FlyWP Review 2024: Best Cloudways Alternatives?

Are you looking to streamline your workflow by managing multiple WordPress sites fluently in unmanaged servers?

Are you distressed about the security vulnerability of websites?

Don’t worry, today I will introduce an exceptional server management solution, FlyWP.

FlyWP is a WordPress-centric server management system that will help you manage WordPress websites more efficiently without worrying about complex web server issues.

In this FlyWP review article, we will walk you through how it works, its features, pros, and cons, and lifetime deals.

Let’s deep dive down.

What Is FlyWP?

FlyWP homepage

Launched in 2023 by parent organization weDevs, FlyWP is a cloud-based WordPress server management platform.

Powered by Docker, FlyWP monitors complicated and time-consuming tasks like server configuration, security vulnerabilities, speed optimization, backup management, regular updates, and more.

Along with custom servers, it is effortlessly compatible with unmanaged web servers like Digital Ocean, Vultr, AWS, Akamai, etc.

By taking over technical tasks FlyWP reduces headaches and allows website owners to follow an extensive workflow instead of lurking over web servers and website issues.

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FlyWP User Interface

The dashboard of FlyWP is user-friendly and tidy.

After logging in you can browse over existing created servers and websites.

FlyWP User Interface

At the top right corner of the dashboard, you will find dark mode, support and knowledge buttons, team, billing, and settings options.

If you have earlier used Cloudways, will find specific resemblances in the arrangement of the dashboard.

FlyWP Features

Let’s get to know more about FlyWP by knowing its features and benefits for you.

1. Multiple Server Connection

FlyWP server providers

Along with custom servers FlyWP seamlessly connects with noted server providers like Digital Ocean, Vultr, Google Cloud, Akamai, and AWS.

Shortly FlyWP is planning to add more server providers to the platform to provide more preferences and flexibility to users.

2. Mighty Security Feature

FlyWP provides a substantial shield around your WordPress websites with an array of security features.

It provides 7G security firewall service which protects your website from destructive cyber attacks.

FlyWP security feature

In addition to the 7G firewall, it offers free SSL certificates and Cloudflare integration which is termed as a crucial feature in WordPress website safety.

Also, it provides a range of built-in security features that are usually available only upon installing separate security plugins.

3. Multiple Caching Facility

FlyWP caching features can skyrocket your WordPress website speeds with a few tweaks.

FastCGI Cache: This feature uses Nginx FastCGI cache.

By harnessing the power of the Nginx mechanism, the FastCGI cache dramatically reduces the load time of pages.

After enabling FastCGI cache, you will find a ‘Clear Cache‘ button.

Clicking over the ‘Clear Cache‘ button will instantly optimize pages by reducing load on servers.

FlyWP cache solutions

Object Cache: Ensures swift content delivery by reducing the overall load time of databases.

You can also install the ‘FlyWP Helper‘ plugin to manage cache settings from the WordPress dashboard.

Using Plugin: You can optimize your website speed by installing popular cache plugins like WP Rocket or Lite speed cache instead of relying on FlyWP’s internal cache system.

4. Separate Email SMTP Feature

Instead of providing email hosting like managed hosting, FlyWP allows users to integrate with popular email SMTP providers.

FlyWP Email SMTP Provider

Currently, FlyWP provides Postmark, Sendgrid, and Maligun SMTP servers.

You can also integrate preferred custom SMTP servers with FlyWP.

5. Powered By Docker

Docker is popular for its lightweight and isolated container features.

It is widely used to develop and test applications in different containers.

FlyWP integrated Docker to provide more flexible and safety measures.

The major functionality of Docker is if a website is hacked or infected with a malicious virus, the other websites in that particular server remain unaffected.

6. Simple Plugin Management

You can update any plugin without navigating towards the dashboard section of your WordPress website.

The FlyWP plugin section showcases a list of plugins with status and current version.

FlyWP Updates

Whenever an update is available for a particular plugin, you can upgrade to the latest version by tapping on the Update button.

7. Inbuilt File Manager

Instead of visiting the backend of the hosting server, you can access the file manager section directly from FlyWP dashboard.

FlyWP File Manager

Additionally, FlyWP allows you to edit, delete, and rename any file and folder from the file manager.

8. Site Cloning

FlyWP cloning feature allows users to experiment with websites independently.

Site cloning can replicate website files and databases for different purposes.

FlyWP Site Cloning

Cloning helps you to migrate your website to a new server efficiently without affecting your running website.

Also, it benefits in major changes in UI, and testing with new plugins and themes.

9. Robust Backup System

You can create both automated and manual backup files for your websites by utilizing FlyWP.

FlyWP Backup

FlyWP backup system settings let you choose your backup frequency and time.

To execute the backup of websites you have to select a backup provider followed by bucket, region, backup retention, backup frequency, and backup time.

10. Intuitive Dashboard

Along with providing scintillating features, FlyWP has an intuitive dashboard.

The dashboard acts like a command center from where you can manage multiple websites effortlessly with a few clicks.

In addition to saving valuable time, the instinctive dashboard reduces the complexity of handling multiple websites at once.

11. Developer-Friendly Features

FlyWP enhances the development process by offering developer-friendly tools like ‘Push To Deploy‘ and ‘Easy Switching Of PHP Version‘.

Easy Switching PHP Version feature allows effortless adaptation of development with few clicks while Push To Deploy enables continuous deployment of changes.

This impeccable handy tool saves valuable time and reduces the workload of developers.

How To Get Started With FlyWP

To get underway first, you have to connect the server with FlyWP.

The following step-by-step guide will steer you through how to do that successfully.

How To Connect Your Server With FlyWP?

Step 1: Connect Server. Step inside the dashboard. Now you have to click on the ‘Settings‘ tab from the sidebar menu, followed by ‘Server Providers‘.

Here you have to add your preferred server with a profile name and API token and tap over the ‘Add Credential‘ button.

Adding Server in FlyWP

Step 2: Generate API Token. To generate an API token, first, you have to log in to your server provider account. For instance, here I am using the Digital Ocean server. So after logging in, have to click over ‘Generate New Token‘.

To link the Digital Ocean account with FlyWP, we need to select no expiration date and assign full access in the settings section.

Generating Digital Ocean API Token

Step 3: Create A New Server. In the next step, you have to click on ‘Create New Server‘. Here you can connect to existing servers or create a new one.

FlyWP server providers 1

Step 4: Add Server Details. Eventually, we have to select the account name, server location, shared CPU, server size, and hostname and click over the ‘Launch Server‘ button

FlyWP adding server details

How To Create And Manage WebSite On FlyWP?

This detailed step-by-step guide will assist you in creating and managing our websites in FlyWP.

Step 1: Create A New Site. Click on ‘Create New Site‘ and select the server you want to host it. Now select the type of site you wish to create.

You can create an Instant Site, Standard Site, WordPress Multisite, and Install a site from a Git Repository.

FlyWP Create New Site

Step 2: Enter Domain And DNS Details. To create an instant site, you have to enter a Custom Domain Name and PHP version.

You can also utilize the test domain supplied by FlyWP. After connecting a custom domain, you have to update the A name of the domain IP address mentioned in the DNS section.

FlyWP Domain and DNS Details

Step 3: Enter Installation Details. Now you have to provide the required details in the Installation section to initiate website installation.

You have to provide the required details like Site Title, Admin Email, Admin Username, and Admin Password. To instantly boost the website speed, you have to toggle the Enable Full Page Cache button.

After completion of the website installation process, you can log in to the admin panel directly from the FlyWP dashboard, without the username and password.

FlyWP Site installation details

FlyWP Pros and Cons

  • WordPress Optimized Platform: FlyWP excels in fine-tuning the performance of the WordPress platform. WordPress-centric features like Magic Login, and WP Config Editor categorize FlyWP as a tailor-made platform for WordPress CMS. FlyWP delivers all the features that are required to manage WordPress websites, like theme and plugin installation and updates, speed optimization, security, backup, cloning, and email integration.
  • User Friendly: Provides a simple but productive dashboard, beneficial for both beginners and professionals.
  • Amazing Server Management: Along with popular servers like AWS, Digital Ocean, and Vultr, you can add your preferred custom servers.
  • Impeccable Security: FlyWP offers robust security features to protect your website and server from lethal cyber-attacks. Also, its Cloudflare integration feature adds an extra layer of safety from cyberpunk.
  • Upcoming Feature: Since its launch, FlyWP repeatedly developed useful features to provide a seamless experience for each user. In the upcoming days, the FlyWP team is desperate to put in more features to propel the server management platform to stand out from its competitors.
  • Pocket-Friendly AppSumo Lifetime Deal: Currently, you can purchase the FlyWP lifetime deal by paying a one-time investment. In my opinion, considering the features and facilities, the FlyWP AppSumo lifetime deal is quite reasonable and worth of money.
  • Minor Learning Curve: This server management platform is not suitable for new server management tools. To utilize FlyWP proficiently, you need to have basic knowledge of server management, API integration, website backup, and cache. Also, you need prior technical skills to handle developer-friendly tools of FlyWP.
  • Limited Team Collaboration Functionality: The facility to collaborate with the team members is costly and only available with the business plan.
  • Limited Team Collaboration Functionality: The facility to collaborate with the team members is costly and only available with the business plan.
  • Average Staging: FlyWP does not have staging functionality like Cloudways.

FlyWP Roadmap (Upcoming Feature)

FlyWP is a relatively new unmanaged hosting platform compared to others.

Recently they have finished integrating requested features like PHP Version 8.3, Dark Mode, External DB support, Dark Mode, and so on.

FlyWP Roadmap

The FlyWP team started developing advanced features like Hetzner Cloud, Migration Tool, Custom SSL, Spilt Payment for LTD/ Large Packages, and user management through phpMyadmin.

In the future, they have planned to introduce features like Integrate Pagespeed Test, Vulnerability Scanner, Rest API Support, Whitelabel, and Site Uptime Monitoring.

They have announced more exciting features to be integrated with the platform periodically in the upcoming days.

You can keep an over FlyWP Roadmap to gather more info about upcoming updates.

Pricing & Plans Of FlyWP

FlyWP provides Four plans on a monthly and yearly basis.

1. Free Plan: Comes with a trial period of 14 days. You can activate the Free Plan without any credit card.

FlyWP free trial plan

2. Hobby Plan: 1 server, unlimited sites.

Price: $9/month,$90/year.

FlyWP monthly plan

3. Growth Plan: 10 servers, unlimited sites, site backup.

Price: $19/month,$190/year.

FlyWP yearly plan

4. Business Plan: Unlimited Server, unlimited sites, site backup, team feature.

Price: $39/month,$390/year.

Free14 Days

FlyWP Refund Policy

FlyWP refund policy

If you are not satisfied with the FlyWP, you can always ask for a refund within 14 days of purchasing any paid plan.

FlyWP AppSumo Lifetime Deal

At present, FlyWP is offering lifetime deals on the Appsumo platform at remarkably discounted prices.

FlyWP AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Below are AppSumo lifetime deals you can purchase by paying once.

PlanOnetime Price
License Tier 1$49
License Tier 2$149
License Tier 3$299
License Tier 4$499
License Tier 5$999

Plan Features and Benefits of FlyWP Appsumo Lifetime Deal

  • Lifetime access to FlyWP
  • All future Hobby (Tier 1), Growth (Tier 2), or Business (Tier 3-5) Plan updates
  • If the Plan name changes, the deal will be mapped to the new Plan name with all accompanying updates
  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s right for you
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • Ability to upgrade between 5 license tiers while the deal is available
  • Ability to downgrade between 5 license tiers within 60 days of purchase
  • Only for new FlyWP users who do not have existing accounts
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of purchase.

IS FlyWP Better Than Cloudways?

Cloudways offers a versatile website management system compared to FlyWP.

Cloudwyas is one of the exemplary hosting platforms with an easy setup, auto-updates, exceptional staging, integration, and server management that easily outperforms FlyWP in almost every aspect.

Within a flexible price, Clouways delivers an array of features like superfast SSD storage, free CDN, strong security, daily backups, and instant customer support through live chat and email.

Along with captivating features, you can smoothly manage Cloudways without any prior technical knowledge about server management.

On the other hand, you have to hold a decent command over API integration, and server management to use FlyWP properly.

Is FlyWP the Ideal Platform For You?

If you are familiar with unmanaged hosting like Digital Ocean and AWS, then you can opt-in for FlyWP.

FlyWP is for individuals with an apparent understanding of API function and other related knowledge to handle unmanaged hosting servers efficiently.

If you are looking for an unmanaged hosting server at an affordable price, FlyWP is a delicate solution for you.

FAQs for FlyWP Review

Q1. Can I Use FlyWP For Free?

Yes, FlyWP provides a 14-day free trial plan to use and determine whether the platform is suitable for you or not.

Q2. Does FlyWP Integrate With Other Apps and Platforms?

FlyWP allows integration with Cloudflare. It also provides integration functionality with several servers and email SMTP service.

Q3. Does FlyWP Have a Refund Policy?

FlyWP has a 60-day refund policy on the FlyWP AppSuumo Lifetime Deal. On the other hand, it provides a 14-day money-back guarantee with each paid plan.

Q4. Does FlyWP Have Any Mobile App?

Till now FlyWP doesn’t develop any mobile app.

Final Thoughts on FlyWP Review

Hope you have gathered an ample amount of information from this FlyWP review article to determine whether FlyWP is suitable for you or not.

FlyWP furnishes satisfactory features at an affordable rate compared to other server management systems.

But FlyWP is not for beginners.

I would suggest you head toward FlyWP if you have the capability and introductory knowledge to supervise unmanaged hosting servers.

If you have any queries regarding FlyWP let me know in the comment section, I would appreciate it.

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