Do you want to start a new blog on WordPress with hostinger Hosting? Looking for step by step guide to install WordPress on Hostinger Hosting?

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Here in this article, I will share a step by step guide for installing WordPress on hostinger (With screenshots and Videos).

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What is WordPress Beginner Guide

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. More than 33% of websites all over the world are created on WordPress.

There are many other CMS like Weebly, Joomla, Magento, etc. But people love WordPress because of its amazing features.

It’s open-source cms where anyone can contribute to make it better day by day. Lots of plugins, themes, and other tools will make your blogging journey smooth and very easy.

Even you can make any website on WordPress if you are not aware of coding and other technical stuff.

Also maybe you have also heard about the blogger platform. Want to know which one is best. here is the detailed guide on Blogger VS WordPress – Which one is best and Why?

About Hostinger Hosting

You will get so many web hosting providers for WordPress in the market like A2hosting, Bluehost, WPX hosting, Siteground, and many others.

But not all of them are affordable for beginners. If you’re tight on budget, Hostinger is the best web hosting provider for you.  You will get free SSL + Free domain name + Customer Support at a very affordable price.

Also, you can check out the below tutorial for speed tests, customer support, and other details of hostinger hosting.

Step By Step Guide To Install WordPress on Hostinger

First of all, you need to visit

Once you click on, you will get redirected to the hostinger sales page. Hostinger is always offering a huge discount to new customers. It will be a great saving of money if you are a new user of hostinger hosting.

Just click on the ‘Start now’ button.

hostinger discount

You will be scrolled down below for their plans. Hostinger offers 3 different plans with different features. Let’ see them. plans

Now, you have to select the best plans as per your budget allows and according to your site requirements.

If you have a very tight budget and want to start only 1 site initially to learn and implementing blogging stuff. Go for the single shared hosting plan. There you can host 1 website only and you can implement all the stuff that you learn.

This plan is perfect for people to learn blogging with practical stuff.

But if you have a budget to invest and you know how blogging works. then go for the premium shared hosting. This is the most popular and most recommended to everyone.

Here you can host many websites and also you will get a free top level domain name for free of cost.


Before you checkout, make sure to check the time period for which you’re paying. By default, it’s selected at 48 months. If you choose to pay for 48 months, you’ll get the highest discount.

Note: The pricing plans shown on the homepage of Hostinger are when you purchase their hosting for 48 months. Pricing changes if you pay for less than 48 months.

after this, you have to enter your email address and other formal details to create your hostinger account. Then select the payment.

For more additional discounts, at the time of checkout use coupon code BLOGGINGQNA.

hostinger couon code

Complete the payment.

After successfully purchasing your hosting with Hostinger, you’re just a few clicks away from installing WordPress and creating your website.

Login to your Hostinger cPanel and click on ‘Manage’. There you will find everything that you purchased. As you can see, in my account my hosting and domain name is given below.

Now you have to click on setup to start installing WordPress on hostinger hosting.

hostinger cpannel

after clicking on setup button, you will be asked some questions regarding your blog. You just need to answer them for the best suggestion. Check out the below screenshot for reference.

questions regarding blog

After that the main step comes, now you have to select the platform. you get multiple platform options like WordPress, woo commerce+ WordPress, ow zyro platform.

As we are talking about how to install WordPress on hostinger hosting in this article, so we have to select the WordPress option.

select the platform

Now, we are at the final step. Then choose your domain name and enter username, password, email, and website title. And then click on the ‘Install button.


It’s almost done now. You have to wait few minutes. Within few minutes your WordPress installation on Hostinger hosting will be done.

You have successfully installed WordPress on Hostinger!

Now, you can go ahead and start building your website.

After WordPress is installed on your website, you can begin choosing a theme and installing plugins. If you are a newbie you can check out below tutorials.

Video Tutorial For Installing WordPress on Hostinger

Still confused, how to do it?

Below is the step-by-step tutorial for installing WordPress on Hosting. watch it and implement it.

FAQs For Installing WordPress on Hostinger

below are some common FAQs regarding how to install WordPress on hostinger.

Q1. Can I use WordPress with Hostinger?

yes, you can use WordPress with hostinger. Hostinger gives you 1 click installation of WordPress. For the tutorial, you can check out the above steps given in the article.

Q2. Is WordPress free with Hostinger?

Yes, 100% free. You will get a one-click WordPress installation after purchasing hostinger hosting.

Q3. Is there any discount on hostinger Hosting?

Yes, I have an amazing discount code for additional discount. Click here to visit the discounted page. At the time of checkout use coupon code BLOGGINGQNA for additional discount.


So installing WordPress on Hostinger is that easy! It will literally take you a few minutes to get a website up and running.

Now, creating website and postng content online is super easy. If you haven’t start your blog till now.

what are you waiting for??

Go and grab hosting hosting and start your online journey. Share it with others.

how to install wordpress on hostinger hosting