Having an online presence is compulsory for almost all businesses now. It can be in the form of an official website or supporting utilities like blogs, YouTube channels, and social media pages.

If you are newbies check out this How to Start a blog from Scratch.

The goal of having such resources online is to boost sales and conversions for the business’ products.

One crucial way of increasing conversions is through landing pages.

What is it, and how do you make the best landing page designs?

Read on to find the answers.

What is a Landing Page?

In the context of digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page, created particularly for a marketing or advertising campaign.

It is named so because that is where a user “lands,” following a link that pops up on an email, search engine results, or social media pages. 

landing pages

A landing page is not quite the same as a homepage, because the former is found “organically” on the internet, using keywords and high-ranking search results. 

Benefits of a Well-Designed Landing Page

Before moving on to how you should create your landing page, here is some motivation for doing so.

Landing pages influence search engine optimization (SEO), so better use of keywords will boost your page in SEO rankings. 

benefits of landing pages

Since you create a landing page to promote a product or service, it can be quite useful in converting sales, increasing traffic, and tracking one particular product’s progress. 

5 Hacks to Make the Best Landing Pages

Given below are general guidelines that you can follow to create your landing page, but note that there is no one-size-fits-all template or design for landing pages. 

There are several free and premium versions of landing page creators available online, and you can choose the best among them based on your requirements (Unbounce vs. Instapage vs Leadpages and so on). 

(1) Eye-Catching Heading and Subheads 

The first thing that people see on your landing page is the heading and the subheading. A title is around ten words or so, with a quick description of what the product is. Any further details can be elaborated in the subheading or through a picture.

eye catchy headings

Subheadings are usually persuasive; these make the viewer want to stay on the page. Once you have convinced the viewer to stay, you want them to proceed further.

That is why the “Get Started” or the “Learn More” button is often placed right below the subheading.

(2) Pictures and Videos

Visual modes of communication are much more effective in getting a message to the brain than textual information.

That is why having pictures or videos on your landing page will significantly increase your viewers’ chances of exploring the page and boost your SEO ratings. 

Pictures should be large enough (mainly because most of your viewers will land on your page through their mobile phone), of high quality, and must depict the product you are selling or a demonstration of the service.

Find stock images online, use screenshots, or click pictures using a high-end camera, but don’t spoil the image quality.

add images and videos

Like photos, videos must be instructive enough for the viewer to quickly understand the purpose of your product or service. Create the video content so that the viewer comprehends it even when they watch it in mute. Videos can be around 2-3 minutes long on the landing page.

(3) A Compelling Message

As discussed before, your subheading should lure the viewer into clicking the “Get Started” button. An excellent way to do this is to convince the viewers of the benefits they will get by using your product (over the competitors’ ones) or what they will be missing out on if they don’t buy. Target the viewers’ emotional strings and appeal to their sense of pleasure.

(4) Visual Appeal

When you have these elements ready, you need to assemble them neatly on the landing page so that the viewer is instantly attracted. Most landing page creators have readymade templates you can choose from, and then customize them as per your wish. 

Rearrange the elements (a simple drag-and-drop interface in most cases), select an appropriate color to reflect your brand, add the official logo, and the other features mentioned above. 

Take care not to overload it with too much content; then it will load slower. Viewers today have very little tolerance for slow-loading pages, particularly when on their mobile phones. Once you have designed a draft version, try loading and reloading it and ensure the time it takes is less than 3-5 seconds. 

Remember that if you want to sign up for a premium version, check if the cost is worth it. Compare Leadpages pricing, Instapage cost, and other such creators’ prices; look for free trial packages (usually for a month). 

Some of these software tools have additional features like page-view analyzers, WordPress plugins, A/B testing (to optimize your page’s conversion rate), and so on. 

(5) Contact Information and CTA

When your landing page convinces the viewer to take the next step, they will look to take the next level, which is what the CTA’s role is. A call to action (CTA) is typically in the form of a button that could invite readers to read more posts, sign up for your mailing list, or any other appropriate action. Use a contrasting color and a unique message on the button to make it stand out for the users to click. 

Always have the necessary contact information: email, phone, office address, and customer support for queries, which, at the very least, will prove that you have a legitimate business. A live chat feature can be useful but is not mandatory to have.


After all the effort to come up with a new product or service, the landing page is where you see the fruits of your labor: customers click and buy, and you earn revenue. Lucky for you, making a high-converting landing page is as easy as following these guidelines. 

Keep the page simple, pack all the elements in a single page, and make use of the landing page creator tools. Start building a fantastic landing page and boost your business sales today! 

Quick Guide On Making Landing Pages To Increase The Sales For Your Business