Step By Step Guide to Setup Google Plus custom url
Step By Step Guide to Setup Google Plus custom URL 
Hello Friends,

In today's post, we are going to talk about how to set up Google Plus custom URLs for Google Plus profile.

If your Google Plus URL is not Custom then, you will face problem in remembering google plus profile URL.

so when we set a Google Plus custom URL, it will be easy to remember.

So if you also have Google plus profile, then definitely read this post till last.

Google Plus was launched by Google Company on June 28, 2011.

This is also a very popular social networking site like facebook, twitter, Instagram. 

You can also follow other people on Google Plus Profile like Twitter. In this, you can follow people according to your area of interest like Blogging, SEO, Technology, etc.

If you have a Google Account, then you can also use google plus as well.

When you log in with the first time with  Gmail account in google plus, you may be asked for some basic information.

When you create a Google Plus account, there will be a lot of random numbers and letters in your profile link.

This will make the Google profile URL very difficult to remember. We require our google plus profile link in many places.

In such a situation, if we remember the profile link, it will be much easier.

Today we are going to tell you about this.

Just a few days ago, I have also set up a Google Plus custom URL for my google plus profile.

Many people do not know about it, so today we are going to talk about what to do to set up a custom profile link in Google Plus. And how to setup?

Rules to get a custom URL in Google Plus Profile

If you want to create a small and memorable URL for your Google Plus profile, then there are some eligibility rules for Google Plus Custom URL which are defined by Google Team.

If your profile follows these rules then you can get a custom URL.
  1. You must have 10 or more followers on your Google Plus Profile
  2. Your google plus profile must be at least 30 days Old
  3. You must have a profile photo.
  4. Your account should be in good standing.
These are just four rules.

Apart from this, your profile name should also be unique.

If you follow all these, you can make a Google Plus custom URL claim.

For this, we are also telling you to step by step Guide to setup Google Plus Custom URL below. Let's know

How to Setup Google Plus custom URL

Step 1: Login to Google Plus first.

Click here, "We've preapproved some custom URLs for your profile, including:" 
Here, click on the CLAIM URL below it.

what is my google plus business page url

Step 2: Select Your Google Plus Custom URL Name
  • By selecting this, you can claim the URL with your profile name. Like
  • By selecting it, you can add something else to your name in the URL. Like
  • After selecting one of the two, please tick this box and accept the privacy and policy.
  • Now click on the SAVE URL.

what is my google plus username

Step 3: Now a popup will open. You have to click on the CONFIRM URL.

google plus custom url

Congratulations! Now you have the custom URL for your google plus profile. Now you can remember it easily. You may need to share it in many places.

Guys, I hope you have enjoyed and learned from this article about Google Plus Custom URL. If you find it helpful, then please share it on social media Platforms Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.