You may have landed here in search of GeneratePress Premium Theme and what’s the difference between the GeneratePress Premium and free version.

If yes, you have come just to the right place.

Today we will discuss in detail about GeneratePress Premium Theme, features, pros and cons and how can this theme make your website a rocket in every case.

From making your blog or website professionally to start earning, in every case, this theme can affect you greatly!

Now let’s dig into the soul of GeneratePress.

What Really GeneratePress is?

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GeneratePress is a Responsive, lightweight, and easy to use theme. It’s one of the most highly rated Themes available on both free and premium version.

A group of high-quality programmers, designers, and contributors has unitedly made GeneratePress Theme but Tom Usborne is originally the CEO of the GeneratePress community.

This theme was released in 2014 and after it was released soon it becomes popular and it’s getting upgraded every day to a new stage.

GeneratePress has gained fame around for its usability, speed, lightweight and Responsiveness.

I suggest everybody choosing GeneratePress. It works with every type of blogs.

GeneratePress Free vs Premium Comparison

generatepress free vs premium

GeneratePress has two versions. One is free and the other is premium. Their features are not the same and they both don’t work the same way.

First, let’s see What you can do with The free version of GeneratePress.

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GeneratePress Free Theme

If you install and activate GeneratePress Free Theme on your WordPress site you will get access to all the features and options included in this version At zero price for lifetime.

It’s a parent theme for which it looks like a demo.

GeneratePress is simple and easy but very attractive compared to those fancy themes available on the WordPress library.

If you even don’t have money to purchase premium I still recommend you to choose the free version.

Yeah, Because I want your welfare. I have previously used this theme when I was a new blogger and it really satisfied me.

Many of my clients and bloggers friends use this theme and I am the proof on behalf of GeneratePress.

Let me be honest, In some cases, the free GeneratePress really works more than other premium fancy themes.

I’m not kidding!

Just have a try on your dream blog as you don’t have to cost using the free theme.

Click here to read Generatepress detailed review.

GeneratePress Free Features

Free doesn’t always mean low quality — After using GeneratePress I started to believe the quote.

The theme may be free but the developer (Tom Usborne) is really good-hearted who put these following features and allowed newbies to work seamlessly:

1. Mobile-Friendly

This entire theme is built with complete mobile responsiveness.

You won’t believe it but also in ancient mobile devices GeneratePress Works very well.

Their Coding (HTML5 and CSS3) is very well structured and optimised. They have used programming strategically which makes their theme lightweight.

2. 14 pro modules

There is a list of 14 pro modules, also known as “Site library”.

The site library enables you to leverage the functionality of this theme.

Unlike other premium themes, they have a variety of features and a simple interface which allows you to take care of your blog with ease.

3. Typography and Font Editing

Typography is a functionality which allows you to edit the font family and font sizes of your theme.

You will also be able to play (I mean customize) on the heading section and your blog with the help of GeneratePress default settings.

4. One-Click Reset Option

If you ever want your site to go back to default settings you are free to do this by the help of 1-Click Reset option.

Most of the free themes don’t have this option but GeneratePress provides this feature for free with dignity.

5. Custom CSS

Even if you have a little knowledge of CSS coding, you will be able to customize any part of the theme.

Besides, once you install and activate Generatepress free version on your site you will notice your site loading speed drops instantly.

According to my research, If you don’t have any problem you can expect a 21% boost on the loading time as soon as you activate GeneratePress on your site, even without any speed optimisation plugin!!

I don’t know what else to say about the GeneratePress free version other than it’s indeed a clean and rocket-speedy theme on the WordPress Market.

Let’s have a look at the Pros and Cons of GeneratePress free

GeneratePress Free Pros. and Cons.

Every product in this world has some pros and cons. None is perfect but comparatively, GeneratePress wins the race with other themes.


  • The most interesting fact is it’s free of cost
  • The features including typography, font editing, pre-build showcase (library) are available for you to get activated on your site
  • 100% Every device optimised
  • Lightweight and clean which allows your website to run rocket fast


  • No support available for the free version
  • Need CSS knowledge if you want access to the design of more other parts
  • Non-removable “Power by GeneratePress Copyright” text
  • No, Import/Export Functionality

GeneratePress Premium Version

The majority knows GeneratePress as a theme only! But it’s more than a theme.

Wanna know why?

Themes consisting of Awesome Design, affordable pricing, Options, and great features are considered the best theme nowadays.

But GeneratePress Premium has a lot more to provide.

It’s easy to use, the most lightweight theme I have ever seen, popular and very optimised for SEO and Blog.

The premium GeneratePress is the pro version of free, which has taken the features of the free to the next level.

Once you activate the premium theme using the license key (License key is the key which will be provided to you when you buy the paid version of GeneratePress) all of the additional and pro features will be instantly installed to your site.

Below are the most popular paid add-ons build only GP premium users.

gp premium modules

GeneratePress Premium Features

The dashboard of  your WordPress will turn into a new designing tool once you install and activate GeneratePress Premium on your WordPress Blog.

With the help of the GP plugin, you will be able to play on every section and part of your theme (I mean you can fully customize your site) without touching the code

Let’s have a look at the premium features you will get with GP premium,

1. Site Library

The most interesting part of GeneratePress Premium is the Site library.

They provide 33 different and amazing premium demo themes which you can Import on your site with just 3 clicks.

GeneratePress Spacious and the Marketer theme is the most used theme till now.

I love their activities because they keep all of their themes always up to date and optimised to modern SEO.

2. Colors

They have 60 Colors option which you can use on any arena of your blog for links, headings, and paragraphs.

3. Page Header

This function is able to add a transparent header or a custom logo in parallax and fullscreen format.

It increases the beautification of your site. The logo and header style is very amazing. I personally loved their heading section.

4. Blog

Beautifully displays blog posts into the grid, column, and masonry layouts.

Their column and grid are very stylish and look professional. But these features aren’t very space consuming at all.

They use advanced coding which makes the inner things pretty cool!

5. Backgrounds

With this feature, you can easily add or remove background images and style them with new various types of parallax effects.

6. Spacing

I think the GP premium designers are very expert who maintained the proper gap and spacing between Columns, widgets, and grids.

7. Mega Menu Plus

This feature is for the menu. It can create effects and 3d design to the menu.

Mega Menu Plus enables the feature to slide-out, fades, and no transition on the menu logo.

8. Typography

70+ Typography options, Font Awesome and Google Fonts for styling your blog body, headings, links, and texts.

9. Copyright Changes

In the premium GP, you can remove the Powered by GeneratePress Copyright text located at the bottom of your site.

10. WooCommerce

The WooCommerce module allows you to customize your WooCommerce site visual aspects.

11. Elements

This is a collection of 14 elements by GP premium.

It allows you to enable or disable parts of your site like navigation, menu, header, footer and etc.

To start using this feature, hit the button, “Use Section” appearing at the right side of your WordPress post or page editor

12. Hooks

You can add PHP on your site with the help of this feature. It works for the widget displayed on the area of your site. But you might not know PHP so you can’t add coding.

But GP team knows that you need this feature in future.

13. Import/Export

I should mention at the first that This Import/Export feature wasn’t available in the free GP.

If you want to copy the WordPress setting of your GP consisting site to another WordPress site, you can do it with the help of the Import/Export feature.

Just click Export choose the destination of your storage and a file will be exported to your local storage then Import that file on the site you want.

As you can see, GeneratePress (GP premium) is fulfilled with awesome features don’t think that your money will go in vain.

I recommend you to First have a try of the GP free version then go for the GP premium.

Gp premium works 34% faster than the free version.

14. Documentation

GP premium comes up with fantastic documentation which will help you to learn the usage without any other content.

When I first started using GP premium on my Blog, I used the Documentation for customising my blog.

And believe me, I was able to make my blog very well with the documentation.

15. Support

When it comes to supporting I would rate 4.7 personally to the GP premium Support team.

They have a standard level support forum for its users.

If you are the free version user you will only be able to see the question and answer.

But to do questions you gotta be the premium version user. The support from the developers is 24/7 days available.

I think they are doing well with supporting users.

GeneratePress Premium Pros. And Cons.


  • Pricing: At first, The pricing is quite affordable (only $49.95) when compared to other premium plugins
  • Hidden fees: No hidden fees When Signing up for a new account
  • Money-back: They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Compatible with Page Builder: GeneratePress Supports page builders for customization. To reduce costs you can initially use page builder
  • Best Customer Support: They are not stingy at all to assign a larger team for support. You can expect 24/7 proper support from GP premium
  • Extensive Documentation: In straightforward words, If you can follow their Documentation properly you don’t need any other assistance to be able to customize your blog


  • No lifetime payment option
  • Limited features on the free version

GeneratePress Premium Pricing and Renewal Cost


GP premium version will cost you $49.95 for the first year and then a 40% renewal discount from the second year.

Don’t wait to buy because Gp Premium may soon increase their price to the next level as they are consistently upgrading their features.

How to purchase GP premium (A Step By Step Guide)

The most interesting part starts now, How to finally purchase the GP premium plugin?

Just follow my 5 min steps below.

STEP 1: First of all, Click here on this link to visit the deal page.

If you have already installed and activated the GP theme on your site now it’s time to purchase the plugin. 

STEP 2: Click the “premium” labeled button and you will be redirected to the purchasing landing page.

Step 3: Click “Get it Now” here and then you will be driven a little below where you will see the “Add to Cart” button.

Step 4: Hit “Add to Cart” and then you will see the purchasing page where you have to put your necessary personal details, add card details or pay via PayPal, tick the boxes, and hit the “Purchase” button.

within less than an hour, you will get the license key via email (The email you have entered when purchasing).

Congratulation !! You grabbed the best WordPress Theme.

Conclusion (GeneratePress Free vs Premium)

The GeneratePress theme is a worldwide very popular theme. Don’t look for a unique theme and waste all of your money.

if the GP theme wasn’t good I wouldn’t have using GP premium on my blog.

I use Thrive Architect and GeneratePress Premium together which really gives me super cool performance. It saves time by 45% and loads 35% faster.

In my opinion, you should also start using GP premium and Thrive Architect page builder together. Actually, It’s the best Combination.

However, back to the topic, If you are thinking about the pricing. I should say just have a try!

Don’t worry, GP premium offers a money-back guarantee!

And When it comes to pricing I think their price is very good than other premium theme plugins.

And always keep in mind the following:

A fancy theme may look cool but it can be the main reason for your site’s being slow.

Readers don’t want a cool looking site! They want speed, simple enough and attractive content.

According to those facts, GeneratePress premium is my first choice and always will be.

Comment down below if you have any query and if you want I can cover some other topic on GP premium.

By the way, what do you think? Is GP premium the best theme? let me know your words.

generatepress free vs premium