Refer and Earn: Earn Up to 5000 Every Month By Sharing Links

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Want to know how to earn 5000 in your bank account just sitting at home? You have come to the right place.

Hello Friends, Today I came with new technique to earn Rs.500 by just referring someone. Do you want to know how can you do it?

Be with me till the end, and you will get the formula of Earning 5000 by sitting at home, by just sharing a link.

Today we will talk about the India’s one of the leading payment platform which is Instamojo.

Many of you are aware of it but no all. Today in this article i will tell you in deep What is Instamojo and How can you Earn Money with it by just referring.

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What is Instamojo?

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Instamojo is one of India’s largest on-demand payments & e-commerce platform. It is the easiest way to sell digital or physical products, tickets and much more in your store.

Also, you can Kickstart your own brand in less than 60 seconds.

Instamojo is multi channel payment solutions for business owners, Bloggers, Internet marketers, merchants and everyone.

It enables you to receive credit/debit card, net banking, UPI payments from anyone easily with detailed tracking of customers, sales and invoices.

Apart from that, If you are running an e-commerce platform, Instamojo is the best way to receive payments of your products or goods.

If you sell products through Instamojo then it just charges 5% and additional Rs.3 on every product you sell. It does not cost any setup fee. You can see proof of its pricing detail in the image given below:

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Here are some major Instamojo features and benefits which makes it #1 multi channel payment gateway for everyone in India.


When your account is created at Instamojo, You can choose your unique username and anybody can visit and pay any amount directly to your bank account via Instamojo.

Instamojo user name
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So with instamojo you do not have to share your sensitive bank information to each customers, just directly share your username to get paid.


If you want to Crete your E-commerce store with payment gateway, it will charge minimum of ₹15000 development fees. But Instamojo offers you to create your brand digital store easily in less than a minute and sell digital/physical goods, event tickets, services and more.

It enables you to host content like images, Ebooks, and all on their server. Your customer visits your online store, add product to cart and pay amount via credit/debit card and that;s it.

He/she will get the product instantly delivered online and you will receive the money in your bank account.


Are you using WordPress, Woo-commerce, Joomla, Magneto or any other Ecommerce platform? Instamojo simple API is available for all major eCommerce platforms.

If you are having your eCommerce store on WordPress, then you can simply download Instamojo plugin for WordPress, setup your unique API and private key and its done. Your users on your Ecommerce store will get an option to pay with Instamojo.

This is one of the best thing every internet marketers require. If you check with other payment gateways in India, they charge heavy setup fees for offering you payment gateway for your website but with Instamojo its all FREE!


Collects payments on WhatsApp, Instagram, FB & more by just sharing your unique instamojo link from your dashboard and its done like a magic.

You can also send free SMS from Instamojo Dashboard to users for payments by generating invoice and amount, So they can directly pay you via the link in SMS.


Instamojo does not charge any setup fees or fixed monthly charges like other payment gateway does. It has simple 2% flat pricing for bank debit card,credit cards, net banking and 3% charge on wallets payment.

All funds received in your Instamojo is automatically transferred to your bank account within 3 business days (savings or current).

Instamojo Refer & Earn Program

Instamojo has started their “Refer & Earn Program” which offers Rs.500 for each successful referral. The best thing about this referral program is, “It is a win-win situation for both”.

It simply means if someone joins Instamojo with your referral link and made his first payment through Instamojo like (Rs.10-11) then you both will receive 500 in your bank account.

It is true, I personally tried this and I received Rs. 500 in my bank account. Besides, I only recommend genuine products or programs.

Moreover, if you are a publisher then it is a great deal for you to generate revenue from your blog/website.

Especially, if you have great traffic on your site then you can make huge Money with Instamojo Refer & Earn Program.

For instance, if 10 people successful join Instamojo with your referral links in one month then you will receive Rs.500 per referral.

It means you will earn Rs. 5000 in a month.

So if you are still not registered on Instamojo, Signup using my Referral link by clicking below button and we both will receive ₹500.

If you directly register on Instamojo by visiting their official website, you won’t be receiving the bonus, As the bonus is only given when you register using an invite link.

Ready to start making money?

Without further ado, let’s see how to make Money with Instamojo Refer and Earn Program.


Follow these steps:

Sign up on Instamojo By Click Here.

  • Copy the referral link and share it with friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS, Email or any other option.
  • Every time a friend signs up with your link AND MAKES his/her FIRST PAYMENT, you get ?500 in your account. Every new sign-up gets 500 in their account as well!
instamojo refer and earn
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If you sign up 10 new friends, you make 5000 in your bank account by the end of the month!

1 Referral – Rs. 500

10 Referral – 10*500 = Rs. 5000

Isn’t it amazing?

What’s more?

You can refer 10, 20, 100, 10,000 friends! THE MORE YOU REFER, THE MORE YOU EARN!

The best part about Instamojo refer & earn program is that the person who joined Instamojo with you referral link will also receive Rs.500. You both can make Money with Instamojo Refer and Earn Program in this way.

Take a quick look at the features of Instamojo Refer & Earn Program

  • Free Sign-up
  • 2 minutes easy Onboarding
  • Collect payment via a link
  • Safe and Secure Payments
  • Monthly Payouts
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Amazing branding & Marketing Material
  • Receive Payment via Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS, Email, Website, Blog, And Direct Bank Transfer.

Just One Thing…

Both parties will get the payment if:

  • A referred first-time seller friend clicks on referral link and signs up via the resulting landing page to create an Instamojo account that complies with Terms of Service;
  • The referred first-time seller friend successfully completes the Instamojo KYC process and completes an INR transaction with his/her customer using Instamojo.

You need to create an account on Instamojo to make Money with Instamojo Refer and Earn Program.

It is very easy to join Instamojo. Besides, its offers free sign-up. But you need you Pan Card details & Bank Account details to sign-up Instamojo.

Just follow the steps given below to join Instamojo:

1.Firstly, visit the page Instamojo and click Sign up for Free.

2. To start earning from Instamojo, you need to signup & create your account on Instamojo by verifying email & mobile.

3. After registering your instamojo account is in trail status first with limit of (10-20k) per month. You need to upgrade your account to fully active account for free.

4. For upgrading & completely making your Instamojo account active you need to submit You PAN card number, bank account details (account number, name & IFSC code) and photo of cancelled check or bank account statement for cross verification

5. Once these details are submitted, Your account is under pending review and it gets fully active in less than 1 business days.

6. That’s All. for receiving ₹500 bonus, you need to do any single transaction of minimum of ₹1 on your account via any modes. once a single transaction is done, You will be getting ₹500 bonus ion your account within 30 days.

7. Login to your Instamojo Dashboard and you will see “Invite & earn” link on right sidebar.

8. Click on it and share your Referral link to your friends via Whatsapp,Facebook, email, SMS or your blog.

9. When someone signup using your unique referral link, and completes verification of Instamojo by submitting their PAN card, bank account details and doing a single transaction of minimum of ₹1, both of them will be getting ₹500 bonus in bank account.

10. You can track detailed reports of your referral activity and how many referrals have completed registration. Their reports & stats also shows how much money you have earned and when it will be transferred in your bank account.

So that’s all! I have mentioned all the step by step details for signing up on Instamojo, verifying your account and start earning money via its referral program.


Apart from earning money via Instamojo, you can use instamojo for collecting payments via your online customers, users and sell eBooks or digital good easily to Indians online. Even I am using Instamojo payment gateway on my digital store.

If you are having any doubts or questions regarding Instamojo referral program, do not hesitate to ask me via comment section below. Stay tuned with BloggingQnA.

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Hi, I'm Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj, founder of BloggingQnA. A blog that provides authentic information regarding blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, and how to Earn Money Online with blogging.

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