get traffics eventually.

Let’s see the different siteground hosting plans and prices: –

  • Shared Hosting – Shared Hosting is a server where multiple websites are connected and equally enjoy the server resources. Newbies and new websites are recommended to take Shared Hosting.
  • WordPress Hosting –  It’s the version of shared hosting that is optimised for WordPress especially. You can build your WordPress website easily in a home with few steps and directions.
  • Cloud Hosting – Cloud Hosting is an updated version of Shared Hosting. It uses resources from a cloud server which is considered  a powerful cloud computer.
  • Dedicated Server – Dedicated Server is a whole server only for you. It costs more but you can get a lot more speed than others. The negative thing is you have to manage dedicated servers yourself.
  • Enterprise Hosting – Large Businesses, websites with high traffic, and challenging needs are recommended to take Enterprise Hosting. Just tell the Siteground team and they will create you a dazzling speed Enterprise Hosting.

Siteground’s Shared Hosting Plans

I think Till now, you may have chosen any of the hosting for you.

Now, It is time to check out the prices. Usually, Siteground provide plans based on three levels to match your budget.

These are:

The Startup Plan – With this plan, You can host only one website. It includes 10 GB disk space and is for websites that don’t get much traffic. All essential features like one-click WordPress install, free setup, free website transfer and more are included in this plan.

The GrowBig Plan – You can host unlimited websites through this plan. It comes with 20 GB disk space and websites getting 25,000 Unique IPs monthly traffic are recommended to prefer this plan. In addition to all startup plan features, you will get premium features like Super catcher, 1-year free wildcard SSL and so on.

The GoGeek Plan – Small E-Commerce Websites having 100,000 monthly traffic suits the GoGeek plan. You will get all the features of the GrowBig plan, plus you more advanced features are available for you, namely: one-click git report creation, WordPress and Joomla staging and more.

SiteGround Pros And Cons

Every company has some downsides and upsides since no platform can be perfect. Here are the pros and cons of SiteGround Hosting.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free & Easy site migration service with Plugin
  • Free daily automatic backups & restore
  • Officially recommended by WordPress.org
  • Managed WordPress hosting on all plans
  • High Speed performance (SSD, HTTP/2, PHP7, NGINX + more)
  • Free SSL certificate & CloudFlare CDN
  • 99.9 % Uptime Recorded


  • Limited data storage
  • Strict data over-usage policy
  • Very High Renewal Price

Here is my Hindi video review of siteGround hosting after 6 months use.

Siteground Vs Bluehost: Who wins the race in 2021?

Both SiteGround and Bluehost started from $3.95/mo* but SiteGround is better than Bluehost.

SiteGround is more responsive when it comes to Customer Support, I already showed my experience above.

It is very reliable because of its performance (Uptime and Speed), they provide more advanced features ( like WordPress Staging Area and Speed Optimisation Options).

Let’s see more dataset of SiteGround and BlueHost to make a better decision: –

  • Popularity – Siteground’s popularity is Medium whereas the popularity of Bluehost is high. It is because Bluehost is older than Siteground.
  • Ease of Use – Siteground has an overall great interface than Bluehost. You don’t have to worry at all with the using of Siteground.
  • Hosting Features – Siteground has a lot of features than Bluehost. On the contrary, Bluehost provide less features.
  • Speed – when it comes to Speed, Siteground not only wins with Bluehost but Siteground is better than other companies. But Bluehost’s speed is quite disappointing.
  • Server Locations – There are five locations of server on Siteground but only one location on Bluehost.


Siteground Hosting FAQs

Q1. Is Siteground Really Good?

We found SiteGround to be noticeably faster and their customer support is one of the best things to include. Above all, It is one of the best WordPress hosting companies which is officially recommended by wordPress.

Q2. Is Siteground better than Bluehost?

Undoubtedly, SiteGround is better for Cloud, Shared, WordPress, and dedicated hosting when compared to the BlueHost. Siteground has more features to offer than Bluehost has.

Q3. Is Siteground better than Godaddy?

Although Godaddy has good features but their customer support is worse. But SiteGround’s features are powerful enough. Websites that have a large number of traffics will find Siteground quite well.

Q4. Which Siteground Plan is Best?

Well, The StartUp plan is for newbies or freshers. The GrowBig plan gives the perfect value of your money as you can have access on more advanced features and the GoGeek plan is recommended to E-Commerce or large business owners.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Siteground?

With my whole experience with siteground hosting and customer support. I can tell you the answer of this question.

However, Should you choose Siteground above all?

Siteground is a reliable and fast hosting company. It comes with tons of features which ensures the right service for you.

Siteground is hassle-free and not complicated like other companies.

So without any doubts, you can choose siteground for your journey.If you have any questions or queries, put your query below in the comment section.

Will try my best to answer all of them. Share this with others if you found this review helpful. 🙂 🙂

siteground hosting review