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To take your brand to the peak of successful content marketing is the ultimate weapon. is a perfect platform for both marketers and publishers.

Marketers get a medium to promote their products or brand. On the other hand, publishers also earn a good amount for creating content.

Marketers get their target audience with the help of publishers and their content. has so many features that make it the best platform for content marketing.

Let’s explore this Adsy review and the services it provides.

Guest Posting has multiple benefits. By posting in other blogs related to your niche, you create authority for your website, connect with more people within your place, and give your brand or website exposure.

By guest posting, you will get a chance to get a backlink for your website. And we all know that backlinks are vital for any blog, it boosts your blog in terms of ranking.

Now a question might arise in your mind, that there are many ways to build links, then why Guest posting?

Yes, I completely agree that there are many methods to build links, but those links are not valuable.

By guest posting, you provide value, and in return, you get a link, so the link is of much importance. It is beneficial to get a link through guest posting rather than 100 useless backlinks.

Moreover, blogging is getting replaced by authority blogging, and guest posting is one of the best methodologies to increase authority for your blog. As it gives you broad exposure to numerous readers and boosts your SEO performance, overall, it increases traffic and value.

The best way of doing Guest posting is by outreaching.

First, find out more prominent players in your niche, then check whether they accept guest posting or not.

If yes, mail them and describe the value you will provide to their audience.

They might accept or reject. This is the procedure of Guest posting.

Note: You must remember that you should perform Guest posting on those sites present in the same niche in which you have expertise.

I hope you have a clear idea about what Guest posting is, well now, let’s look at and explore the goldmine for bloggers.

What is Adsy?

Adsy review is a digital platform that provides reliable guest posting services with a mutual understanding between different website owners or managers. It was founded by Darlene Florrie in 2016.

From that time, this website got hype among the bloggers. Adsy works in a two-way process, and it provides a platform to collaborate with people with similar needs.

It connects the website owners who want to gain traffic and want to profit through publications that wish to promote their site by exchanging backlinks.

The best part about Adsy is that it makes things easier, easier to place orders, easier to track progress, and easier to exchange payments through a secured gateway.

Well, now you have enough understanding about Adsy, let’s focus on the features and benefits of using Adsy.

Is Adsy trustworthy? is a wholly trusted digital platform for guest posting services. It has a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 in Trustpilot.

adsy reviews on trustpilot

According to US reviews, Adsy is a trusted company. It has a rating of 8 out of 10.

US REVIEWS of adsy

In short, it is trusted. You can easily rely on it. Even if you check YouTube. You will get many payment proof videos on Youtube.

So, this is a legit platform and you can use it to boost your site traffic and ranking at a very affordable price.

Services provided by

below are some popular services that adsy provides to its users:-

1. Guest posting: owners offer guest posting facilities. The process is plain and simple. If you own a
website, then use your Gmail id or Facebook id to register on When you finish entering the information required, a verification link will be sent to your mail-id.

Now verify your account as you do for any other platform. This is the complete registration procedure.

After you have registered, you’re free to post the next time you’d like.

2. Publishers:

When you are done with your registration, you can go ahead with selecting publishers.

Here you will get publishers according to your choice. Publishers who have trustable sites will pop up as you choose your preference.

You can choose country, traffic, price, language, etc., from the list.

Now you have to apply for content writing. You can set the word limit for the article. is reliable and also a great well-connected platform for guest posting.

3. Pricing for an article: only gives you a platform for buyers and sellers. It only depends on the publishers how much to charge for an article. The payment options are available on

You can pay your publisher in dollars. You can use payment modes like Paypal or credit card. Once you pay for the article, you can not undo it. It is therefore advisable to check your needs and the publisher’s sites before you make the payment.

4. Competitor Analysis:

When we step into the world of business, competitor analysis becomes a primary strategy for developing the industry. is the only website for guest posting, which allows this competitor analysis feature. provides analytical reports of different companies. It profoundly analyzes the
achievements and business tactics of those companies. Various business people can adapt the tactics and learn many new things about growing their business successfully.

Businesspersons can learn from others’ mistakes also. provides such a huge facility for the betterment of your business.

5. Audit:

Website audit refers to complete analysis of all the significant reasons that affect a website’s visibility. An audit is completely used for marketing. If you have the list of factors, then you can work on them to improve your site visibility.

Adsy completes audits of your website before listing. performs content marketing audits for itself and its customers. Here is what
Adsy checks on your website:

How to use Adsy?

Using Adsy is pretty easy and straightforward. First, you need to click here to sign up using your mail.

Getting started with is straightforward and easy. When you enter, then you will find a signup button.

You can signup on this platform either with your Gmail id, Facebook id, or another email. After you sign up, you will receive an email in your mailbox.

The mail will contain every detail along with the password. Save your password and login into

After login, you will see a pop-up to choose between a publisher or buyer. Pick the option that best suits your needs.

Now you have to verify your website to get started with Upload a file to the host or add an HTML tag for completing the verification.

Now set up your profile by adding price, Payment options, etc. You can always switch from buyer to publisher mode and vice versa.

For Buyers

for buyers

Now, if you can watch the listings in the inventory with the price along with DA. Next, you need to choose the publishers and order blog post creation.

For Publishers

for publisher

In case you are a publisher, you need to add your website. You need to add your URL, Categories, Language, and links, then you need to set the price, and it will successfully get listed.

Now, if any buyers buy or choose you as a publisher, you will get the payment.

Note: There are a few requirements that you need to follow to list your website. All the criteria are mentioned in the FAQ section.

Pricing & Payments On Adsy

As it is a platform that runs upon mutual collaboration, there is no such price. The prices depend on publishers. The prices depend on the following things:

  • Word Count: If you want the publishers to publish longer articles, then the price will go up. The word count of the articles varies from 300-to 1000 words. Similarly, the links count within the articles ranges from 1 to 3, depending on the article’s length.
  • Type of Links: There are two types of links that publishers provide: Dofollow and Nofollow. Dofollow links pass the link juice from one page to another, whereas nofollow links bring visitors. Both are equally important in terms of SEO. Dofollow links have a much higher value as compared to Nofollow links. So getting a Dofollow link might cost you extra money.
  • Domain Authority: Domain authority varies from 1-to 100. The higher the domain authority website has, the higher the price. If you want to do Guest posting on a high DA website, you need to pay more.
  • Alexa Rank: It is another metric like Domain Authority. Alexa gives rank to websites depending on their quality. So lower Alexa Rank means a higher price.
  • SB Rank: Scan backlinks provide SB rank. The more backlinks a website has, the more is the price.

In general, publishers set the price according to a formula which is listed below:

Price = -60.5 + 5.97(DA) + 0.978(thousand Fb fans) + 15.1 (SB Rank) – 0.000007(AR)

  • DA = Domain Authority
  • SB Rank = Scan Backlinks Rank

It is not that you have to follow this rule, you can set your price, but it is one of the standard ways to set the price.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adsy Reviews

This section will clear out all your questions regarding Adsy Review.

Q1. Are there any methods for a refund if I am not satisfied with the service?

Unfortunately No, The services are final and non-refundable. However, you can send back the task with comments for improvements.

Q2. What are the benefits of using the basic plan?

You can access the basic plan for free of cost. You will be charged once the trial period is over. The features of the basic plan are listed below:

● Service commission of 30%
● Publishers’ URLs will be kept hidden.
● You can create open offers. However, to activate this feature, you need to top up.

Q3. How can I withdraw my money?

Currently, you can only withdraw the money through PayPal. The minimum payout of is 60 dollars. You will get the payments for those tasks that are completed.

Q4. What are the requirements that need to be followed in the case of websites?

There are many websites available in different niches, so there are few general criteria of the websites. They are listed below.

● The website must have at least 50 pages indexed in Google.
● Domain Age must be six months or higher.
● DA of 15 is necessary.
● If the website is hosted on free hostings, then it will not be accepted
● Websites that violate US law are strictly prohibited
● Websites violating Copyrights claims are forbidden from listing

Apart from these rules, the niches that are not accepted are: Adult, Dating, Gambling, Betting,
Alcohols, Forums, magical services.

These were a few general requirements regarding websites.

Conclusion on Adsy Reviews

Overall, Adsy is an excellent place for bloggers. It is a goldmine for bloggers. It helps bloggers to advertise their blogs effectively. Additionally, the working procedure is also effortless. It is secured and provides many features.

The best part is that publishers can set their prices accordingly, plus the buyers can choose the sites for publications within a fully functional dashboard. Moreover, there are no hidden charges.

The only fee is for creating and publishing posts. We have covered everything about in this detailed post.

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