The Best URL SHORTENER Ever! {$100 for 10,000 visits}

Want to Earn Money with Url Shortener or looking for the highest paying url shortener?

If yes,

You will get to know about how to Earn Money with Url Shortener and also the highest paying URL shortener in this post with my payment proof.

Be with me till the end and will show you how to earn money with  URL SHORTENER websites and will also show you the withdrawal proof.

NOTE – Benefits of reading this article

  • How URL shortener site will generate earning for you.
  • Best Highest Paying URL Shortener Websites.
  • Withdrawal proof of URL shortener websites.
  • You will earn a decent amount from the URL shortener site and many more…

Have you ever heard  about earning money from URL shortener sites?

If you haven’t heard about this term.

I will tell you each and everything about how to earn money with URL shortener sites.

Many people are earning a decent amount of money by shorting URLs. And, this is a legal way of earning.

Nothing is wrong in this.

So, first of all,

Let me tell you what is URL Shortener website?

What Are URL Shortener Websites

I think the name “URL SHORTENER” clears it meaning itself,

which means shortening the big URLs in a small one. When visitors click that shortener URL you will get some bucks for that.

To earn money from URL Shortener website, you have to create an account, after that, short the URL and then, share it to get click on that.

Whenever anybody clicks on that you will earn money. The earning rate depends upon countries visitors.

If your visitors are from US, UK, Canada then you will earn more and,

if your user are from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan then you will earn less as compared to US, UK, and Canada.

The major advantage of these URL shortener websites is you don’t need any youtube channel or website to promote your shortened links.

You can share these links in different WhatsApp groups or Facebook groups and on other social media sites.

Below I will explain a step by guide of how to get more clicks on these links.

Now, you are thinking why these URL shortener sites give money for sharing links.

Let me clear your doubt.

How These URL Shortener Sites Earn Money?

Whenever anybody clicks on these short URL’s.

He/she will not go directly to the destination URL. Between the destination page and short URL, An ad of 5 to 10 seconds is there.

Before the destination page, the user has to watch that ad for 5 to 10 seconds, after that he will redirect to the main page.

They will earn money by showing these type of Interstitial Ads between the short URL and main URL.

And finally, the earned money divided into the owner and the member who has signed up there. ( Like you and me).


I am sure that you all know how these url shortener sites earn money and distribute the earning with members.

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Now, let me tell you the best URL shortener site which I am using to earn a decent amount of money.

I will show you the withdrawal proof and all earning of mine in this post. So, read it carefully and be with me till last.

1. Za.Gl Earn Money with Url Shortener is new link shortener website with a decent payouts rate.

It is a UK based company. offers you to earn money online by shortening URL links online.

zagl url shortener
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Earning money through is very easy. What all you have to do is short a URL, share it anywhere online.

If anybody clicks on your shorten URL then you will get some amount for it.

earn money with url shortener
  • Save provides some great features to its publishers, which are as follow:-

  • Low minimum payout threshold limit
  • Multiple payments methods for publishers
  • Good and quick responsive customer support
  • High referral commission
  • Fast payment options

How much does pay you?

Currently, offers very attractive and decent payout rates to all its publishers, if you work hard then you can easily earn up to $100 for 10000 visits.

Its minimum withdrawal limit is only $2, if you use PayPal as your payment option to withdraw your earnings, if you use Bitcoin then the minimum withdrawal amount will be 5 Dollar.

highest paying url shortener
  • Save pays all its users on regular basis.

Whenever you request for a withdrawal from, within 3 or 4 working days you will receive the payments in your bank account.

I like because it offers very high referral commission to all its publishers.

Currently, Zagl provides 50% referral commission, which is too high compared to all other URL shorteners. Requirements and Restrictions:

  • Do not create multiple accounts on
  • Do not promote or advertise Zagl on any PTC sites
  • Don’t click on your own links.
  • Don’t use any fake traffic like a proxy, VPN or any other fake traffic to links
  • Don’t place links on any website containing any illegal content
  • Do not shorten any website if it is containing any illegal content like child pornography etc.
  • Don’t create a redirect loop
  • Don’t spam any blog using the link

Best features offered by

  • Offers very high referral commission
  • Decent CPM rates
  • Minimum cash-out limit is only $2
  • Quick payments
  • Good customer support
  • Easy to sign up account
  • Multiple payment methods to pay its users
  • Daily payments
  • Live stats Payment Informations:

  • Currently, offers up to $100 for 10000 visits.
  • Its minimum withdrawal limit is only $2
  • It uses 2 payment methods including PayPal and Bitcoin
  • Zagl pays all its users on daily basis. Payment Methods and Minimum withdrawal limits:

  • PayPal -$2
  • Bitcoin -$5 Payment Proof:-

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Below is my paypal report where i got all the payments from zagl url shortener.

zagl payment proof
  • Save Referral Program:

Zagl offers very high referral commission to all its publishers, currently, Zagl provides 50% referral commission, which is too high compared to all other URL shorteners.

Step By Step Guide To Earn Money On Za.Gl

1. Click here to Sign Up for

zagl url shortener
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2. Fill Your Details.

short url earn money
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3. Go to your Dashboard

zagl psyment proof
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4. Short your URL and share it on different WhatsApp and social media sites.

2. URL Shortener url shortener
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you will find lots of URL shortener sites in the market which claim that they are the best and, they will provide the best payout rates.

But trust me most of them are fraud.

To attract new customers and visitors they show a very high payout rate and then you work on these sites.

But when it comes to the payment that you have earned. You will receive nothing.

I am telling all this from my past experience.

So, my honest suggestion to you is to choose the best and trusted URL shortener site to earn money online.

It doesn’t matter whether their payout rate is little less than other.

The thing that matters is trust.

Mind my words!

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And is one the oldest and trusted URL shortener websites to earn money with URL shortener site.

Just check out below the pros and cons of URL shortener.

Interesting Shorte.ST stats:

  • No. of Registered users: 1,017,836
  • Total URLs shortened: 1,758,071,729
  • Total URLs clicked: 6,679,203
  • Highest CPM: $14.04 for US traffic


  • Offers CPM rates as high as $14.04 for US audience
  • Minimum payment threshold of $5 for PayPal
  • 20% commission on referral income
  • Real-time statistics
  • Dedicated customer agent
  • Family-safe, quality, secure ads
  • Mass shrinker lets you shorten multiple URLs at one go


  • A bit slow compared to other URL shortening services
  • Payout rate is little low as compared to new one

Withdrawal Proof of Shorte.St Url Shortener

As i told you earlier trust is mandatory and These 2 url shortener are the most trusted according to me.

And I am also getting payouts from these 2 sites now also whenever the threshold is done.

So, without wasting your time. Let me show you the withdrawal proof or url shortener.

withdrawal proof of url shortener
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so what you are waiting for?

Join now and earn money online with the best and trusted url shortener sites.

3. GpLinks URL Shortener

GP links is also very popular URL shortener sites in India and worldwide. If your URL is long and lengthy and you are facing the problem during sharing of this long URL. You may shorten your URL using GP links and share the short URL to everywhere.

It is completely free tools where you can create short links of your links and also manage your shorten links easily.

If anyone gothrough using this shorten link and click on it you earn money from GPlinks website.

Available Tools

The publishers can have access to the following tools in Gp Link : –

  • Quick Link
  • Mass Shrinker
  • Full Page Script
  • Developers API
  • Bookmarklet

GPlink Payment

Instant Payment (10-15 Minutes to transfer your money)

Minimum withdrawal only: $1 – for (Paytm, UPI, Bank, Google Pay, Phone-pe, etc)

Earn Money With URL Shortener FAQs

Still you guys have some doubts in your mind related to highest paying URL shortener sites? Here are the faqs for clearing all your doubts.

Q1. How do you make money shortening URLs?

There are lots of url shortener sites available from which you can earn decent amount of money. I have listed the top 3 in this post.

Q2. Can I earn money from Bitly?

Bitly is a simple url shortener site without and ads between the main page. Its not make money for you.

Q3. How do you make money from links?

Its very simple. You create a short URL and share it on different platform. When user clicks on that, they will see a ads and in return of that you will earn some bucks.

Q4. What are the highest paying url Shortener sites?

Above in this post i have listed the top 3 sites that are paying quite good with payment proof.

Q5. best url shortener to earn money in India?

I perosnallly use zagl,, and gp links. They are genuined and authentic. Payment proof is added above.


So, above I have shared the best and trusted URL shortener sites to earn money online with a URL shortener.

These 3 are the trusted URL shortener sites from which I am getting payout or a regular basis.

You can also try these to earn a decent amount of money online.

Please do share it on your social media platform to aware people about genuine and trusted url shortener site from which they can earn money.

Your every share appreciate our efforts. 🙂 🙂

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