Best Google Adsense plugins for WordPress (Increase Your Adsense Earnings)

Best Google Adsense plugins for WordPress for Blog or Website (Increase Your Earning).
When there is talk about advertising on a WordPress website or blog, then anyone can easily edit WordPress widgets and WordPress theme files to place ads code in the blog.
For individuals who are new in blogging, it is sufficient to utilize widgets for advertisements, but when the question of earning a lot of money in advertising arises, it is recommended to use Best Google Adsense plugins for WordPress. Also, editing the  Adsense code to WordPress is not simple at all who don’t have any knowledge about coding.
Here I have told a couple of things that you can accomplish by utilizing a Google Adsense plugin:
Running different ad types: You can run ads from AdSense,, affiliate or any other platform by using these plugins.
Mobile / Desktop Ad: This is a point in which you can display different ads to mobile users and desktop users. Let’s say there is an ad that is good and responsive to desktop users but not for mobile users, you can adjust them using these Best Google Adsense plugins for WordPress, only responsive ads will show on your blog or website which are related to users who visits your blog or website.
You can monitor Number of Clicks: When you run a direct ad or affiliate ad, you need information about how many clicks are being made on your ads. So this is also a feature that should be in a Google Adsense plugin to show you statistics.
A / B test run for Ads: It is known to everyone that different types of ad images will perform differently. A good Google Adsense plugin will offer you the features to run different ads on the same ad spot or widgets and then let you know which ads are performing good and which have a good  CTR.
Rotating Ads: Ad blindness is true and a Best Google Adsense plugin that can rotate ads according to blog content and space available, your regular readers will never face any difficulty or irritation from your posts.
Conditional Advertising: Do you want to show targeted ads by categories, tags and specific blog posts on your blog? So this is what you can achieve with the help of a great Google Adsense plugin. If you do not do this then you show irrelevant ads on your blog so that you miss the opportunity to earn great money.
Aside from these, there are numerous other options like geographical-targeting, anti-adblocker and some more that can offer you a great Google Adsense plugin.
Keeping all the factors in mind given below, and some other important features like well-coded and well-maintained, I have created this list of some of the best advertising management WordPress plugins for your blog. If you are using any basic plugin, then it’s a good time to replace them with a Best Google Adsense plugins for WordPress for great results from your blog.
  1. WP Advanced Ads
  2. AdRotate WordPress Plugin
  3. WP PRO Advertising System – All In One Ad Manager

Best Google Adsense plugins for WordPress To Make More Money With WordPress Blog

When it comes to advertising management plugins for WordPress, there are many free options.
You should still choose a Google Adsense plugin that is reliable, regularly updated, and make sure that it does not have any effect on your hosting. It took me two or three hours to find these well-maintained and reliable Google Adsense plugin.
The Google Adsense plugins that I mentioned here are free and accessible in WordPress official repo and some of the Google Adsense plugins Also have paid choices which offer advanced features, which is optional.
I’ve listed only the Google Adsense plugins below that are supported by the developers in the help forum. What if you try a plugin and get entangled in something These help forums are helpful in this.
Many Plugins which I mentioned here are offered or developed by CodeCanyon, which are in the paid version but these are totally value for money and worth your time. They are well-maintained and existing users have a great review of them.
So, as I was doing research for the Best Google Adsense plugins for WordPress blog, all of the solutions given are of high quality and you should pick one that you feel most good with.
So without any delay, let’s know some great Google Adsense plugins made for WordPress so that you can earn even more money from your blog.

WP Advanced Ads

WP Advanced Ads This one is for those individuals who are adhering to such plugins that can be deal with all sort of advertisement systems like AdSense,  and any other, HTML banner ads, affiliate ads) etc. If you are looking for this kind of plugin then, use only WP Advanced Ads plugin, And there is no need to see any another plugin.
This plugin has been constantly updated and it has more than 200+ 5 star ratings and is one of the best solutions.
This plugin comes to both free and paid versions.
WP Advanced Ads Plugin
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WP Advanced Ads Plugin
All the features used in running the ads on your WordPress blog are available in its free version.
  • Ad Rotation
  • Schedule Ads.
  • Displays ads according to different logics, such as categories, tags, custom post type, etc.
  • If you do not want to show an ad on any post, you can do this as well.
  • These ads can be automatically displayed in the middle of your content, before post, later, using shortcodes and editing the functions file.
  • WordPress also allows showing the ad in feeds.
  • Hides ads from bots and crawlers.
  • Hides ads from 404 error pages. (Useful for Google AdSense users)
  • Allows to show and disable ads according to the user’s device.
  • Almost supports all kinds of ad types. (AdSense,, HTML banner ads, affiliate ads).
In general, this is an incredible free ad manager plugin. You can download it from official authority repo of WordPress.
Advanced or modified features are offered through various add-ons. According to your need, you can choose 1 or 2 add-ons for your blog or website.  You can check out the list of latest and pro-addons from here.
So let’s look at the features offered by pro-addons:
  • Refresh the ads without loading the page.
  • Show ads by the day of the week.
  • Cache busting (the website which uses cache, provides dynamic features for them, offers 2 different methods)
  • Shows ads on AMP version of your site too.
  • Sticky ads allow.
  • Stats add-on provides all kinds of statistics.
  • Advanced Geo-Targeting allows. 
If you do not want pro-addons then the free version is great. This plugin comes with a fully managed and world-class support.

AdRotate WordPress Plugin

This is another plugin that is constantly updated from time to time and comes in two versions, free version and pro version which is paid.
Freeform offers all essential ad management features that you need to run contextual ad networks such as AdSense or your own HTML banners on your blog.
I would recommend this plugin to run direct ads instead of AdSense.
There is no limitation in the free version that you can run the kind of ads. But if you want the features mentioned below, then the premium version is recommended:
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Statistics with an integration of Piwik or Google Analytics
  • Excluding clicks and impressions of logged in users
  • AdBlock disguise
Overall, AdRotate is another great WordPress ad management plugin. If you want to migrate from an existing WordPress Google Adsense plugin. there is a plugin, AdRotate Switch plugin.
WP PRO Advertising System - All In One Ad Manager
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WP PRO Advertising System – All In One Ad Manager
It is from CodeCanyon and it has in excess of 5000+ deals. This is one of the best Ad Manager plugins.
This plugin comes with many pre-built ad placements and supports many major ad types like AdSense.
WordPress ad placement ideas - all in one ad manager
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WordPress ad placement ideas – all in one ad manager
One more thing you’ll enjoy most in it is its advanced statistics which come with a beautiful UI.

This plugin will cost you $ 29, and it gives competition to the plugins listed above.

Before you decide to buy this plugin, I will suggest that you see the 18-minute training video below and check that this plugin is right for you or not.

There are two more similar plugins, which you can check out:

AdPlugg and SamProLite.

I was searching for plugins that could manage the ads in the best possible way, and I think this is the best plugins for the moment. As soon as I get more great plugins, I will update this list. For now, you can tell me your thoughts about these plugins in the comments.

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