MyThemeShop Affiliate Program: Join & Earn $2,277 Per/Month


Want to Earn some Good sought of Money With Affiliate Program? Welcome to MyThemeshop Affiliate Program where you can Earn $2,227 per/month by sharing your link.

If you are a Blogger, then, I am sure you are aware of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best method to earn Huge Money. Every Blogger do Affiliate marketing,

Because it is the best way to earn big money by promoting products.

Today, In this Post,

I am Going to Share MyThemeshop Affiliate Program with you guys, and with this you can make good amount of money.

ABOUT MyThemShop Affiliate Program

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

Before, we start with MyThemeShop Affiliate Program, let me tell you a little introduction on MyThemeShop.

MyThemeshop banner

MyThemeShop is a web-based company which provides quality WordPress Themes and Plugins at an affordable price.

It provides Theme for all type blogs, business and websites.

MyThemeShop is a premium WordPress theme shop with over 358193 happy users worldwide. It is very popular among bloggers.

MyThemeShop themes are SEO friendly, powerful, elegant, customizable and they load ridiculously fast. With so many amazing features, they essentially sell themselves. You don’t even need to convince someone.

Most of the themes you purchased from MyThemeShop can be used on multiple domain and for lifetime on any blog.

The best part about MyThemeShop affiliate is they gave you a 70% commission for every sale you made with your link.

MyThemeShop’s affiliate program is one of the few high-commission affiliate program that let’s you earn 70% of the sale amount as commission.

With ThemeShop you can earn a huge amount of money.

Are you Ready to Earn Good Money with MyThemeShop by creating a Free Affiliate Account Here.

Benefits MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

Now, let me tell you some of the benefits of MyThemeShop Affiliate Program.

MyThemeShop, with it Affiliate program, allows blogger and marketers to help them in making sales of their plugins and Themes, and earning a commission of 70% with every sale.

It is one of the most high Paying affiliate program, that’s why, many blogger are attracted towards this MyThemeShop Affiliate Program.

benefits of mythemeshop affiliate program
benefits of mythemeshop affiliate program

Below Are Some Benefits of MyThemeShop Affiliate Program.

  1. High Commission Rate
  2. Established Brand
  3. 2 Tier affiliate Program
  4. 60 Days Cookies
  5. No Minimum Payout Threshold
  6. Banners to Promote
  7. 80+ Products to Promote

Let me explain you the above points with explanation, what all benefit you will get with MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

1. High Commission Rate

earn money with mythemeshop wordpress themes

High Commission rate, the reason for which most of blogger and marketers use this affiliate program. MyThemeShop Affiliate Program Gives you a 70% of commission for every sale you made for them.

2. Established Brand

MyThemeShop is a well established brand for Providing the best Premium and free Plugins & themes at an affordable price. This will make it easy to sell products and earn commission.

3. 2 Tier Affiliate Program

MyThemeShop Affiliate program is a 2 Tier Program , means you can earn commission by selling products as well as by referring MythemeShop to other people also.

You will Earn a Commission of 10% for referring MyThemeshop to other.

4. 60 Days Cookies

It will track your link for 60 days, suppose a user click your link today, and he purchased the product within the next 60 day then also, you will get the commission.

5. No Minimum Payout Threshold

As we all know that, most of the affiliate program have a minimum payment threshold.

But in MyThemeShop Affiliate Program the best thing about payment is there is no no minimum payout threshold. The money you will earn with it will pay to you every month irrespective of amount.

6. Banners to Promote

Here you can also promote MyThemeShop products with banner ads and images which will help you in increasing your sale. They give banners of all size to promote.

7. 150+ Products to Promote

There are many plugins and themes are available in MyThemeShop Affiliate program. So, it is easy to choose a good plugin or theme to promote and you can earn even more by choosing right product for promotion.

How much can you earn?

If you work properly with MyThemeShop Affiliate then, it is very easy to earn a amount of $2,227 every month by promotion its products.

Below a rough idea of how much you can earn with MyThemeShop Affiliate Program if you are successful in making 2 sales per day.

mythemeshop monthly Income Stats
mythemeshop monthly Income Stats

Making 2 sales per day is not an easy task, it requires lots of efforts and hardwork.

For this, you need a well planned solid affiliate marketing strategies, and for sure, you have to build a strategy how you will promote the product,

so that you will get the maximum sale.

Below I Will Share you some tips that will help you in promoting products on MyThemeShop,

Tips to Promote MyThemeShop Affiliate Themes and Plugins

Follow these tips and this will definitely help you in getting more sales.

1. Write A Detailed Review

For getting more sales for any affiliate program. One of the best way is to write a detailed review of that affiliate program.

Whenever, you write a detailed review of any products, your visitors will get value from it.

It will help them to decide whether the product is best suite for them or not. This will also make them purchase the product form your link if they liked the product.

So, my first suggestion to all of you is, write a fully detailed review of any affiliate program from beaning to end.

To Increase your sales through review follow these thing in mind while writing review:-

  • Write a Catchy headline for visitors which will increase CTR of your post.
  • Put your affiliate link in the post where it fits the most.
  • use Modifiers in Your Heading Like Best, Top, etc.
  • Add Payment proofs, this will motivates your users to join that program or to purchase the product.
  • Mentions all the pron and cons of the product in detailed review.
  • Use call to actions for increasing sales.
  • Always mention the actual price of the product, at which it is available
  • Use Buttons to Increase the conversion.
  • Research about proper keywords and then write a proper review.

2. Use Banner Ads

Use Banners ads and make some custom banner, and add them into your posts. Trust me this will increase the CTR and also increase the conversion.

Banners ads are highly attractive, these ads are so catchy that visitors will not leave that without clicking. So try to ad the banners ads into the post.

3. Add A Star Rating in The Review

While promoting MyThemeShop Themes and Plugins review article then must share the star rating of that theme or plugin to increase your conversion rate.

For this, you can use the Author HReview Plugin to display attractive star rating.


4. Refer As Many Sub Affiliates As You can

MyThemeShop supports 2-tier affiliate system which can be used to generate a decent passive income.

Invite as many sub-affiliates as you can and earn 10% of their earnings for lifetime. That’s why it is a good source of making money online.

If a sub-affiliate earns $500 per month and you have 10 such sub-affiliates referred, you would get $50×10=$500 credited into your account without doing a single conversion.

How to Join MyThemeShop Affiliate Program?

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program
MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

Joining MyThemeshop Affiliate Promgram is quite easy, just follow the below given steps and you can do it easily.

  1. Step 1: Go to and click on ‘Get Started button‘.
  2. Step 2: Enter your name, email ID and click on ‘Sign up’. Check your email for confirmation and MyThemeShop login details.
  3. Step 3: Login into your dashboard with the given MyThemeShop login details and switch to ‘affiliate info’ tab. You will the prompted to enter the payout method which is nothing but your PayPal ID. This is a one-time process that ensures you receive your affiliate commissions every month.
  4. That’s it. You’re now a MyThemeShop Affiliate.

How To Generate Affiliate Link in MythemeShop Affiliate Program

To generate affiliate link in MyThemeShop Affiliate prgram, there is an official video tutorial on MyThemeShop which will guide to step by step about

  1. How to join the MyThemeShop Affiliate Program?
  2. submit payment method to receive payment
  3. Generate your own Affiliate link?
  4. Check you affiliate link status?


So, I hope you will get the idea of how much you can earn with mythemeshop affiliate program, if you are still thinking about joining this,

then, you are missing a big opportunity of earning a huge amount of money with some efforts. So don’t think about it, Just join it now from here and earn huge money by promotion its products.

Please Do Share this post with your friends and family so that, they will not miss this big opportunity of earning big money.



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