Super Psyched About Creating Your Own Music App?

If so, then good on you! It does have a highly demanding market. Plus, there are so many opportunities waiting to be explored. 

Over the course of time, music applications have revolutionized the way everyone enjoys their tunes. Look around. There are already quality music applications available on Google Play Store. 

To create a music application, you will have to consider certain factors. 

Securing a Music App License With the Ascap, Sesac, or BMI

The first hurdle is getting the music app license. In the ‘States,’ you need to adhere to all levied copyright regulations when applying for a licit license from the ASCAP – American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. 

Alternatively, you can even apply for your music app license from the BMI – Broadcast Music Corporation or SESAC- European Stage Authors and Composers; if you operate from parts of Europe. 

Ideally, you will need to pay some royalties to allow digital music streaming via paid licenses. You will come across 2 kinds of music royalty licenses. They are namely – the Sound Recording License agreement and Song Composer License agreement.

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It is fairly easy to apply for a public music license. All you have to do is to associate with anyone from ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC for securing the public performance license.

Next Step Is Determining the Features to Include in Your Music Application

There is no denying that the music app market is a highly competitive one. And the only way to make a noticeable mark and garner the attention of your audience is to provide them with quality features in your newly created music application.

Here Are Some Must-Include Features For Your New Music Application.

  • Making quality music available in several varieties for your audience
  • Ensuring the newly created music app is compatible across numerous devices
  • Including relevant speech recognition feature
  • Allowing song download and playing offline
  • Ensuring your users can create their user accounts easily
  • Incorporating cloud storage for online data storage
  • Incorporating an interactive and friendly user-interface.
  • Also, offer choices between light and dark themes to make it more interesting for them
  • Including easy-to-find new music options for all users
  • Making sure the music app aptly streams on your users’ smart home devices
  • Adding curated playlists along with exclusive and ready playlists of featured artists
  • Ensuring the music app allows users to merge their preferred music with streaming libraries
  • Including the option of social sharing their preferred music
  • Inquiry about the user’s region, language, and genre
  • Include services like radio, latest songs; most played, top 10 artists of the month, and so on to build engagement
  • And adding notification feature as your users’ recommendation
  • Taking Care of Its Data Storage

This is another crucial aspect of building a scalable web application for your music-loving audience. For starters, a quality backend server is crucial to support music streaming. For this, you might want to think about using AWS server architecture.

Alternatively, you can make use of SDK and API to stream songs from Sound Cloud, Spotify. If you do this, then be sure to remember the listed restrictions for its term of use.

cloud storage

The wisest option would be to ignore these 3rd party APIs and create your own data storage application using a self-hosted serve. This way, you can easily upload songs to your server’s easily readable directory.

Sort Out Which Platform You Wish to Create Your Music Application

As you obviously know, Android and iOS are the two most popular platforms around! So, when picking which platform you create your music application, the rational option would be to develop for both. You can enlist help from app developers having the know-how to convert the music app’siphone layout for android or vice-versa!

This way, you can attract audiences from both platforms and even stay highly competitive against the other top names in the market.

That said, if you’re short on budget, then pick a platform as per your aimed audience and their likings. Most people in the US use iOS devices, whereas most European audiences prefer Android devices.

So, pick accordingly. 

Look to Use Mbaas for Your Music Application

This is another crucial aspect of your music application – MBaaS; Mobile Backend As a Service! Typically, even for SDKs and APIs, you have to invest ample time in its proper coding. But with the help of MbaaS, you can spare yourself all the backend development and management stuff and save precious time to endorse and scale your app.

On searching, you will come across plenty of MbaaS service providers. So, pick the right one and also remember to follow all app publishing guidelines for Google Play or Apple Play Store beforehand to avoid potential complications.

Pick a Diligent Onboard Team to Manage Your Music App Development Project

To be fair, to build a quality music application, you need to hire a diligent and experienced onboard team to handle its development.

  • UX/UI designers
  • Android/iOS developers
  • Business analysts
  • A Project Manager
  • Testers

Be sure to pick testers and developers with lots of field experience and who are well-versed with app menu navigation panels.

Also, ensure that your project manager has proper know-how about project handling methods. It will make your task easier and also ensure the music app creation is done seamlessly and immaculately.

Decide Whether to Create a Free Music App or a Paid One!

Of course, you wish to monetize your new music application. That said, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to include a free version too. It should be something like –

  • The free version of the app – offering limited access, free streaming, and a fixed number of song download
  • The Premium version – should include full access, unlimited podcast streaming, access to the latest soundtracks, and endless music downloads


The concept of building a music application is indeed very lucrative. And if you think you are ready to kick things off, the aforementioned information will serve as your guide.

That said, there are lots of things that require the assistance of experienced app developers. So don’t hesitate to enlist help from them. If anything, they will help create your music app flawlessly as your requirement. Plus, they will do it in super quick time too!

Discuss your music streaming application design with these app developers today to create something which offsets your own expectations confidently.

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