Flyout Review –#1 The Best Way To Earn By Sponsored Posts?

There are lots of ways to earn money online from your blogs like Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, and many more.

Bloggers are always in search of more opportunities to make a profit from their blogs. They always want to find some extra income methods other than AdSense.

Similarly promoting some brands or products is also a way through which bloggers can earn a lump sum amount. Sometimes bloggers themselves reach out to the publishers for sponsorship.

Sponsored content is also one of them. But for that, you don’t have any particular platform from where you will get sponsored content. is a famous platform where publishers and bloggers can get their desired clients.

Publishers will select the blog which meets their criteria and bloggers have to promote the product on their blog. For this work, bloggers get paid.

In this post, I m going to share flyout review. After reading this detailed flyout review, you guys can join this platform to get sponsored content for your blog.

Also, I will share my earning proof from this platform. So be with me till the end.

Now let’s dive into some detailed information about So that you can get a brief about what is and what it does.

Are you excited?

I know You are 🙂 🙂

Let’s dig deep into this flyout review.

What is

Using can help you to convert your blog into a money-making machine. Other than affiliate marketing and AdSense if your blog has a good number of visitors then is a golden opportunity for you. is a platform that is specially designed for bloggers who want to earn money by placing sponsored content on their blog.

Generally, to get sponsored articles, other blog owners or agencies contact yours through emails and social media. That is quite a complex thing and you have to wait for the proposal from other blog owners.

But flyout made it very easy. With flyout you just have to list your blog on flyout and verify it. Then you will start getting sponsored content for your blog.

Flyout is a free, simple way to earn money by placing sponsored content on your blog. Get Paid For Something You’re Already Doing.

And then it is totally up to you whether you want to accept any sponsored article or not.

Isn’t amazing?

you can check out below Hindi tutorial to know more about flyout website. is working with If your website is having low traffic nowadays but you have good quality content on your blog then you can try You will get paid for promoting someone else’s product. Accordingly, your blog’s traffic will get boosted.

How does work?

Both bloggers and publishers have to sign up on this website. After you sign up, an email will be triggered to your email address with some request for a sponsored post under the niche you have selected. After signing up, your blog or website is readily available to all marketers and publishers.

When a publisher finds your blog good enough to promote their brand, they will approach you. They can place an order through their dashboard. They will send you all the details regarding that sponsored post. From images to required articles, they will send you everything along with the amount for ordering.

Now bloggers will get three days to publish the sponsored post by customizing it on their blog. Here you will get two options. You can customize it manually or set the automatic publishing so that the sponsored post automatically gets published on the blog. It sometimes causes quality to drop, so automatic publishing is not ideal.

When you are done with posting now, you have to validate that you have done your job. To ensure that you have to submit the URL on your dashboard.

Within the next 10-15 days, you will receive your full payment, which you have previously set. The URL must be the recent link of the post; otherwise, it will not be accepted by the publishers, and eventually, you will not get the payment. So here is the full working procedure of

Is is a trust-worthy site?

As a blogger, this question comes to your mind. Is it a trustworthy site? Is it really paying money for placing sponsored content?

I also have all these questions when I joined it because at that time there is no such payment proof available on the internet about this platform. So I was also very confused about its authenticity.

Then I tried and found it genuine and trust worthy. Later I will show you my payment proof also.

Flyout is Joined by 2500+ bloggers, who have chosen Flyout to monetize their blog. And they are getting paid on regular basis.

So, the answer is yes, Flyout is a 100% trustworthy site. If you want some extra income from sponsored content then you can try this platform without any tissue.

Criteria for listing your blog on

There are a few criteria that must be fulfilled to list your blog on You have gone through all the guidelines they have provided. The guidelines shape the content quality, traffic, and community guidelines before a blog steps into the platform for earning money.

  • There must be at least 10k organic visitors per month to the blog you’re submitting.
  • You must provide a Google Analytics report for your blog as part of the verification process.
  • You must have maintained your blog at least six months before linking it to
  • The user interface of your blog must be as simple and clean.
  • Your blog must have pages like Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, FaQ section, etc.
  • The blog must contain at least 100 quality and uniquely written articles.
  • Here are some of the restricted blog niches which are not eligible to be listed in
  • Blogs about adult topics
  • Micro niche blogs
  • News blogs that are automated
  • Dating blogs
  • Gambling blogs
  • Blogs promoting casino
  • APK downloading blogs
  • Celebrity lifestyle news blogs
  • Blogs which allow viewers also to write an article
  • Guns blogs
  • Whatsapp, Facebook status blogs
  • Quotes and Shayari blogs
  • Blogs publishing exam results

If you are still confused about your blog type, then do not hesitate to send an email to Flyout’sFlyout’s helpdesk.

How to create an account on and list your blog?

Click here to visit and Create an account on You need to sign up and pass four different levels to join

create account on flyout

The first option you will get is “Check Eligibility”

check eligibility

You can thoroughly read the selection criteria for your blog by clicking on the link.

  • Now, enter your blog URL and click on the check eligibility button.
  • The next option you will get is to Verify Ownership
verification on flyout

Here, you have to prove that the owner of the blog is you. You can do this by using three methods

  1. You can verify your ownership by providing an HTML Meta tag
  2. You can also directly upload an HTML file
  3. The third option is you can verify it by DNS record

Now, the third step is filling up Blog Details.

Provide all the information like website URL, contact number, category, etc. asked on that page.

Now, you can go to the last step named Create account. Provide all the necessary information asked in this section.

After completing all these, you will get an option for Instant Publishing. Instant publishing allows the publisher to publish automatically in your blog. They do not require approval from you. Instant publishing is an optional step.

If you are interested in publishing any content on your blog, then download the OAUTH plugin. This instant publishing option will work with the help of the JSON API present in your WordPress. Add an author, username, password, and email before submitting it.

Before submitting, please check if you have provided the correct email address and URL. If you submit a wrong URL or wrong email address, then you have to repeat the whole process of account creation. Because does not permit a blogger to change the email address after account creation, so be careful when filling out the form.

Now you are all set to submit the website to Submit it, and you will get a mail from Flyout on successful submission. When your blog gets listed, it will be visible from your dashboard. You will get the statistics from the impressions tab on the dashboard.

How to publish an article?

When a publisher reaches you, they will provide you with the article they want to publish. You have to accept the offer within three days only. Whenever you fail to do it, the proposal will be automatically rejected.

After that maybe you won’t get the same offer again. The steps listed below can help you publish their post on your blog within the given time frame.

You will get a View Article option in the preview column. After clicking on it, you can get a preview of the full article.

After reading the whole article, if you think it is good and you are ready to publish it, then click on the Accept Offer link. The post will get published on your blog.

Click on the Reject Offer button if you think the content is not okay for you. Enter the reason in the correct place for rejecting it.

What is the Payout date?

Usually, pays the bloggers between the 14th to 20th of the next month. This means if you have earned $100 between 1st January to 31st January, then you will get paid after 14th February. The price per post of is $15 on the initial stage. After you publish a good number of sponsored posts, Flyout will allow you to increase the PPP.

Indian bloggers get paid through their bank account. Other than India, Flyout pays them with Paypal. A tax is deducted from your payment. The tax rate depends on the country’s location.

To get payments, Indian Users need to link their bank account and PAN card with their Flyout account. For users outside of India, there is only one option available, i.e., Paypal. Enter Paypal’s email and save the payout settings.

Flyout affiliate: how to make money promoting also provides you with some more options to earn extra money. You can join Flyout’s affiliate program to promote them. This is a referral program.

You have to refer more bloggers to join, and in return, you will get a lump sum amount in your account. You will receive $15 per blog after the blog gets approval on


Here are three basic steps to join the affiliate program.

  1. Create your account on
  2. Get your referral link
  3. Post the referral link on your blog and make bloggers join this program.

Flyout’s referral program is a passive way of income with your blog. You can track your earnings from the affiliate program on the dashboard. You can get the detailed statistics, how many people have clicked on the link, how many have submitted or got approval.

FAQs For Review

below are some frequently asked questions and answer related to flyout review.

Q1. What is is a website that provides sponsored post for your blog and website. Best platform to earn money with sponsored post bloggers.

Q2. What is the review of is a genuine and real platform that pays you to post sponsored content on your blog. You can also check above attached payment proofs.

Q3. Is “” a genuine website that pays for posting sponsored post on your website?

Yes, 100% they pay. I also attached the payment proof above. You can have a look at it.

Q4. How do I verify a website

To verify the website on you have to paste the verification code in your blog body tag. After verification, you will get sponsored content for your blog.

Q5. How much money we can make from

It totally depends on your website traffic and authority. More traffic = more earning.

Conclusion is the perfect platform that has good traffic on their blog but they don’t have any other monetizing options.

This platform can generate some passive income for new bloggers. Although the selection criteria are a little bit strict, this also has a good side. No one can spam or post restricted content as per the strict rule.

You will earn some extra money by just placing content on your blog. you don’t need to do anything. Just sign up on flyout and everything will be very easy.

Or I can say that, After verification on you will earn money with just copy paste of content. 🙂 🙂

The customer support of is also very responsive, and newbies will get a lot of help from them. Their payout methods are also very simple.

I hope you guys loved this flyout review. If you have any queries and questions then do ask in the comments section. We will try to reply asap.

And do share this with your blogger friends. Your every share appreciate our efforts. 🙂 🙂


Hi, I'm Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj, founder of BloggingQnA. A blog that provides authentic information regarding blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, and how to Earn Money Online with blogging.

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  1. Hi Mangesh,

    It’s a good topic chosen by you Mangesh. Making money from the blog using platform Adsense and affiliates is an uphill task for a new blog. If we maintain the quality of our blog but don’t have much traffic, in this case, bloggers can offer sponsored posting and make a decent earning. Also, Adsense and affiliate programs have some threshold amount that means we can’t withdraw money until it reaches that minimum payout. These programs have their guidelines. So, all bloggers didn’t get approval. Whereas, if we are offering sponsor posting directly or by signing up for Flyout program bloggers can make a decent income.

    Thank you for this nice post.


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