As the internet has overtaken many other media, people are engaging and creating content on the Internet more than anywhere else.

The core requirement to connect with the Internet upload your ideas over it is Hosting. Hosting simply bridges the gap between you and the internet.

Whenever and whatever you wish to upload on the internet, you could do so with the website. For a website to be live and search engine indexed, it requires a domain and hosting.

Hosting depends on what type of content you are uploading on the net. If your content is video or heavy data, your host needs to be capable of fetching the data in seconds.

Various host providers have rolled out in the market these days. The best one would always be the one that is highly responsive and just fit for your personal needs.

Host4Geeks is one such platform that allows you to have to host for multiple purposes.

Why Host4Geeks?


At present, Host4Geeks is meeting all the requirements of a good server. No matter which language you are using, what type of security you wish to have, or how long you are planning to host your site.

Here are some key features that make Host4Geeks the most preferred hostservice in India.

  • Host with the fastest loading and responding Speed

The speed of the website is replied on the host service. The host acts as a server to your website and hence has a lot of privileges. 

One of them is – Speed. One of the most vital parts of any website is its loading time. The speed factor might not be paid attention while developing a site, but during its actual usage, speed matters a lot.

No one would wait longer for 5 seconds just looking at a blank screen reading “loading“.

Host4Geeks is very efficient in responding quickly. No matter how heavy your site is, Host4Geeks host is known for making your site seem light. 

  • Host that has ample Bandwidth to meet your demand

A few projects require to upload high memory to the site. For that not only speed but the data management on the server-side is essential. To satisfy the amount of data that is getting on the server, a respective host needs to be with an adequate amount of bandwidth. 

Host4Geeks comes with the bandwidth which is more than enough for all your server-side needs. Choosing a host server package of minimal bandwidth and then expanding it, is also possible with Host4Geeks.

You can choose your plan in regards to bandwidth and then can also choose to switch them any time you want. With this flexible and enough bandwidth, you are opting for your business growth.

  • Hosting service with latest updates

Technology is pacing up speedily. And when it comes to online services like hosting, it knows no limit to upgrade. 

We at Host4Geeks, are coming up with updates on our servers from time to time. Hence, any project implementing the new framework of the language scripts could choose Host4Geeks anytime.

Adapting and responding to the latest trends and needs is the trait of the Host4Geeks host server. 

24*7 helpline is not a unique feature as every site has the bots enabled to serve you right. Host4Geeks have made human chat option available 24*7*365 days, so that your query is understood manually. 

Getting that one-liner answer from a bot is not always what you expect. Hence you can communicate with Host4Geeks anytime to fix any host issues.

Host4Geeks Features:

  • Free Domain: With Host4Geeks you simply have to take care of choosing a unique domain name. Getting you your domain is our responsibility.
  • Pure SSD Storage: Your data is safe and secure with SSD Storage. Your website data is stored with us so you don’t lose any of it, and at the same time, its privacy is also maintained.
  • Nginx & LiteSpeed API: The speed and responsive nature that the website will experience is due to LiteSpeed API.
  • Free SSL Certificate: A security certificate for your site is a free add-on hosting service. Sensitive data collection becomes safer with SSL.
  • Pre-installation questionnaire: Even before you register with us, we are serving and assisting you with whatever concerns you have. From which hosting plan to take to how to use the hosting service, we satisfy your every query.
  • Real-time assistance: We assist you real-time with real human response. Our humans are trained more than bots. 

Pricing and plans 

Depending on your requirements from your website, the host server’s facilities would be decided. And depending on the facilities and features that you for, plans and packages of the host would be decided. These web hosting plans start at just Rs.99 per month which is cheap shared hosting in India with better features at an affordable price.

Check all the hosting plan quotes here

host4geeks pricing and plans
  1. Which one should commercials opt for?

For commercials several projects are running simultaneously on a single server. So the commercial plans are different depending on which all features you choose to benefit from.

Choosing a business plan is the best option for commercials. However, even business plans are flexible and could be made available to you according to your needs.

  1. Which one should startups go for?

It depends on what sort of startup is yours. If you are starting a website development startup, you got to choose a business plan. 

If your business is not the core website development, but is dependent on the website or hosting services, you can choose a personal plan. 

  1. Which hosting plan is the best for bloggers?

Bloggers should go for the personal plan until the number of blogs is minimal. If you are expecting several blogs and podcasts to run on a single server, ungraded or personal plan with additional benefits.

Usually, bloggers are having images and textual content which don’t require that much space. However, if direct video files or podcasts are uploaded on the blog’s server, hosting needs to be suitable.

Host4Geeks Reviews 

The best way to know about the service of the company is going through the customer reviews and ratings.  

host4geeks review

Overall Ratings:

Hostadvice ratings

When it comes to more features at an affordable price, then Host4Geeks beats all the big players in the market. 

Bottom line

Having a good host server is every website’s wish. Host4Geeks is one of the most trusted, reliable, and flexible host server. With the utmost security and updated features, you are all set to go lucky go with Host4Geeks host services.

Which one is your favorite host server to date and why? Have you used Host4Geeks yet? If yes, let us know what you loved. Comment below your thoughts and let us know your perspective on hosting services in India.

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